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Help us buy music and release it to the public., without copyrights.
1,276 backers pledged $68,359 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by Aaron Dunn (Creator)

Great news. The editing is done and t-shirts are ordered. I'll be uploading everything to Musopen this week and next, and announcing the final list + some secret additions shortly.

I now need everyone's address to mail the gifts (those who got prizes and are not opting-out). One caveat before you fill it out. The original gifts I listed were to send a copy of the entire Musopen archive on DVD + the new music + behind the scenes video. Please recall, at this time, our archive was very small and we were asking for $11,000. Well, we ended up being a little too successful, and as a result the Musopen archive now totals at almost 150gb, and our behind the scenes video came in at 250gb (1080p)!

So unfortunately, none of this really fits on DVDs anymore, at least a reasonable number of them. So I'd like to suggest the following in exchange for the original gift as listed:

- For those who still want some physical disc, I'd like to send you just the new music as mp3 files (320kb the highest quality) on a DVD. Since I can't fit everything, I'd like to extend your pro membership another year free.

- For those who are willing to forgo the CD/DVD, in exchange I'd like to give you an extra 3 years of Musopen pro membership free.

Regardless of what you choose, we will be hosting all this content in the following ways:

* The video sessions will be uploaded to YouTube in their entirety, without editing, in 1080p. I hope people will enjoy seeing what it takes to record such challenging music.

* All the new music for this project will be kept on Musopen,, indefinitely, as mp3 files and lossless m4a audio. So if you choose to skip the DVD, you will be able to access all the media and mix your own DVD.

Thanks again for your patience. I look forward to the final announcement next week.


P.S. Address surveys will be sent out separately via KickStarter's form system.


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    1. Aaron Dunn 5-time creator on

      @ Lothar, I'm in the process of creating torrents and uploading as I type this.

    2. Missing avatar

      Lothar on

      What's up now? According to your announcement, the music should have been released more than a week ago. Will we see any tangible progress before the 2nd anniversary of the project?

    3. Kyle Conway on

      Will direct links to the music show up via Kickstarter or elsewhere? Very excited! Thanks!

    4. Missing avatar

      Chimel on

      Yeah, the 30+ DVDs don't make sense anymore, although 3 Blu-ray discs would be great for people like me with a base DSL connection, but that would be too costly for my level of donation.

      I'd like to opt out, but only if I can actually download the music, which the current system on does not allow: It's one track at a time, and there is no way to track what is downloaded already, what is new since the last visit/download, etc.

      Will there be a unique torrent or magnet with all the music, will there be regular new ones for the new music? At 150GB, I don't think anything else makes sense.

      Glad to see the project is nearing completion, it's been almost 2 years already, it's hard to sustain enthusiasm and it's easy to give up over such a long period, but you managed very well, thanks!

    5. Missing avatar

      Andrew Kasurak on

      Ok, I've opted out of the DVD, I'm counting on some way to get a copy of the whole musopen music archive via one download. (my vote is for decent but not crazy mp3, as I want to listen to it not preserve it).

      Thanks again for doing this kickstarter.

    6. Missing avatar

      Tom Callahan on

      I've got a dedicated server with ~3+ TB of monthly data allotment and a 100mbit connection -- I typically use less than 25% of that so I'd be happy to help with the initial seed as well. Only enough disk space for the 150GB version though. Happy to host a tracker too if that would help.

    7. Aaron Dunn 5-time creator on

      @David J. yes it will be very easy as stated previously.
      @Kjella thanks for that, my bandwidth might not be able to be the initial seed but i think we can find a couple people here to help get it going.

    8. Missing avatar

      Kjella on

      @Aaron, creating a torrent file is rather easy and there's a good tutorial here:
      Note that despite what that page says, UDP trackers are now supported. Just pick a source directory, add some trackers, put the torrent file on your web site and seed until someone else has a 100% copy. If you can't seed from the same machine you create the torrent file on it's a bit more tricky, but if you put the exact same files on Musopen/ I can download from there and turn myself into a seeder.

    9. Thijs Houtenbos on

      Please consider making a torrent of the entire archive, this gives us an easy complete or partial download. Just call it 'Musopen complete archve 2012' (add the year so new versions can be released every year).

    10. David Jordan on

      Will it be easy to download the entire archive of music from this kickstarter all at once? I'd like to have all the music in lossless quality, but wouldn't want to have to spend hours clicking button after button to have a complete set.

    11. Missing avatar

      Justin Daniel Meyer on

      Excellent work, I really appreciate your follow through on this project!

      A point of clarification: as Grant asks, is the T-shirt request is not part of the CD/DVD for 3yrs pro membership exchange trade-off, or not? As written in the post, it is separate, but your response to him seems incomplete... is the 3-year pro membership extension "in lieu of mailing" just the CD/DVD or in lieu of mailing the CD/DVD and the T-shirt.

    12. Missing avatar

      Geoffrey Lehr on

      Congratulations, Aaron! Want to do it again? (Seriously, I'd totally fund some more PD-music kickstarters)

    13. Missing avatar

      Geoffrey Lehr on

      Congratulations, Aaron! Want to do it again? (Seriously, I'd totally fund some more PD-music kickstarters)

    14. Missing avatar

      Geoffrey Lehr on

      Congratulations, Aaron! Want to do it again? (Seriously, I'd totally fund some more PD-music kickstarters)

    15. Dominic Hosler on

      No edit, just also wanted to say thank you very much for this huge effort. It turned out much better than originally intended, with far more music than expected. I'm really pleased to have been a part of it.

    16. Dominic Hosler on

      +1 FLAC.
      If you're going to all the trouble of "setting music free" you really need to make it available in at least one format that isn't patent encumbered.

      (+1 for OGG Vorbis as well, but I'd be far happier with just FLAC than just OGG Vorbis).

      +1 torrent as well, it would help with the load on the hosting servers. I'd be more than happy to both download and seed torrents of this open music. (Once getting my hands on the FLAC versions of course, until that point it's not truly free).

    17. Missing avatar

      Johannes Schauer on

      +1 FLAC
      +1 torrent

      Also for me there is no need for the DVD when I can download the collection from somewhere. As an alternative to a torrent you can of course also offer ftp or http download but a torrent will just be nicer for your server bills I guess :)

      In either case (torrent/ftp/http) please make sure not to make just a zip/gzip archive downloadable but offer the files individually. Even with torrents you will then not to have to download the full archive to just get a fraction of it.

      I think the cry for torrent/ftp access is just because it's hard to automate a download from musopen webinterface. A more automated way of doing so for musopen pro subscribers would be a good idea IMHO as well.

      As for the FLAC argument: yes there are open source / free software mpeg 4 audio decoders but the format is still patent encumbered (in contrast to FLAC) - google for "MPEG-4 SLS". So IMHO it would make more sense to release open music in a format that is not encumbered by patents. But as you said, everybody is free to get the m4a files, encode them as FLAC and offer their own download.

    18. Aaron Dunn 5-time creator on

      Shirts started for the $75 and above people, so shirt only is for people who donated that or above, and dont care about the DVD, but want a shirt, yes the 3 years is in lieu of mailing

    19. Missing avatar

      Grant Diffey on


      Could you please explain the "shirt only" option for those of us who arn't that fussed about the cd/dvd?

      or is the 3 year pro membership only if you don't have to ship anything?

    20. Aaron Dunn 5-time creator on

      @Kjella I might ask for your help as I've never set up one before. Thanks for offering to help seed it.

    21. Aaron Dunn 5-time creator on

      @Dave that's exactly what we'll be offering, either a zip or simple way to get all the new music at once.

    22. Missing avatar

      Alastair Hogge on

      Great work Aaron, thanks!
      +1 FLAC
      +1 torrent

    23. Dave Miller on

      I'd like to chime in to add to the requests for a simple, single way to get a high-quality (I have no need of lossless) copy of the music specifically created by this project. Basically, the content that theoretically would have been on the "CD" offered to $25 backers originally. I can browse the Musopen site at my leisure if I just want to see what's available, but I'd like the opportunity to easily sit down and listen to the music I helped pay for, without having to try to dig it out of the entire archive.

    24. Missing avatar

      Kjella on

      I also suggest a torrent, there are also public free to use trackers like:

      400 GB is nothing for a torrent, I've downloaded bigger. I can seed with a 60 Mbit upstream probably indefinitely once I got it. It's probably the simplest way to make it available to the world.

    25. Missing avatar

      RussianNeuroMancer on

      I also support request about FLAC.

    26. Missing avatar

      RussianNeuroMancer on

      About torrent topic: you doesn't need to set up torrent tracker. You may just generate torrent-file, add it to your torrent-client, and publish magnet-link for this torrent (in context menu of torrent in torrent client there is item "copy magnet-link"). Sure, you need to seed this torren some time.

      More info about magnet links:

    27. Dinyar Rabady on

      Great news! I second the request for flac from musopen directly. It makes much more sense to make the files available in an open format.

    28. Missing avatar

      Tuomas Tonteri on

      I also pledged at the level that gives 'archive of musopen in lossless format' because I want the archive in easy to use format, as files on my hard drive. Whether that is supplied on a DVD or by digital download.

    29. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    30. Kyle Conway on

      @armored_mammal -- Someone will (hopefully quickly) convert and upload lossless FLAC files. This project's goal of releasing to the public domain legally allows that to occur. I, too, will be anxiously awaiting the FLAC files.

      @Aaron Dunn -- Thanks so much for your work on this. It could not have been "easy" in any sense of the word. The world thanks you.

    31. Aaron Dunn 5-time creator on

      @Armored by archive i mean the entire recordings, editing, mixed, polished up etc. Possibly in a zip file but more likely a listing of all the files as mp3's and lossless, the pro membership will give you access to all the rest of musopen's archive, or if we make a torrent you can get it all that way as well, make sense?

    32. Missing avatar

      Dan Sanderson on

      This is great! I'm happy to forgo the physical disc if it's all downloadable.

      I too would be interested in seeing the new stuff packaged up a little bit, even just in digital form. In particular, would there be any interest in cutting together the behind-the-scenes footage into a mini-documentary? Or would it be possible to offer the footage for download so a fan could cut it together?

      I'm also interested in an update on the textbook project, when you get a chance. Thanks very much!

    33. armored_mammal on

      I'm excited to see that the project is finishing up, but I'm a little confused about the output.

      I was hoping there'd be a way to get the edited 'final and polished' version of the new recordings in flac via download or torrent, but the format thing isn't the end of the world.

      Rather I'm confused about the 'archive' vs the recordings from this project. Is there somewhere to download just the polished recordings made as part of this project in lossless format rather than either the whole Musopen archive (including the stuff that's outside the scope of this project) or individual tracks one at a time?

    34. Seth Johnson

      Congratulations, and thanks for travelling the long road to its end. I was and am really proud to support this project.

    35. Rodrigo "rrc2soft" Roman on

      Congrats Aaron, and thanks for your hard work!

    36. Andre on

      This was my first kickstarter project for a very long time and it's finally done.

      Thank you so much and I can't wait for the files!

    37. Aaron Dunn 5-time creator on

      @Christi absolutely, we'll do our best.
      @Jonathon + Gleb Generally I've stuck to Apple's lossless because the majority of our visitors use iTunes and Apple devices (its also now an open and royalty free license). When we switched to FLAC a few years back, we got a lot of support emails from people confused how to use the files. That said, feel free to download the archive and use an app like XLD to convert everything from lossless m4a to lossless FLAC

    38. Missing avatar

      Christi S on

      I also have to see that I'm not particularly fussed about receiving the master recordings. I was expecting a DVD crammed with MP3s from musopen, and what I would really like to receive is just that. If it doesn't all fit on a DVD any more, that's fine, but I would like as much MP3 music as possible on the DVD.

    39. Missing avatar

      Gleb on

      +1 for FLAC idea

    40. Missing avatar

      Jonathon Conte on

      Congratulations on finishing this project, Aaron!

      Please consider making the lossless versions of the music available in FLAC format.

      FLAC is lossless, supports metadata, and is an open specification that is not patent encumbered. It has a reference library available under a free software license and as a result there is broad platform support.

      FLAC Project Page:

      FLAC Wikipedia Page:

    41. Missing avatar

      Noemi on

      Woot! Super exciting, and thank you for all the work you've put into this project, Aaron.

      I'll second a request for either a bundled ZIP/GZIP download (or maybe two, grouped into new vs old), or FTP access so we can download multiple files at once.

    42. Aaron Dunn 5-time creator on

      The 150gb includes everything, lossy + lossless, lossy is generally at 320kb sometimes less

    43. Aaron Dunn 5-time creator on

      @Andrew we can certainly try setting up a torrent, or at the very least I might be able to set up a temporary read-only access to the ftp directory so interested people can grab everything.

    44. Missing avatar

      Andrew Kasurak on

      The reason I wanted the DVD was so I could listen to all of the music offline. The musopen website isn't really made to mass download mp3s (at least as far as I can tell). If the reward DVD switches to only be the new music, this will not really help me.

      Is the quoted 150Gb for uncompressed/lossless quality for the whole archive? How big is it at 320 or 180?

      Would it be possible to make a FTP/torrent of the musopen library in mp3?

    45. Missing avatar

      Devin on

      Congrats on finishing the project! [You're my first project to do so!]