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Eyez™ by ZionEyez are HD video recording glasses designed to share your memories with friends and family on Facebook and Youtube.
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Zeyez Engineering Update

Posted by ZionEyez Team (Creator)

Technical update:

Zeyez is very excited to announce that it continues to grow its engineering team.  Zeyez now has  top quality engineers working full-time on Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Software & Firmware development of the glasses.  We are all working together to finalize the design of the Zeyez circuit board, ensuring that we have all the electrical features we need in the smallest physical size possible.

So far we are happy with how the design is shaping up. We’ve been able to eliminate a lot of bulk in the earpiece areas and hinge areas, which contributes to a sleek, discrete pair of glasses.

ME next steps:

  • Finalizing the hinge.  We must ensure that the electrical cabling running through the hinges does not bind or break as it bends through the earpiece. We’ve designed a hinge that should perform well, we are preparing to test this hinge design to ensure that it can handle 100,000 folding and unfoldings of the earpieces without breaking any wires inside)
  • Review molding strategy for power wiring.  We’ve devised three unique methods for transferring electrical power from our battery in the left earpiece to our circuit board and camera in the right earpiece.  We’ll be reviewing these methods with our potential manufacturers in China to develop a production process for running this power bus through a thin sunglass frame.

EE next steps:

  • Finalize camera module selection.  We’re currently evaluating camera modules, with the goal of final selection within the next 4 weeks.
  • Finalize CPU selection.  We’re currently evaluating 2-3 promising CPUs for the on-board Zeyez circuit board.  Some processors offer more power at the expense of a larger, less sleek circuit board.  Other designs are a little slower, but also smaller and less power hungry.
  • Antenna placement and evaluation.  We need to verify that our antenna gives us the wireless streaming performance that we need, despite being a very small antenna.  We’re evaluating a few different antennas in a few different locations within the right earpiece.  Our goal is to maximize streaming performance over BlueTooth4.0, while minimizing the SAR (specific radiation absorption) exposed to the wearer of Zeyez glasses, we still have a lot of testing to do here.


SW FW next steps:

Our SW/FW team is currently working closely with the EE team to implement streaming to our Zeyez system over Bluetooth 4.0, using Android and iOS platforms.  

Currently, the development tools available for Windows Phone don’t appear to allow us to implement our app on their platform.  

We are also building the look and feel of the Zeyez App (designing the controls that will allow you to record, review, and livestream with Zeyez through the App).

Schedule update:

We have an additional 8-12 weeks of designing and testing we need to conduct before our design will be ready to give to our manufacturers for mass production.  At this point, we need to make a very large investment with our manufacturing partner to build and buy the tools and equipment we need for mass production, as well as pay for the electrical parts (batteries, cameras, flash memory) for our first production run.  This is a significant cost (over US 1M), so we need to make sure we have the design 100% right before this important point in the project.

After we’ve kicked off our first mass production run, it will take our manufacturer an additional 12-16 weeks to get their assembly lines built, tuned-in, and up to speed.  During this time, we will be assembling small batches of Zeyez eyewear to test out the assembly lines as they come together.  We are planning on building these pre-production glasses for our Kickstarter fans, ensuring that you get your Zeyez eyewear as soon as possible and well before mass-market availability.  24-30 weeks from now, our manufacturer should be able to ship us the first mass produced batch of Zeyez eyewear ready for sale.  We can’t wait to get there, we’re working as fast as we can to build our team and get these glasses out to the world as soon possible.

  • Image 106128 original.png?ixlib=rb 1.1
  • Image 106129 original.png?ixlib=rb 1.1
  • Image 106130 original.png?ixlib=rb 1.1
  • Image 106131 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1
  • Image 106132 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1
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    1. vinookanth on

      the last updated is a month back, why the eyez team is not at all providing any info. We should not back any kickstarter projects going forward

    2. Ryan Cavender on

      I think all the complaints are fake people. Doesn't make it true, but thats what I think. I think the world revolves around my questions and I would like it to stop until they are answered. I am on here because I don't have anything else going on in my life. Please ship me my glasses first since I don't mine the wait. I bet the these guys are sleeping and should be working to make my glasses I need to survive. ;-) #sarcasm rules

    3. Ryan Cavender on

      Marty I agree. Its Kickstarter, please do not back any more projects and wait for it on the shelf. Complainers are more annoying that delays.

    4. Max Ziebell on

      I finally got a response via email. I got very upset by the content and gave them a deadline and also some made some further inquiries … guess what now some days later I get the 100% same email-response again. They got to be kidding me… am I talking to a delayed autoresponder?

    5. ozymandias (ZionEyez,CGC Scam victim)

      @Marty -- we are upset they *lied* to us -- and are failing to respond to us -- their backers -- when we ask for clarification.

    6. Marty C. on

      you guys ^^^ are retarded. every time I check back on this product, i see people like you bitching. i for one am happy that they are thinking this through and making a perfect product instead of rushing something. what you want to be updated on every test? every time they troubleshoot an issue. perhaps you guys are not busy in life? start a business of your own then. crybabies.

    7. Missing avatar

      Kevin D on

      It's the amateurish bumbling that drives me most nuts. The update above says "Finalize camera module selection. We’re currently evaluating camera modules, with the goal of final selection within the next 4 weeks" while the website says (and has said for months) "The Eyez™ video camera and lens is provided by the largest micro-camera manufacturer in the world- Omnivision. They provide the highest quality in the industry, you can find their cameras in the Apple iphone and ipad"

      So. which is it? Have you designed these things, or not? Have you chosen something as obviously fundamental as the camera that will be included, or not?

      Come to think of it, these hopeless halfwits give even bumbling amateurs a bad name.

    8. Max Ziebell on

      So I contacted ZionEyez via Email, PM on Kickstarter and here in the comments. Demanding a refund. No reaction up till now. Then read something like this… put's the nail in the coffin:
      If they don't get back to me soon I am thinking to consider legal action… probably we then should consider to join forces as backers rather then individually waste energy on the case.

    9. ozymandias (ZionEyez,CGC Scam victim)

      That's what bothers me the most -- it's not the lack of communication and updates -- it's the lies and ignoring backers attempting to contact them. At least send *SOMETHING* in reply to all your concerned backers.

    10. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    11. Max Ziebell on

      well not "donation" refunded… rather I choose a product as reward so refund for the product I ordered.

    12. Max Ziebell on

      I want also my donation refunded. I can understand that developing a product takes time and money but as my predecessor I don't accept that update policy is worse then weak and that the cost collected haven't even started the actual production yet.

    13. Crutcher Dunnavant on

      You've quoted a ship time (best case) of 8 weeks + 12 weeks from April 10th. That's in October, Fall of 2012, for the best case time.

      I would like a refund. You sold me something based upon designs that you claimed existed, which you still haven't completed nearly a year later.

    14. greezer on

      this, Justin, is probably not even definitive known by themselves..

    15. Justin Martin on

      I'd like an update. It's been 3 weeks.

      Also, will interchangeable lenses still be past of the deal?

    16. Missing avatar

      David Elliott on

      As someone who lives in the Seattle area, that doesn't really look like a 7th of June, either. As we say, Seattle summer starts the day after July 4th. It's probably somewhere else.

    17. greezer on

      Just have a closer look at the first picture of that Samsung smartphone. I wonder, if this date is Jan 7 or Jun 7? Given that small picture, it does not really look like a day in January in Seattle, there's snow missing and that guy on the picture does not look like it's been 37°F (… ) on that day.
      So now, I guess it's been taken on the 7th of June, so they are misleading us even in their updates!

    18. Missing avatar

      Khaled on



    19. vinookanth on

      guys when can we expect the glasses, it is reaslly a longgggggggggggggg time. Once in a while you guys give an update and nothing happens

    20. Missing avatar

      David Elliott on

      @Henry, the picture above shows the frame as transparent so you can see the internals. The glasses still look like a Wayfarer II to me, and it doesn't look like there are any reasons it won't be shaped like the original photos. Hopefully, the next update will show actual photos of the current design. If they hold to their promise or more frequent updates, we should see a new update this week.

    21. christian GREATCIA on

      hah i knew this project would take some time but i still backed this project because i really liked the idea so i'm not bummed out by the wait at all. This what kickstarter is all about, taking an idea and making it real even if it take some time to complete.

    22. Missing avatar

      montree sae-tang on

      hey i already pay a money for this shit in 12 june 2011!! and still waiting so fucking long time!! how long for i get that shit!! or how i can get my money back??

    23. Henry Barnes Jr. on

      Will the finished product still have the stylish look that you advertised during the kickstarter project? So far I have seen the glasses go from a stylish wayfarer look to something my grandmother might wear (based on the pictures shown above). If we are not happy with the finished product will you offer a refund?

    24. Robin Jacobs on

      Thanks for the update.

    25. ZionEyez Team Creator on


      Our high speed camera signals are too sensitive for spring contacts, shielded wires or a shielded flexible printed circuit is required to maintain video quality.

    26. Missing avatar

      Russ C on

      I have to wonder about this, too. How much "additional fee" are we talking about? Is it $10.00? $50.00? $100.00? I'm wondering about fraud complaints, too. I have my attorney looking into it already. He says that there might be a well-grounded case. I'll let you all know when I get the info.

    27. Neil on

      This is fast becoming ridiculous...With all my current work commitments I haven't had as much time to look at the many legal options against them, This has certainly refueled my desire to do guys at KickStarter also need to take notice

    28. Missing avatar

      Paul Marcano on

      Well, I certainly sympathise with the impatience and in light of the speed of development of technology these days I would have preferred the simple ZionEyes I invested in, which was all I was expecting and would have served my purposes.

      Since then this product has been upgraded so much that I fully expect that an additional fee may yet be suggested with some kind of line of reasoning that will seem all too reasonable I suppose, however I am not game to such strategies if the developers have chosen a higher-end product then that is their investment responsibility, I hope it pays off for them. These updates are much appreciated, and do not sound fraudulent as such, but rather more like a continued plea for time to make a better product than was originally envisioned. Again, not what was advertised or what we agreed to invest in. A lawsuit would certainly kill the project gang!

      The WiFi is pretty controversial and needs to be optional on/off for some of us. It might be cool though having owned a cheaper pair of video glasses only to find after coming home from a concert that I was not capturing what I intended. A Preview like this would be much appreciated for sure. Delivery still sounds promising albeit excruciatingly distant but hey... I will be fooling around with Google Glasses long before these arrive on the scene which I suspect will call for yet another ZIoneyes design upgrade before we see these!

      Ooooooohhh wellll such is the reason I would never donate to KickStarter again for any speculative projects.

    29. Missing avatar

      Tony Giles on

      To those who are defending these Zionist scammers: they originally promised delivery (to backers) in "Winter season 2011". We're now into April 2012 and they're still putting together their product development team and selecting components? By the time the glasses are ready, they'll be obsolete. I agree with Christopher Neitzert — this calls for a class action lawsuit for fraud.

    30. Missing avatar

      ken p on

      Whaa? Take your time?!! If, when I ordered they said "You will receive them in 2 years (maybe)" I would have lmao!! Oh...thanks for the very belated definitive update also.

    31. Missing avatar

      satcat on will be shipping a very similar product in the next few weeks.. Please let us know why we should wait for your product....And f**k the wi- fi.. If I Drive down a mountain on my bike, I'm sure I can spend one or two minutes using a mini USB to connect to my smartphone..How many People are so interested In someones personal life..That they need to see it in real time..

    32. Pasha on

      take you time and do it right~
      tks for the update!

    33. Missing avatar

      Andreas Løwe on

      Next update would read like "a subcontractor screwed us, new estimated date: spring 2016".

      Just give us a refund already

    34. Missing avatar

      Charlie on

      I am grateful for the update and patiently await the finished product. It looks like you're doing a great job, but I do have one criticism. What is the point of trying to reduce the size and make the frames more discreet if there is an inexplicable button on one arm? Is there no other, much, MUCH more discreet way to incorporate the button? I feel like defeats the entire purpose of discretion. Please take this into consideration. Thank you.

    35. Michael Davidson on

      hey i need to change my shipping address as i have moved. thanks

    36. Missing avatar

      len jordan on

      Hello to all. Please all backers give them some time to finish the product. Just be calm and wait. When you produce an item like this sometimes, you have unforseen issues.It seems they are going to give us all a UNIQUE pair of optics.

    37. Justin Martin on

      Question: Is swappable lenses still part of the design spec?

    38. Justin Martin on

      Oh, this Storm 'O Flame will be epic.

    39. Missing avatar

      satcat on

      Please give us links, to your Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Software & Firmware development firms...they should be proud to support you...

      Any non response or evasive reply .."tending or seeking to evade; not straightforward; tricky; equivocal".. will be an admission of guilt..

      Put on your Big Boy Pant's, 2000 of us want answers...

    40. Euan Walker on

      Refund please. The first real date ever provided is a year after the initial commitment, and doesn't including fulfilment.

    41. Missing avatar

      Christian Kepler on

      I've said it before I'll say it again complete liar in a nameless fraud.


      And, they show some CAD and a $40.00 pair of regular camera glasses they bought from a cheap Chinese retailer, then 4-months after they're supposed to ship they are just out of money and need to assemble a team of "REAL" engineers.


      Advise to all charge back time everyone call your credit card banks tell them this is fraud they never delivered get your money back.

    42. ozymandias (ZionEyez,CGC Scam victim)

      I like how 'Zion Eyez' stops participating in the comments thread as soon as people start asking questions with any depth. We likely won't see them again for another few months, even though they stated they want to start bi-weekly updates....

    43. Missing avatar

      satcat on

      Which "Engineering/Design firm based in Silicon Valley, San Francisco" did you hire...?

    44. Lawrence Botley on

      I think they said they would be rolling out initial batches to kickstarter backers well before manufacturing...

      But I do love the witchhunt here.. haha

    45. ozymandias (ZionEyez,CGC Scam victim)

      So, how do we get our refunds if we don't want to wait for your next delaying tactic?

    46. Missing avatar

      diego querzoli on



    47. Missing avatar

      Garcia85 on

      I swear, I wish we could see more pictures, more updates, more communication. That's all I ask..

    48. Christopher Neitzert on

      any lawyers in this thread? class action suit perhaps?

    49. John Foster on

      This would seem to be a stalling tactic to extend the time before significant numbers of people begin to try and recall their money from their credit card. The longer the stalling continues, the less likely folks will be able to recover anything.