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Help us buy music and release it to the public., without copyrights.
1,276 backers pledged $68,359 to help bring this project to life.

Done and Done

Posted by Aaron Dunn (Creator)

I'm happy to report we are 100% finished. DVDs have been mailed, t-shirts next week. Accounts should be upgraded immediately, if not please let me know.

And now, the final list of music:
Beethoven - Coriolan Overture
Beethoven - Egmont Overture Op. 84
Beethoven - Symphony No 3 Eroica
Borodin - In The Steppes Of Central Asia
Brahms - Symphony No 1 in C Major
Brahms - Symphony No 2 in D major
Brahms - Symphony No 3
Brahms - Symphony No 4 in E minor
Brahms - Tragic Overture
Bach - Goldberg Variations
Grieg - Peer Gynt
Mendelssohn - Hebrides
Mendelssohn - Italian Symphony
Mendelssohn - Scottish Symphony
Mozart - Magic Flute Overture
Mozart - Marriage Of Figaro
Mozart - Symphony No 40 in G Minor
Rimsky Korsakov - Russian Overture
Schubert - The Piano Sonatas
Smetana - Vltava
Tchaikovsky - Symphony Pathetique

String Quartets:
Beethoven String Quartet in B flat Major Op 18
Borodin String Quartet No 1
Borodin String Quartet No 2
Dvorak - American in F major
Dvorak Quartet in F Major Op 51
Haydn Quartet in D Major Op.64
Mendelssohn Quartet in F Minor Op 80
Mozart Quartet D Minor K421
Mozart Quartet in C Major K 465
Suk - Meditation

The recordings are all live and on Musopen at the following links:

Video Recordings of each day (day 1 was corrupt and unfortunately lost):

We also have the recordings hosted by in bulk, so you can download everything at once, or with a torrent.

For those who did not win shirts but would like to buy them, I've set up an online store to get some:

Thank you all for your support. The music we contributed to the public domain is truly unprecedented. Please feel free to share, edit, re-mix, download, and encourage others to do the same, thats the beauty of public domain music.

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    1. Aaron Dunn 5-time creator on

      @John we're completed several rounds of shipments. If you haven't received anything please message me at aaron (at) and we will try to work something out.

    2. John A Smith on

      No reply, no stuff, possibly a fraud, what a shame, very disappointing

    3. John A Smith on

      Still no sign of my delivery either, is there a delay with shipping to the UK?

    4. Aaron Dunn 5-time creator on

      @Tony please message me with your address, I'll have another one mailed

    5. Missing avatar

      Tony Ferris on

      I also haven't received my dvd yet...

    6. Missing avatar

      p fatula on

      Nevermind, it came over the weekend.

    7. Missing avatar

      p fatula on

      Still nothing.

    8. Aaron Dunn 5-time creator on

      Yes they have. It seems some are delayed, we overwhelmed the t-shirt company. Give it a week more and if nothing arrives please let me know and I will call them with your order details.


    9. Missing avatar

      p fatula on

      Have t-shirts been sent out yet? Mine hasn't yet arrived...

    10. Aaron Dunn 5-time creator on

      Hi Rachel, please email me your info and we'll try to get some more mailed out.

      aaron [at]

    11. Rachel Luxemburg on

      I never received my DVD.

    12. Dominic Hosler on

      Just so people know, I've uploaded the 32bit FLAC torrent to here
      It has automatically transcoded it into mp3 and ogg vorbis if anyone prefers those formats. If you get the torrent from here, every song is listed three times, once for each format making the whole torrent 9Gb, but you can uncheck the files you don't want.

    13. Aaron Dunn 5-time creator on

      I'm working on getting an archive on the site using Amazon's new Glacier service, as we have quite a large archive, working on it though.

    14. Missing avatar

      Andrew Kasurak on

      Congratulations on finishing, and thanks for all the hard work.

      Any chance for the torrent of the non-kickstarter archive, as per the original DVD plan?

    15. Aaron Dunn 5-time creator on

      Oh course no objection. @Johannes yes I'm mulling some ideas over to see what might be interesting for people. Very pleased people are happy with the results. I'm setting up a forum so we can collaborate to come up with new ideas, though I have one now that might win them out. More to come shortly.

    16. Missing avatar

      Johannes Schauer on

      @Dominic I dont think anybody can have an objection to you uploading the flac version to any place you like because their content is in the public domain now ;)

      @Aaaron are you thinking about doing something like this again? Now that you showed that you can deliver I would probably even donate more for another kickstarter of yours.

    17. Alan Light on

      Thanks for a great job, Aaron. It was a long time coming, but something this good doesn't happen overnight. I'm sure that a second round would get even more funding and go faster as you now have more knowledge of how to get things done, but it's probably time for you to rest a little now.

    18. Dominic Hosler on

      If you don't have an objection @Johannes or @Aaron Dunn I will upload the flac versions (re-encoded by Johannes) to as well as seeding them. This way there will be a permanent web seed for the torrent, and an alternative for people who want to use it.

    19. Missing avatar

      Marcin on

      Magnet links were invited as a remedy for excatly what you're expiriencing - ISPs blockin torrent trackers.

      Anyway I'm seeding 32bit FLACk torrent and I'll probably seed it for another few years ;) I hope to upload it to other download sources.

    20. Dominic Hosler on

      Thank you @Johannes I did not know what magnet links were for previously, but my torrent client does seem to be fine with them.

      I will continue to seed the torrent after I finish downloading it, as I'm hoping it reaches critical mass of enough people seeding it for it to be permanently available.

    21. Missing avatar

      Johannes Schauer on

      @Marcin, I dont know if you were responding to @Dominic but he was not asking about the 16 bit flac but about the 32 bit flac.

      The magnet link for the 32 bit flac is:


      If you dont like magnet links, then torcache has the torrent cached as well:

      You can also access the whole 32 bit flac content of the torrent here:

      Those are single files but your download client (or wget -r) are probably able to recursively retrieve the content from there.

    22. Missing avatar

      Marcin on

      Since most of bit torrent programs allow opening magnet links you can try simply opening this link in your BT client:


    23. Dominic Hosler on

      @Johannes Brilliant, I was wondering how to get it 32bits/sample in flac.

      Is there any chance anyone who has this torrent can upload it to as this would be permanent hosting of the flac files. It would also allow people like me to access it where my isp has blocked thepiratebay. Or perhaps there is another way of downloading the tracker?

    24. Missing avatar

      Marcin on

      @Johannes - awesome work! :D

    25. Missing avatar

      Eric on

      I think the youtube videos should have a the track titles in the descriptions so it would be easy for people to locate the part they want to see/listen to.

      Thanks for the hard work. We should this again sometime. lol

    26. Missing avatar

      Johannes Schauer on

      To address the 16 bit issue of the original torrent, I created a new torrent from the audio files I got from

      In contrast to the music on, the above torrent implements proper tagging, single files instead of a big zip, coherent file and directory naming patterns, many spelling correction, no trailing spaces in file and directory names, decimals instead of roman numerals, a more flat directory structure and is of course encoded in FLAC with 32 bits per sample as the original apple lossless audio.

      An unexpected bonus: even though the m4a and FLAC files seem to contain identical audio, the FLAC archive is only 7.17 GB and not 7.5 GB. So FLAC seems to perform a bit better for this kind of input.

      I will seed the torrent for the next couple of months. Everybody who wants to have the music in lossless FLAC with the exact same quality as the original m4a should come and help seeding :)

    27. Missing avatar

      Johannes Schauer on

      ffmpeg and flac seem to have problems with the 32 bits per sample of the apple lossless audio.

      The only way I was able to convert the m4a into flac was using a combination of ffmpeg and sox like this:

      ffmpeg -i file.m4a -c:a pcm_s32le file.wav
      sox file.wav file.flac

      I use ffmpeg to read the m4a and convert it to pcm because neither sox nor flac can read alac. The pcm_s32le parameter forces 32 bits per samle. Otherwise 16 bits per sample would be used. I use sox to convert from pcm to flac because the flac command apparenty doesnt support 32bit flac encoding.

      To check I converted the resulting flac to pcm using ffmpeg. The pcm from the m4a has the same md5sum as the pcm from the flac. Therefor I think that above method losslessly converts from m4a to flac.

    28. Dominic Hosler on

      Unfortunately my ISP has ThePirateBay blocked totally it seems...
      I will look into converting to FLAC myself (possibly 32bits/sample if I can), and uploading the result to which will convert it into a torrent for me.

    29. Dominic Hosler on

      Thank you Aaron for all your hard work. I think it's really impressive that so much great quality music has been released into the public domain.

      I also agree with the comments about flac though, for a project that is so keen on openness, it is necessary to have a truely free copy of this music. It seems like people have already sorted this.

      Regarding the 32bits/sample for FLAC, does anyone know what the original bits/sample of the m4a was, I'd guess that if it was only 16 there would be no point in increasing it?

      Thanks again Aaron, and I look forward to including this music in my future projects, acknowledged of course, not from a legal obligation, but out of respect.

    30. Missing avatar

      RussianNeuroMancer on

      Conversion from ThePirateBay seems 16 bit too.

      Did you try something like eac3to, foobar2000, etc.?

    31. armored_mammal on

      Has anyone been able to convert to 24 or 32 bits/sample FLAC from the m4a instead of 16? I've tried several methods, but they all fail.

    32. Kyle Conway on

      Fantastic! Thanks so much for seeing this through to the end!

    33. Aaron Dunn 5-time creator on

      FYI accounts might not look upgraded but they are. When i upgrade them manually I call them "gifts" so the system will show images asking you to upgraded, but they have been, dont worry!

    34. Rodrigo "rrc2soft" Roman on

      You rock, Aaron. Thanks for everything!!!!
      Now, about the next kickstarter... ;-)

    35. Missing avatar

      pauli on

      How do we tell if our accounts have been upgraded or not? I don't see any status anywhere and the upgrade button is still present and takes me to a payment form....

    36. Missing avatar

      Jonathon Conte on

      Here is a torrent with all 145 tracks converted from Apple Lossless to FLAC. The tags have been cleaned up and the massive zip file has been ditched in lieu of individual files for each track:[FLAC]

    37. Kalle Happonen on

      Congratulations! It has been a long road, and now we all get to enjoy the results!

    38. armored_mammal on

      Hmm. So for some reason all my attempts to convert to FLAC end up 16 bit/sample. ffmpeg/avconv seems to have some issue with going from m4a to flac. Haven't yet figured out a way around it, even using other programs.

      (Incompatible sample format 's32' for codec 'flac', auto-selecting format 's16')

    39. armored_mammal on

      When I try to unzip I see:
      warning []: 4294967296 extra bytes at beginning or within zipfile
      (attempting to process anyway)
      file #1: bad zipfile offset (local header sig): 4294967296
      (attempting to re-compensate)

      In any case, I was able to get the files out from the command line, but GUI extractor didn't like it.

    40. James Dearing on

      Good to see that this is finally done, and with lossless copies available. It was the first Kickstarter project I funded. I plan on seeding both lossless and lossy torrents.
      Beethoven's Coriolan Overture, which I'm listening to right now, sounds absolutely wonderful. If the rest of the recordings are this good, then it was definitely worth the long wait.

    41. Missing avatar

      Brandon Lyon on

      The torrent files have some directories and filenames which are too long and cause errors while trying to unzip them. They also have a bunch of osx hidden files. Please fix this, I'm a sad panda :(

    42. Missing avatar

      Devin on

      Congrats! Your Kickstarter was the first one I backed and it started a little bit of an addiction. I've backed off lately since I hadn't yet had a successful one. So yours was a double first for me.

    43. Aaron Dunn 5-time creator on

      @armored_mammal I AM DEFINITELY A NOOB, but it ended up one zip as I did that to create a bundle online that users have been requesting (one download) and turned those zips into torrents for me

    44. armored_mammal on

      Also, I might give a FLAC conversion a go.

    45. armored_mammal on

      Whoop! Yay. Torrenting now! I concur that zipping a torrent's contents is kind of noob, but not a huge deal in the big scheme of things.

      Great Kickstarter! Great project!

      :) :) :) :P

    46. Missing avatar

      Dan L on

      Thank you Aaron,

      You did a fantastic job!

      I too (as someone else commented above) would contribute to a project like this repeatedly. 2 years or not... I hope you will do this again.

    47. Missing avatar

      Marcin on

      Oh. And so it doesn't sound like I'm whining. This was my first kickstarter project - and I must say it's amazing! You did awesome work, and if you ever start another campaign I'll be sure to donate much more then last time! It's great to see this. Thank You!

    48. Missing avatar

      Marcin on

      @Aaron Dunn: I found them but looks liek this is a torrent of the zip. It is troublesome becouse it takes double the space packed and unpacked. If it would be torrent of unpacked content I could seed it indefinetelly - this way I'll unpack it and remove zip - so no seeding anymore.
      Maybe consider torrenting unpacked files (also make sure to strip misc files like DStore).

    49. Missing avatar

      Dan Sanderson on

      Awesome. Congratulations on this major contribution to humankind. I'm proud to have played a small part.

      Now about that textbook... :)

    50. Missing avatar

      Peter Hultqvist on

      Thank you for you work.

      I can't imagine it has been two years, I'm not saying anyone should work faster but perhaps in parallel. Imagine a release like this ever 6 months starting in August 2014! I would back that every year.

      But now you should enjoy your success as we will enjoy the music.