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MarchFourth needs a newer bus! Help our band of 20-odd merry-makers get to your town safely and efficiently <3
MarchFourth needs a newer bus! Help our band of 20-odd merry-makers get to your town safely and efficiently <3
805 backers pledged $48,938 to help bring this project to life.

MarchFourth Trail Mix Ep. 44 "Let's Roll"

So, we're out on the road touring in the Midwest - thanks to YOU! We're so much happier with our new space ship. Our lives have improved in more ways than we can list, not the least of which is our improved playing from better sleep! We're the luckiest band out here and have the best fans in the world. WE LOVE YOU! Tell your friends we're out here spreading the love. Check the link below for where we're headed next and see your very own name etched on the new bus!

problem solved! payments are going through now

Whew! We've sorted out the problems with Amazon and the payments are now being processed. Thanks again for your patience and's been a crazy ride! We'll be contacting you next week about your incentives, so stay tuned.

Payment processing problems

Thanks to all of you, we reached our goal! However, due to a clerical error on Amazon's part, they are unable to process any of your transactions at the moment. They are working on getting this solved, so please be patient. We've come this far, so please stay tuned for how to get us the cash!

New Band Member Portrait incentives!

With under 55 hours remaining in our campaign, we've decided to add a few new incentives that will hopefully inspire more generosity. We've also added more of the hometown heroes two-fer tickets. 

BAND MEMBER PORTRAITS: Photographer and band portraitist andy BATT has been capturing striking photos of M4 performers for the last several years. These black and white art prints are available for our generous backers. $500 gets you one 11x14. $1000 gets you one 16x20. $2000 gets you a tryptic of 16x20s (any 3 shots). You can view them all here to see which one is your favorite!

P.S. If your favorite band member hasn't done a portrait yet, Andy can do another shoot to make more images available. 

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Find yourself in the crowd...Gigapixel photo from b-day show

Explore the MarchFourth Marching Band 9th anniversary show at the Crystal Ballroom on 3/4/12. Have fun looking for familiar faces, disembodied boots, or headless torsos in this incredible photo (click to zoom in on the details) This hi-res gigapixel image captured by photographer Bruce Ely (click to zoom in on the amazing detail) was made from stitching more than 100 images from the show. (There are numerous stitching “errors” which are usually caused by a person that is partially in a picture moving to a different location by the time my camera made another pass.) Fans at the show donated over $1500 yesterday.Thanks for your support, Portland, but we've still got a ways to go and not much time, so your pledge today is appreciated!

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