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In this black and white cartoon, a baker is cannibalized by his creations. It's an homage to Max Fleischer and cartoons of the 1920s.

UPDATE 2 - LAST 3 DAYS BONUS: Anyone who pledges $25+ or increases their existing pledge to $25+ during the last 3 days (starting 2:30 PT on August 2nd until time is up) will get a dozen Bakerman cookies!

UPDATE! Due to numerous requests, you will now receive a copy of the film for a $50 pledge and up!

Hi everyone! Just like Midnight In Paris, I'm fascinated with the 1920s. It truly was the American Renaissance...blah blah blah. Look, back then cartoons had the freedom to do crazy, wacky stuff, and make bold social statements. It's time to bring that back! So that's what I'm doing with this cartoon.

Bakerman & The Bunnymen is about an evil baker (or maybe he just has different morals than you and I, you be the judge). Well, his creations decide they've had enough of his evil ways and they cannibalize him. Simple huh? It's super cartoon-y and definitely twisted. Oh, I forgot to mention, that all the appliances are alive and there's tons of conventions from early cartoons thrown in there. I'm paying homage to Max Fleischer - for all you animation nerds out there!

The short is going to be 4 minutes long and in black & white. It is animated by Aaron Long. Seriously, watch his Fester The Fish cartoons...they are awesome:

Your money is going to help pay Aaron (in addition to animating, he's doing the backgrounds and character design), Danny - storyboards, and for an original 1920s-style score.

I'm going to submit Bakerman into as many film festivals as possible and for the Annie Awards aka The Oscars of Animation.

I started Sonic Bunny Productions in 2009 with one thing in mind - to make kick-ass 'toons for kick-ass people. Since then I've produced pilots, shorts, and had an animated series on Machinima. I get shit done :)

So if you love kick-ass 'toons and are a kick-ass person, throw a couple of bucks my way - the perks are pretty sweet!


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