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Update #22

Shots from the Backer Gumbo event


I know, I know... it's been over a week, but better late than never.

The gumbo was chicken and sausage, and may have been my best gumbo yet.

I'd have to say the shindig was a great success, and it even drew in some out-of-state travelers - Theresa and Duke made it over from Atlanta, and the Barrilleaux clan made the trek from over in the Houston area.

Patty brought this wickedly delicious cake that was the result of a culinary experiment. Despite the fact that I thought she was kidding, Angela came through with some cookies.

People who came got to preview some bits of the record in its current state, and I even played piano for a bit (though I didn't really manage to convince anyone to get a piano-karaoke sing along going).

Thanks to everyone who came. I had a blast, and I hope y'all did, too!


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    1. Missing_small

      Creator Theresa on August 8, 2009

      The gumbo was delicious! Absolutely worth the drive from Atlanta ;-)

    2. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Janet Bariolio on July 30, 2009

      The gumbo was the best. I wish I could have eaten more. We enjoyed the technical demo too. The whole night was fun! Thanks for all the effort. Too bad we were all too shy or not drunk enough for the karaoke!

    3. Pinknavkat.small

      Creator Jennifer C. on July 29, 2009

      I've never had chicken/sausage gumbo. Only seafood gumbo which is orgasmic.

    4. Cadler.small

      Creator Charles Adler on July 29, 2009

      ahhh. This looks awesome Earl. Wish I could have made it, but I'll get down your way soon enough! Perhaps for a listening party for the finished product.

      Pretty hardcore of the Houston & Atlanta contingents to make it out for the event.

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