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UPDATE: Shannon Powell, Walter Payton, Lucien Barbarin, and John Boutte have all agreed to be a part of this record. I'm really...

NEW: Pre-order the Electronola CD and get custom extras! CLICK HERE UPDATE: Shannon Powell, Walter Payton, Lucien Barbarin, and John Boutte have all agreed to be a part of this record. I'm really excited. I'm working on getting some others now. I'll post more updates as the lineup grows.
For a long time I've been living a double life: as "The Madd Wikkid", a producer of electronic music, and as a recording engineer for live bands, particularly traditional New Orleans jazz. After years of formulating how to pull it off, it's finally time for these worlds to collide.
The background music for the pitch video is one of the tunes-in-progress for this record. It features James Singleton and Jason Marsalis.

This project is for funding to bring even more of the veteran New Orleans musicians into the studio to impart their sound to these tracks. From there I'll weave what they do into something that I hope will sound simultaneously new and timeless - electronic dance music with the classic flavor of New Orleans.

New Orleans has been known as a hotbed of fantastic music for over a century. What's more, there's something uniquely awesome about the way New Orleans musicians play - it's funky, loose, and delightfully expressive and raw. Nobody plays like they play down here. My years as a performer and engineer have put me in the loop with a lot of these top notch cats who play with that authentic New Orleans flavor. My rolodex is swollen with badass musicians. I think I'm an excellent candidate to trailblaze that unique vibe into the electronic music realm.


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