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Update #6



Hey Violet Isle Backers, as we get closer to the end of our funding period, we wanted to let all of you know that in addition to the “rewards” you have chosen, we would also like to do a special acknowledgement & Big Thanks to you for your generosity by listing EACH of you in our album liner notes as our much appreciated Kickstarter Backers. What we need from each of you is how you prefer to be listed on the album; or let us know if you do not want to be listed at all.
We realize many of our backers are couples and families as well as single individuals. So for example: we show Nick Gable as a Backer, but the funding is really from both he and his wife. So he emails us back and says, “please list us as Nick & Kelly Gable, or please list us as The Gable Family or “please don’t list us on the album as we are fugitive’s and prefer to remain untraceable”.
The only issue some of you might have is the short time frame on getting back to us. We really need your listing preference by this Tues. June 1st as we will be turning in our materials for processing the CD by Thursday June 3rd. So if we don’t hear from you, we will assume you are fine with being acknowledged and with the name you submitted your pledge with.
We are very excited that it appears we are going to be in the clear for our goal and we are so happy to have all of you be a part of the process. We hope that you will enjoy the final product that all of you are helping bring to fruition! We look forward to hearing from you!


Violet Isle
Sean, Nick, Alva & Kevin


    1. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Kaelee Velasquez on June 1, 2010

      Congrats!!!! And good luck, I'm happy that the goal was met.

    2. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Erika Thomasgard on June 1, 2010

      Please list us as: Erik & Erika Thomasgard
      Can't wait to hear the completed album!

    3. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Peter Hills on May 30, 2010

      Hey dudes, list me as: Pete Da Sheik

    4. Missing_small

      Creator Jack M (deleted) on May 30, 2010

      List us as: Jack, Lori and Erin.
      Thanks and Good Luck!

    5. Missing_small

      Creator Jamie Wood on May 30, 2010

      you can list us as AJ & Jamie Wood. Can't wait til it's all done!

    6. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Cathy Kidd on May 29, 2010

      Please list us as Cathy & Blue Kidd

      Thanks and Congrats again

    7. Missing_small

      Creator Rich and Angela on May 29, 2010

      The Estep Family

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    Thank you, thank you, we kindly accept anything you can spare and in return we'll give you a high-five, low five and fist bumps. Also Alva gives great hugs! Just remind your favorite band-member when you see 'em, and they will oblige. This will also be accompanied with a proper email of thanks and appreciation for your donation!

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    All of the above, PLUS a Youtube video of Sean performing an agreed upon cover song of your choice dedicated to you. The first Four $100 Dollar Pledges will also receive the limited edition hard copy 2 disc Radiohead Tribute CD featuring various artists that include Amanda Palmer of Dresden Dolls and Scotland band Frightened Rabbit along with Violet Isle's cover of Lucky!

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    All of the above, plus dinner with the band where Sean will personally prepare and serve a gourmet pizza of your choice to you and your guest at the pizza restaurant where he works. That's Amore'! !

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