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MarchFourth needs a newer bus! Help our band of 20-odd merry-makers get to your town safely and efficiently <3
MarchFourth needs a newer bus! Help our band of 20-odd merry-makers get to your town safely and efficiently <3
805 backers pledged $48,938 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Hamid Aghdaee on

      Hi there, so excited to see you guys this a backer I thought I would be able to get on the guest list for our local show...could I please?

    2. March Fourth Marching Band 5-time creator on

      Matthew, if you can't make the hometown hero show, feel free to supply another name in your stead. Thanks!

    3. Missing avatar

      Matthew Love on

      Oh yeah, Hip hip hooray!!

    4. Missing avatar

      Matthew Love on

      I got email asking for names of peeps going to "HOMETOWN HEROS PORTLAND SHOW". We will be in Shanghai and miss the how. Can i gift them, or get them into the hands of a local (Portland) gifted gifter.

    5. Kelli Rua Klein on

      Woot!!! What great news to come back to the states to!! So excited!

    6. Missing avatar

      Dr. CK on

      Finally more cubby space!

    7. March Fourth Marching Band 5-time creator on

      Yes, and yes. We'll be doing a call out soon to gather all the names.

    8. Racy-Ro on

      Just wondering? Does everyone who backed you get their name on the new bus?? If so, can I change up the name??

    9. Cathy Carrillo on

      awesome! hopefully your new bus will be bringing you back to Albuquerque this year as well.

    10. March Fourth Marching Band 5-time creator on

      We'll be compiling a separate list for the plaque. Stay tuned...

    11. Oregon Pinkrose on

      Those of us that backed with a level more then $10 get our names on the honorary plaque, yes?
      Will that be a separate questionnaire or will it be the same name as what I put for my guest list name?

    12. Mary and Joe Mazza on

      I redid my payment and it still didn't go through. Amazon is stating they are tgrying to resolve the issues. Keep us posted.
      Again, congratulations to a great group of people!

    13. Missing avatar

      Maria Marr on

      Yes, keep me payment didn't work either!

    14. sherry dooley on

      tried to re-do my payment - and Amazon states the problem is on their end and it will be worked out shortly.

    15. sherry dooley on

      yep, I just checked my email - and it's stating the payment didn't go through. If worse comes to worse - I'll send my payment via paypal - as a gift - so there are no fees taken out. I've never dealt with Amazon as a payment service before.

    16. sherry dooley on


    17. Missing avatar

      Ami Dodson on

      Aha, glad to see I'm not the only one having payment problems. I'll wait for an update. It looks like the problem must be on Amazon's end - maybe all your fans crashed the site!

    18. March Fourth Marching Band 5-time creator on

      We've heard from a lot of people that their payment wasn't processed. It seems like Amazon is having some problems, so hopefully it will get worked out soon. We'll keep you posted!

    19. Racy-Ro on

      Hey guys just got an email saying card no go, I have plenty to cover it. Went back in to do again and it says error with Amazon? Any clue ..system crashing with so many backers!!!
      Can't miss out on my Beast Bundle!!

    20. Missing avatar

      Paul Rosen on

      So glad to help and even more happy you made your goal! Hope you come back to Kansas to spread the joy! I try to preach the M4 gospel everyday in every way. Much love from the Midwest,

    21. Missing avatar

      jake wood on

      this is so awesome!!!!!! congratulations! you guys deserve it!

    22. andybattstudio on


    23. Norma Rowland on

      WOOOO HOOOO! So happy for you guys! I can't wait to see you!

    24. Missing avatar

      Chaka Floyd on

      Congratulations for making your target!

    25. Juliette Nash on

      WoooHoo!!! I've been watching pretty closely the past few days - So proud of you guys! Congrats :)

    26. Missing avatar

      Amanda Goeke on

      Yay!!! You did it!!! I'm so happy for you guys!

    27. Mary and Joe Mazza on

      Joe and I are so happy. It couldn't have happened to a better group of people.

    28. Missing avatar

      Amar Shabbir on

      Woohoo ... Congratulations M4 !!

    29. Robbie Robb on

      I think the Womad organisation would love you guys.... hit them up and come do a UK Festival!

    30. Paul Chandler on

      <$5000 with 20 hours left... WE CAN DO THIS!!!!

    31. Missing avatar

      Karen Osmon on

      Hey Kev glad you reminded me. Am sending it on to friends and family.

    32. Missing avatar

      Vicky on

      6 days to go.... less than $16,000 to raise! We CAN do it! Two thirds raised already... we have a time line here! Whatever the amount... NOW is the time! And, my experience is that donors DO get special treatment! I will invite you to my house next time they bless me with their presence in EUGENE! (Surely they won't mind... right?) Note: This is an unofficial invite but... really, if you just showed up?

    33. Missing avatar

      Scott Goodin on

      You guys should really get another option up there that I'm sure festi-goers would lovvvvvve... How about the chance to camp with and/or party with the band? I know for a fact some High Sierra peeps would be alllll about this!

    34. Plunder Fest on

      If you guys have the last weekend of July open.... come say hi to us at PlunderFest.
      I wish I could donate more... But I'm about to launch a project on here as well for a worlds first lighting rig.

    35. Todd Romero on

      Please come back through Houston!

    36. Missing avatar

      simplirproject on

      I posted this to my facebook wall yesterday. Looks like it got a few bucks in but where are the rest of the fans? Try sending it to the jackrabbit speaks burner mailing list. Best of luck.

    37. Mary and Joe Mazza on

      I am trying to do some easy math calculations but I don't know how many shows M4 has done even in the last year. So let's say they have done 25 shows and 1000 folks have seen those shows ( M4...please correct my figures). That means 25,000 people have seen their shows. If each person who has seen the band pledged $10, that would equate to $250,000. So, as I see the current number of backers is only 220, I am perplexed. Where are the rest of you? Give what you can but please give to this project.

    38. March Fourth Marching Band 5-time creator on

      Thanks, Sarah! As a matter of fact, we just booked a show in Felton on May 1! Hopefully we'll have our new bus rolling by then.

    39. Missing avatar

      Sarah Pierce on

      Hey crew! You guys rocked my world both shows at Strawberry Music Festival! I wear your shirt (the tank top with the Dali style elephants) all the time and I really hope to see you do a show in the Santa Cruz, Ca area sometime soon!! Best of luck to you and your new wheels. Love you all.