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Update #17

Some long overdue good news

Hello donors,

Great news. After much too long, we have finally scheduled our recording sessions for the following dates this January: Jan 9, 10, 11, 12, 17 (2x)

To calculate the total number of recording hours we can pay on each day, I will now need to know who, of those that won prizes, actually want their DVD's or T-shirts mailed, as this will of course effect the total number of hours we can record in the studio. 

** Prizes **

We will not be mailing for some time, so you will have an opportunity to update your address info, but I need to know who wants which prizes, if any. For those who won a DVD/CD, all music and videos will permanently be hosted on multiple sources including: YouTube,,, and Box ( So those of you indifferent to receiving a CD or DVD in the mail, please consider these digital options instead. I will be using the Kickstarter site to verify who is eligible for which prizes, but i will largely be working off of your preferences listed in this survey:

** T Shirts **
Other good news, I was able to convince a well known t-shirt designer to create a couple awesome designs for the t-shirt prize with our theme "Set music free." We now have the difficult choice of picking only one winning design, please follow the link above to vote. If you didn't win a shirt and want to buy one, let me know!

** More Good News **

Despite the fact we haven't yet gotten the orchestra recordings, I have been able to acquire music from individual musicians and chamber groups, recording some great smaller-scale music for us. Everything will be online and delivered by the end of January, this additional music included. Some are real gems, one of which another Kickstarter project paid over 20k for alone, whereas here its just one small part.

Finally, for those of you who happen to be visiting or who live in Prague on our recording dates, you are welcome to come visit the studio, and possibly help out if there is a need. Just let me know in advance. The studios are in the heart of Prague, one of the largest and newest ones there.


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    1. 10.small

      Creator Elias Rangel on December 13, 2011

      Thank you for the update Aaron. Please consider armored_mamal comment on having the t-shirts for sale on museopen web site.

    2. 414217_10100930213162262_1391985769_o.small

      Creator armored_mammal on December 9, 2011

      I'd buy the violin shirt if it's ever available for sale.

    3. Frederic-chopin-1838(1).small

      Creator Aaron Dunn on December 8, 2011

      @ Chimel I assume you mean the music already done? Not long, just planning on releasing everything as one nice package since we are close to the end now. As for the video, I'm planning on using an HD video camera for every hour of our rehearsal, so depending on how much film time I use, it will be pretty big :)

    4. Missing_small

      Creator Chimel on December 8, 2011

      A download instead of a DVD is fine with me too, but Aaron, how long does it take you to zip the files and upload it to any cyberlocker already? ^-^
      Encrypt it with a password that you send by email to the backers and get it out of the way. What size are we talking about? 1 or 2GB pieces would work better for people still on copper cable...

      By the way, it would be nice to zip monthly or regular updates too for the Musopen Pro members, instead of individual files.

    5. Frederic-chopin-1838(1).small

      Creator Aaron Dunn on December 8, 2011

      FLAC and MP3

    6. Missing_small

      Creator taka khumbartha on December 8, 2011

      As long as the contents of the CD will be available in FLAC format, I'm fine with a digital download.

    7. Frederic-chopin-1838(1).small

      Creator Aaron Dunn on December 8, 2011

      The main website will offer it in the same format, but the other sites like Box will contain one nice zip. I might be able to find a way to include that on Musopen as well, maybe in a blog post.

    8. Missing_small

      Creator Chad on December 8, 2011

      If I don't select a DVD, that is fine, will I still get the music packaged into an archive (.tar.gz, .zip, whatever) so that I can use it in a playlist?

      Presently the site requires me to download every mp3 I want individually, thus my interest in the DVD.

    9. Raven-large.small

      Creator Colby Gutierrez-Kraybill on December 8, 2011

      "Won" a t-shirt? Shouldn't that be: "Paid for" a t-shirt?

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