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840 Amigans made this Amiga project a reality and gave her a clean new shell.Brand new Amiga 1200 cases.UV resistant and available in 12 colors which also includes the amazing Translucent version.
840 Amigans made this Amiga project a reality and gave her a clean new shell.Brand new Amiga 1200 cases.UV resistant and available in 12 colors which also includes the amazing Translucent version.
840 backers pledged €156,310 to help bring this project to life.

This is it: Manufactured Case No.1 & No.2! YEAH!

Posted by Philippe Lang (Creator)


                                    THIS IS IT! 


Dear Backers & Amigans,


After a year of work including delays and issues here we are for your pleasure:

  • Molds assembly is done @ 98% (pending Signatures & Texture material)
  • A first couple of cases have been manufactured (Cases M1 & M2) (see below)
  • When the first round of checks are done some minor amendments may be done to adjust molds toward expected technical specs.
  • Next step after minor adjustments (if these are necessary) is to add the "grainy" texture material and the Signatures inside molds body.
    Once this is done we'll run another small serie of test cases to check one more time against expected technical specifications for final cases overall quality.
  • When all of the upper points have been done, MASS PRODUCTION BEGINS!
  • This update is published today 3d October.
    You can expect mass production to begin in around 7 to 10 days from now.
  • When cases production starts, Keycaps Campaign will be launched.


What about M1 & M2?

M2 is currently checked by our PM and i'm about to receive M1 myself in a couple days from now to validate and greenlight mass production.
So more photos will come very soon.

So far here are earliest photos for you to witness one of the first ever manufactured Amiga 1200 case since Amiga Technologies (ESCOM) ceased to exist and halted production.


Please note following important details:
- These photos displays second manufactured case from the molds.
- This case do NOT YET include metal inserts so they're not visible here and this IS normal.
- This case displays a sleek top shell, unlike original top shell that has a grainy texture.
=> Grainy texture IS available on production cases.


Photos are down below after Thank you note.
More are visible on our partner website Indieretronews.
(Article to be published shortly)



Yes thank you!
To all of you!

On behalf of the team i would to express our immense gratitude to:

- ALL BACKERS: Without you this wouldn't simply have been possible!
And amongst you there is some awesome Amigans who pledged for almost all the collection and Special editions.
To all of you: You are grand people!

- All Amiga Legends who joined us by adding they're signature to this new Official Amiga 1200 case. 
By saying Official we'd also like to extend our tremendous thanks and gratitude to Bill McEwen (Amiga Inc.) who supported us and followed us discreetly from the beginning.

- Big name Amigans loving the Amiga platform as hard as they can although some of them being almost unknown from general Amiga audience and to these guys we'd like to extend our gratitude as well.
We can't name them all right here of course but they know how grateful we are.
Marcel, Marvin, Paul, Eric, Henrik, Greg, John(s), Dave(s) and so on..

                                    Behold M2!

Remember, M1 & M2 are production cases. Not prototypes. 





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    1. Daniel Murphy on

      So TOTALLY AWESOME! I can't wait to see what the texture part looks like :) This is unbelievable to see the NEW A1200 cases as it is... GREAT JOB Phil!

      I also agree with the A1200 Brushed Aluminum cases. I'd LOVE to have one of them as well!

    2. Missing avatar

      Terry Carter on

      What a vision of loveliness! Coming along very nicely. Thank you Philippe!

    3. Philippe Lang 3-time creator on

      No and No.

    4. Missing avatar

      candyman on

      Molds are compatible with the injection or material different form plastic?!?
      Or are you talking about Gold, Silver and Bronze editions?

    5. Philippe Lang 3-time creator on

      That's another kind of project indeed.

      These are added same time as texture material for grainy touch&feel on top shell.

    6. Missing avatar

      candyman on

      GREAT! I can't see the H. DISK, F. DISK and POWER writing beside the leds, haven't been provided (not so important, anyway)?

    7. Fredrik Rambris on

      Seeing those sleek cases I wish we could make them in brushed aluminium instead. Über expencive yes. But über cool.