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Help fund Showbread's 2012 science-fiction concept record and accompanying film.
Help fund Showbread's 2012 science-fiction concept record and accompanying film.
776 backers pledged $50,121 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      theendisoverthere on

      Hey, I'm wondering if we can get an update on when we're getting a download link to the final album? Also will there be a higher quality version of Cancer coming out?

    2. Missing avatar

      Rebecca smith on

      Are the backers going to get the album download soon?

    3. Tak Yamamoto on

      I want to change the shipping address, please.

    4. Josh Krady on

      Backers still don't have download links for digital download of new album. And now I happened across the band camp where there was a vinyl release that had sold out already!!! Why were Backers not informed! Sooo lame! I have the other vinyl releases and now I won't have this one... �

    5. Missing avatar

      Richard Evans on

      Any update when the backers will get the download of the final album???

    6. Cody on

      When will the like for the album be posted?

    7. Todd Labbe on

      Thank you thank you thank you for the wonderful work you guys did. Just one question. Any idea when we will be able to download the latest album instead of just streaming it? Thanks again.

    8. Missing avatar

      Jacob Russell on

      I am super happy that this is finished. I have not had a chance to watch it yet. But I am wondering, If there cant be physical copies of Cancer sent, what about the new/last album? I am not trying to be a douche, just curious. I have been dying for a physical copy (I dont even know if this is the place to contact). Either way guys, thank you for all these years of music and love. You have all changed lives in more ways than you will ever know.

    9. Jeremy Webb on

      If the physical copies are still going to be sent out, is there anyway to check the address it'll be going to? I've moved since pledging this one.

      Thanks for all the work you guys have done on this one, and the new album is great, bit I'm really conflicted about it. Glad to have a new Showbread album, sad to have the last Showbread album.

    10. Raymond Wonderful on

      I'm so happy.�Yet I'm also so sad.��Thanks for totally ruining my life guys.�

    11. Missing avatar

      theendisoverthere on

      Well this is a surprise! Just started listening to the new album, but I was wondering if a higher quality mp3 of Cancer will ever come out? As far as I'm aware, Come&Live only has it at 192.

    12. Brandon Rarig on

      Just leaving a comment and checking in like I do every so often. Here's to hoping for another update soon! Can't wait to have the finished product in my hands after all these years.

    13. Missing avatar

      brian on

      I most definitely have moved a couple times in the past three years - how can I make sure my latest address is up to date for you guys?

    14. Cody on

      Hey guys. I never received my shirt. I don't know if they already went out or if it's too late. Just got the update email it reminded me of it

    15. Josh Krady on

      An update would be nice.

    16. Ryan Cain on

      I'm not being sarcastic or trying to stir up trouble with any backers or anything, but personally I forgot that this funded in 2012 so the wait actually hasn't been as long as we've made it out to be, I feel. I don't know all the particulars for film production, but the timeline, given the setbacks, is actually impressive to me at this point. Keep up the good work, boys!

    17. Snowflake Orange on

      Peter Rollo? From the FIF DVD? Awesomeness! Also, I tried to email you guys that my shipping address had changed, and I got a bounceback that said, "This is an old, outdated and spam-ridden email address." Did y'all get me message?

    18. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Philipp on

      A few days ago they showed a trailer for the film on their instagram account I think

    19. Ivana Tinkle on

      Any kind of update?

    20. Thomas Mellow on

      Any news on the CD/DVD release for backers? Or have other people received theirs?

    21. Missing avatar

      Josh Wesselius on

      2 years. Any information for us?

    22. Brandon Rarig on

      We would love an update! Thanks guys.

    23. Missing avatar

      Corey Heartfield on

      Happy 2014 Showbread! I'm sure everybody would love an update on what you guys are up to / how y'all are doing!

    24. Missing avatar

      tim bartja on

      Hey guys!
      I know you guys are super busy with getting this project finished, and I definitely respect and approve of delay for a polished product, but is there a tentative release date?
      Hope all is well! Godspeed.

    25. Snowflake Orange on

      Showbread! Thank you for working so hard on this movie and always creatively expanding your artistic outlets in a way that pushes the boundaries for other musicians. You guys are like the Beatles of raw rock. Kickstarter projects always take a long time, so don’t stress yourselves out while completing this project. I am sure the finished product will be worth the wait.

    26. Don Walton Jr on

      Progress report? Best of luck guys!

    27. the lovely lo on

      Hey guys! It's pretty close to being a year that this was funded. Any news or updates at all on it? I'm guessing a lot of people haven't received some of the rewards. I think knowing where you are and what to pray for is important in this endeavor. Hope all is well!!!

    28. Michael Caleb Liam Garrett on

      Have not received mine, either.

    29. Ivana Tinkle on

      Still have not received mine either.

    30. Thomas Mellow on

      I still haven't received the cd/dvd. As Michael and Brandon asked has anyone heard anything on the physical rewards?

    31. Michael Sang on

      good to know that i'm not the only one who hasn't gotten it. has anyone received it?

    32. Brandon Rarig on

      Any updates on the physical format?

    33. Josh Krady on

      Yeah when will the Movie Download be available?

    34. Missing avatar

      John Trevethick @ Xtra on

      With the other questions, I'm also wondering how far away the movie and pysical release is.... I've asked via forum and twitter... (dont have FB) will wait and wait :)

    35. Missing avatar

      tim bartja on

      Hey! I don't know if I missed an update or something, but I haven't got my package yet ($40). Is it just because the DVD isn't finished yet, or should I be worried? :P Everything I've heard about the album is incredible (I'm weird and am waiting for my physical copy), and I can't wait to listen!

    36. Tanner Hodges on

      Have the books and CDs been mailed out yet?

    37. Missing avatar

      Brandon Yorg on

      The CD is great !!.

    38. Nathan Wilson on

      Thank you so much. Keep proclaiming the Cancer has been cured!!!

    39. Missing avatar

      tim bartja on

      shame the nail clippings didn't sell :(

    40. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      So stoked you guys got it funded! Praise God! excited to experience the new project.Please come to Alaska on your next tour!

    41. Tyler Hoagland on

      This is the end, of the beginning.

    42. Tyler Hoagland on

      Wow...this exploded during its last week!

    43. the lovely lo on

      665 backers, eh? ;)

    44. Missing avatar

      Alana Wilson on

      YAY!!!! Totally funded!

    45. Jess on

      YESSSSS Pledged multiple times. Totally worth it :) So excited for this album/movie.

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