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Rena Riffel's SHOWGIRL movie 's video poster

"SHOWGIRL" is a new film by actress/filmmaker Rena Riffel (Showgirls, Striptease, Mulholland Dr.) A story of being a Showgirl after "Showgirls". Read more

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This project was successfully funded on June 25, 2010.

"SHOWGIRL" is a new film by actress/filmmaker Rena Riffel (Showgirls, Striptease, Mulholland Dr.) A story of being a Showgirl after "Showgirls".

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About this project

Hi, my name is Rena Riffel. Most people "know me" as "Penny/Hope" from the movie Showgirls.

I want to complete the filming of the feature film, SHOWGIRL.

An amazing talented cast has come together to make a musical movie, SHOWGIRL. Cast members I have worked with before on Showgirls and Mulholland Drive will appear in the film, and Peter Stickles from "Short Bus"/"The Lair", and many more that I will announce!! I have written the script and am directing the movie. (I played "Penny/Hope", the naive blonde stripper who ends up pregnant by Glenn Plummer's character, "James", in the 1995 cult classic SHOWGIRLS. I then starred with Demi Moore in STRIPTEASE, again playing the ditzy blonde stripper role, and David Lynch cast me in his masterpiece, MULHOLLAND DRIVE... playing, well, kind of the same character, lol) So, that is who I am, maybe you remember seeing me in my past films.

SHOWGIRL is my personal autobiographical "follow up" to my past films and my "type-cast character".... I go beyond Showgirls. If I was on Saturday Night Live, I would like to call it a "sleazquel" or a "satire". It's a story of overcoming obstacles and accomplishing your DREAM. It's an inspirational story, but also reveals the dark seedy side of trying to become a famous dancer, doing what you have to do to become a STAR. The film is a drama, but the script has some classic lines and Oscar worthy monologues by the cast members... think, SUNSET BOULEVARD meets SHOWGIRLS meets ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW... but, it's not a comedy, it's a drama, a tragedy, like a Shakespeare plot but set in the dance world.

Short Synopsis: "Penny Slot/Helga" is on the road to fame. She wants to be a dancer, not only a dancer but the Star Dancer. Against all odds, she must become a star. She will pay any price as long as it gets her fame and the role of the Star Dancer in the show.

I plan to film this Summer. I have already filmed the opening of the movie and edited the first 10 minutes, shot on real 35mm film and the Arriflex camera.. just like the big studio movies do. And I plan to film the rest of the movie with the same great production value. (Check out the "teaser" here in the video window.)

With the money I will create jobs.

KICKSTARTER is such a great platform. I am now able to open up the production to all the amazing FANS out there, and to YOU! BE INVOLVED IN THIS AMAZING MOVIE WE ARE ABOUT TO MAKE!! Your generous PLEDGE will be used for make-up products, Swarovski crystals, costumes, set decorating, props, rentals, movie hard drives, etc. SHOWGIRL is a GREEN PROJECT as well, recycling and re-using what already exists. I am purchasing all costumes and props from the second hand stores, GOODWILL and OUT OF THE CLOSET, both organizations help people in need, feeding people living with AIDS or other illnesses.

The film will be released in 2012, or possibly sooner. If all goes according to plan, it will play in the CULT FILM CINEMAS and MOVIE THEATERS across the country as a MIDNIGHT MOVIE or a MATINEE. I hope all the fans will come out to the screenings and dress in your favorite 90's clothes with shoulder pads, metallic pleather jackets, and spandex dance pants, and enjoy the fantastic ride of SHOWGIRL.

I am offering involvement in the film, so practice your pique turns or just polish up your lap dancing talents...

Cast: Rena Riffel, Peter Stickles (Short Bus, The Lair/Here! TV), Paula LaBaredas, Michael Anderson, Charlene Harding, Christina Carte, Warren Malone, Shelley Michelle, Smokey Miles, Jade Paris, Greg Travis, and many more to be announced on the website.

Join our fan page on Facebook, Rena Riffel's Showgirl.


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    "You are not a whore darlin', you are a DANCER!" In fact, you are a GODDESS! (a favorite quote)
    All of us Showgirls love you! Thank you for your support!

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    A thank you EMAIL from Rena and an original SHOWGIRL SCREENSAVER jpeg attached.
    "You are not just a dancer, you are the STAR DANCER!"

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    All of the above, PLUS an AUTOGRAPHED screener DVD copy of my first feature length film I made, the cult favorite, TRASHARELLA. An official selection at the Paranoia Film Festival 2010.

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    An AUTOGRAPHED 8x10 Glossy photo of Rena Riffel. Autographed to you with a big thank you XO for your SHOWGIRL support. AND the TRASHARELLA autographed screener DVD movie!!!

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    SPECIAL THANKS CREDIT IN THE FILM!! That's right, your name will appear in the credits in a beautiful montage. It's pretty amazing to see your name in a movie, and you will be part of Showgirl history!!!

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    Pledge $200 or more

    1 backer Limited (29 left of 30)

    A WALK ON ROLE in the movie!! Your name in the credits!!! Meet the stars of the new Showgirl movie while on the set!!! (no lines) (Filming takes place mostly in Hollywood, California, so you will have to be here at the location in order to participate. And you must get yourself to the set.)

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    A WALK ON ROLE WITH 5 LINES OR UNDER!!! AN ACTING CREDIT IN THE MOVIE!!! MEET THE STARS OF SHOWGIRL ON THE SET!!! (Same as above, you must get yourself to the set.)

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    DANCE PARTS!!! ACTING/DANCE CREDIT IN THE MOVIE!! (You must have Jazz Class experience, Beginning technique to Intermediate will be fine. Hip Hop technique will also work out fine. Ballet, or Tap dance technique can work fine, as well) We will have rehearsals, so you need to be ready to rehearse. It will be a good workout, too. You must get yourself to the sets and rehearsals to participate... please make sure you can be available.

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    WE HAVE AN AVAILABLE ROLE, "5 LINES AND UNDER". YOU WILL GET AN ACTING CREDIT IN THE MOVIE!! (Same as above, you must be able to come to the filming set and get yourself there)

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    Pledge $2,000 or more

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    (Discounted) HEY BIG SPENDER!!! Meet the Showgirls in person and get our autographs, photos with us, with internet photo press coverage!!! Meet us at Spago in Beverly Hills, cheers bread sticks, and celebrate with a glass of Cristal champagne!!! Includes your choice of the other prizes, too!!!

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