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Recording my 7th Studio album:  a 70's sounding Country-Folk record about about love (won and lost) in Juke Joints all across the USA.
Recording my 7th Studio album: a 70's sounding Country-Folk record about about love (won and lost) in Juke Joints all across the USA.
103 backers pledged $5,685 to help bring this project to life.

Now that we've made it...

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to take a minute to say thank you once again and give a little update.  Most of you probably got the email notification from Kickstarter saying we'd been successful, however, I wanted to give you a bit more info.

First off:  The 103 contributors is over 3x's the number of the 31 backers from our fundraising project two years ago.  We also hit our goal almost an entire week early:  finishing up at $5,685.  I hope this shows that more and more people are becoming comfortable with the fan funding model (and that maybe my actual # of fans is growing as well ;)

So now what?  Well, when the deadline ended on March 7th, Kickstarter began collecting payments via Amazon Payments for pledges.  Kickstarter keeps ony 5% of amount raised for providing the funding platform, and Amazon only charges me the normal Credit Card processing fee (usually 2.9%).  For 14 days, Amazon holds all the funds to ensure everything clears before depositing into the Bank Account I have set up for LOCKE CREEK RECORDS to record with.  The entire amount is budgeted for me to pay the musicians for playing on all the sessions, for studio time to record, for mixing and for mastering.  I will be covering whatever can't be covered from the KS budget for recording. 

I am actually going into the studio tonight with the band to get back to recording, and have booked several days already in next few weeks to get to work on finishing this puppy.  It will likely take most of April to finish recording/mixing/mastering (but it always takes longer than we think), but that's the plan for now.  I will be keeping everyone updated as we go along in the recording process, and maybe throwing up some more demos.

Some of you I have house concerts to set up, and I will be following up with you all about that shortly as well.  If the album is finished by first of May (or whenever), I'll be sending digital copies to everyone who pledged that amount as soon as it's available.  Also many of you pledged amounts for flash drives with my previous albums.  I'll be getting to all of that around that time as well.  The physical copies of the album will come last as I will have to finish artwork and graphics and then of course manufacturing.  I have a lot of work to do between now and then and many gifts to ship out.  But that is a wonderful problem to have. 

Thank you all again,



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      David Turner on March 13, 2012

      Hey everyone, how fantastic is it to feel (if only a small) part of this...?