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Eyez™ by ZionEyez are HD video recording glasses designed to share your memories with friends and family on Facebook and Youtube.
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2,106 backers pledged $343,415 to help bring this project to life.

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Eyez Development Update

Dear Kickstarter Backers-
We are extremely pleased with the progress we have made within the past 6 months in developming Eyez prototypes, establishing partnerships, and creating a road map that will supersede your expectations.  
Below are links to an early prototype overview featured on Engadget and sample videos uploaded from our very own Eyez!
Engadget Article:

Sample Videos:

We are working diligently to produce Eyez. Thank you for your patience while we endeavor to fulfill our mission.

We will be sending a more comprehensive update within the next couple of weeks outlining Eyez development, production, and distribution.

Once again, thank you for your patience and support!

-The ZionEyez Team

ZionEyez Update

Dear ZionEyez Backers,

We want to thank you for your patience, ZionEyez has been working tirelessly to make Eyez a reality and to exceed your expectations in the meantime. 

An update on our progress:

In order to produce Eyez using the most technologically advanced methods available, ZionEyez has partnered with an Engineering/Design firm based in Silicon Valley, San Francisco. Together, we have been collaborating to design and manufacture Eyez harnessing the same processes and materials that leading technology manufacturers utilize to produce their products. Perfection takes time and money, we have invested both.  

In order to meet the standards that we've vowed to deliver, we have partnered with Asian manufacturers to leverage their state-of-the-art facilities. 

Our proposed shipping date is still Winter Season, 2011. We will give you more insight as Eyez come closer to shipment.

Once again, thank you for your support and patience throughout the process, we understand that everyone is excited and eager to receive Eyez. We look forward to delivering your pair of Eyez as fast as possible, without compromising their integrity.

Thank you for your support.

-The ZionEyez Team

Thank You ZionEyez Backers!


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Eyez Update


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Eyez™ Featured in Rolling Stone

                         Top Toy: Spy Glasses Record HD Video on the Sly
                                             By Scott Steinberg

Everyday schlubs dreaming of being James Bond can suddenly stalk exes and international agents alike in style with ZionEyez's Eyez, a pair of sunglasses with built-in 720p HD video camera. Selling for $150, the shades can record up to three hours of high-definition video on 8GB of storage, and include an integrated microphone and microUSB port.

Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity is also offered, letting you quickly connect with iPhone or Android apps, and upload videos on-demand to your computer or the Internet for millions to enjoy. Allowing you to record events to YouTube or hard drive, you can let the word tune in live as you bust your cheating spouse or get clubbed by overzealous security guards while clambering onstage at Coachella.

Currently available for preorder, the glasses’ creators say they make a handy alternative to smartphones. Enjoy action as it unfolds without having to worry about wielding a miniature camcorder. Possibilities are theoretically endless though, potentially allowing anyone to embark on a second career as a private eye, or bring friends along on their next panty raid.