Funded! This project was successfully funded on July 19, 2010.

Update #8

CDs/Rewards to go out in 10 days!


Hi, Kickstarter friends -

I am thrilled to let you know that "The Blue Dress" will be in your mailboxes in less than two weeks. I am delighted with the way the music and artwork has come together, and I look forward to sharing with you this CD that we all built!

Thanks again for your support of and belief in my project. If you play tunes and like learning new ones, I hope you will stay in touch via my monthly podcast. Free "lesson" every month to anybody who can use it:

And if you should have any questions about Irish music, or "The Blue Dress" or other things I might know about (like Thai language/culture/where to visit when in the Kingdom!), please feel free to be directly in touch with me:

With thanks and very best wishes,
Shannon ...

Update #7

We did it! The Blue Dress Lives!


Oh, wow! This worked. We did it. Thanks everybody!

What a great boost in every way--the financial support, the encouragement, the fun of it... and the nail-biting drama during these last hours.

I am listening to mixes at the moment and look forward to sharing this CD with all of you in August. (I will be in touch directly to confirm mailing addresses, etc.) Thanks again, folks, for taking the time, heart, and commitment to support this project.

With my best wishes,

Update #6

Tracking Finished, just $209 to go!

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Wow, I am so moved by all the support I've received for "The Blue Dress." Donations both modest and generous have all given me--and this project--a big boost. I am so grateful!

Whether I reach my fundraising goal or not (only 69 hours to go...), I am delighted to have reached out. Thank you so much, team, for reaching back. I can't wait to share this CD with you in August.

My very best wishes,

Update #5

Tracking Nearly Complete


I had a lovely day of recording with Maeve Gilchrist, Paddy League, and Liz Simmons! It was great to make music with my friends, knowing that there are so many Kickstarter Friends behind us.

Highlights: we dug into one set of reels, starting with a cool harp (Maeve) and high hat (Paddy) groove. Not an obvious ensemble, but it sounds perfect for the "Aunt Jane's Trip" set. And Liz came up with a great break for a set that goes from jigs to reels. Super funky, groovy, and still deliciously trad.

Just a couple more days of tracking. Looking forward to sharing this record with everybody in mid August! Thanks again for the support.

Update #4

Happy 4th! Proud to be Indie!


Hi, friends -

Just a quick note to let you know how proud and happy I am to be doing my "Blue Dress" project independently. Of course, that means without a major label... but not without the support of friends far and wide.

I have no idea if I'll reach my fundraising goal in time; but just going through this Kickstarter process has been an incredibly lovely process of reaching out and connecting with fellow music lovers.

Thank you for your support, and wishing you all a joyous and restorative weekend.

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