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A feature documentary about designer board games like The Settlers of Catan, and the people who love (and design) them.
A feature documentary about designer board games like The Settlers of Catan, and the people who love (and design) them.
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Hey there, backers!

Just wanted to let you all know that as of this morning, all backer packages are on their way!  I have a couple non-responders to track down yet, but this is a big milestone, for sure, and it took almost a week of multiple daily trips to get it done.

As a token of thanks and a way to mark this auspicious occassion, I've put an exclusive board game-themed screen saver up on the website for you to grab.

This was created by Kerry Hutton, the animator for the film, when we were tinkering with screen saver creation programs.  It's a public link, so if you like it, feel free to share with worthy friends.

Now that the Kickstarter packages are shipped, I encourage you to tell all your friends that the film is available for purchase at should they want it.  Reviews and feedback have already been pouring in, but here are a couple examples:

A Kickstarter Christmas: Going Cardboard — a documentary about board games

I also added 3 new screening events to the screenings schedule (two in Nashville, one in St. Louis):

Have a good day!

The Battle Begins... FIGHT!

Just a quick update on the last couple days.  The DVDs arrived here Thursday morning around 11 AM.  From 11 AM that day to 4:30 AM the following morning (today), I was packing them up with a couple post office runs sprinkled in there.

A measly 90 minutes of sleep later, I was back at it, and at this time I would say the majority of Kickstarter packages are on the way to your respective homes.  I have cool pictures and video and stuff, but stopping to put a blog entry together would take away time I'd rather use to send packages out, so I'm holding off on that for now.

This will continue until all packages are out.  As you start to receive your shipments, I'd love to hear what you think of it all, especially the DVD!  I truly hope it's been worth the wait.

Good night, and stay tuned. :)

DVDs have been printed

The DVD print run for Going Cardboard was completed and shipped out yesterday.  It should be in my hands on 2/22.  I will start shipping out Kickstarter packages as soon as the DVDs arrive.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

- Lorien

A little shindig known as PAX East

Just a little update to the screenings schedule I wanted to mention; PAX East.

Yes, it's official. Going Cardboard will be screening at PAX East. It's tentatively scheduled for Friday, April 6th, at 9:30 PM in the Arachnid room (how thoughtful, they clearly know of my intense love for spiders). I will be there, and I hope to see you New Englanders there too! I'll continue to add screenings as they are booked, of course.

So, Kickstarter people... your packages are coming together.  Last night I did battle with mailmerging the Kickstarter mailing lists onto shipping labels (I won, FYI). This morning I woke up at 5 and couldn't sleep, so I went downstairs and started assembling more components packs. It's like how chickens know when an earthquake is coming; the DVDs are being printed up this week, and are going to be shipping out VERY soon (on the scale of hours from now more than days, and definitely not weeks).

Here it comes, Khan...

Going Cardboard has gone gold!

This is the part where I get to make the long-awaited and super clever announcement that Going Cardboard has gone GOLD.

Yesterday afternoon, the final proof copy of the DVD arrived. I tested it out on the XBox and PS3. Today it was tested on a regular DVD player, a PC, and a Mac. All systems go. They also ran a final double-check to confirm that the DVD is region-free.

A little while ago, I gave the official green light to the manufacturer. So within a week or two, the DVDs will be here. And then... all hell breaks loose!

This week also a podcast I did with GMS Magazine went live. It was a lot of fun to record, and I think that shows through in the results, so give it a listen, and I hope you enjoy it!

Oh, and one other thing happened today. The official IMDb listing for Going Cardboard went up.

Don't get too excited; there's nothing there yet but the most basic information, but I'll change that in short order. :)

It's been a crazy week. Have a good night all!