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Help us buy music and release it to the public., without copyrights.
Help us buy music and release it to the public., without copyrights.
1,276 backers pledged $68,359 to help bring this project to life.

Recordings Done - Editing Begins

The recordings are all complete - whew. For those that requested it, I have 560gb of protools files, the originals made in the recording studio. I am thinking about ways to make this accessible, possibly using a torrent. 

The next several weeks will be editing all the sessions into a final set of recordings, then everything will go online. The studio where the music was recorded was too busy to edit everything locally (as they play and edit it all in real time). If anyone knows a good ProTools audio person that would be interested in helping to edit, please feel free to connect me.

Hoping to deliver everything shortly.



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    1. Missing avatar

      Kjella on

      Glad to hear this is finally coming to a close, I'm registered as a backer here and have an account on musopen but it's been very quiet. I did find an old email from October 2010 that I may or may not have responded to about an account upgrade, if I missed that then how would I go about it? I did fill out the upgrade form now, just to try it...

    2. Missing avatar

      Andrew Gemmell on

      Great news Aaron, your hard work is appreciated :)

      Just wondering... for those of us who are expecting something sent by mail... where do we specify our postal address?

    3. Aaron Dunn 5-time creator on

      The first round of edits is done, I've hired someone to help polish as I felt there are some things left that will produce a better result. I have been told that will take roughly 2 weeks. The masters are online and if the editing takes too long I'll release those separately so people can start to have fun with the music. The shirts are waiting on the recordings since I have to mail them together for most people.
      So I would say 2-3 weeks to be safe, longer than that I'll start releasing the master recordings and what has been edited so far

    4. Missing avatar

      Johannes Schauer on

      How about another status update? (I'm actually interested in more details than just the tshirts) What are you guys doing right now? How long will it take? What are the next steps? Any ETA on releasing 'something'?

    5. Aaron Dunn 5-time creator on

      They're ready and waiting for the video/music to be finished.

    6. Kennon Ballou on

      Any updates on the t-shirts?

    7. the SNARK! on

      560 GB files…with my DSL I think it would take a month to download them

      I'm joking, thanks for your work, Aaron

    8. Kyle Conway on

      I'll second the "freedom friendly" request of @Grant. The nature of this project would benefit greatly from also being available in free formats.

    9. Missing avatar

      Grant Diffey on

      So could we discuss having the raw protools sessions converted to something more freedom friendly like ardour format?

      AAtranslate supports converting Protools sessions to ardour's session format which is a free multitrack editor availible for Linux and MacOS

    10. Aaron Dunn 5-time creator on

      @Ethan @Harald Yes but its not public yet. I want to make sure all the music is 100% before I say we have it, in case the final edit is not good enough. But all the original files will be online regardless for those interested.

    11. Missing avatar

      Ethan Shalev on

      Is there a list, somewhere, of the pieces being recorded?

    12. Harald Korneliussen on

      Uh, I might have missed an update, but which works exactly do we have recordings of now?

      I take it you have full, unrestricted rights to the protools files so you can share them with us backers?

    13. Missing avatar

      Matthew I on

      I'm glad to hear that others have offered hosting. I have no need for the raw data but I'd be happy to seed a torrent... except that I don't have nearly that much free space. I might be able to do a single work, though, if there ends up being a need.

      Would you mind posting what pieces we ended up getting (or point me to where it has been posted, if I missed something)? It would be nice to know what I should be anticipating. :)

      Thanks again for making this happen!

    14. Zacqary Adam Green on

      My brother Alex runs Plaid Productions, and he's interested in hearing about what your editing needs are. They specialize in acapella recordings, but can do anything:

      I don't think they'd be able to do it for free, but definitely at a good rate.

    15. Sage Ross on

      Wonderful! Will the next fundraiser start right after the release? Assuming that the recordings turn out well, next time I want to upgrade to a t-shirt level pledge.

    16. Missing avatar

      Marc Goujon on

      Aaron, you are doing a fantastic job.

      Just wanted to thank you once more.

    17. David on

      Aaron, those are great news! Hopefully when it is released you still will have the motivation to start a second fundraiser. The second time will be easier, I'm sure of that!

    18. Missing avatar

      Scott Baker on

      We have a Linux mirror server with lots of storage space, and bandwidth also. More than willing to host files for such a good cause.

    19. Jason Scott on

      Aaron, I offer you space on, both for the original and later edkted cersions. Talk with me if you want to make this happen via hard drive or upload. Naturally I can have this in its own banned and specific location.