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You’re a busy person, and there is so much great [long] content on the web. You need the information now, but don’t have time to read. Read more

Chicago, IL Publishing
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This project was successfully funded on August 17, 2011.

You’re a busy person, and there is so much great [long] content on the web. You need the information now, but don’t have time to read.

Chicago, IL Publishing
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About this project

The gist of it will be a place to read the gist of something you found online when you don't have time to read the full thing.

Problem we're trying to address

Long-form online content continues to be created and sought after, but the overall amount of content and social interactions available to information seekers today is often an inhibitor or distracter from the enjoyment and benefits of long-form content. The avalanche of posts, photos, videos, chats and texts will only continue to surge exponentially as digital becomes the preferred platform of communication, but unfortunately that flood may distract us from the high quality non-fiction writing that may exist on the web.

In addition to the simple behavioral shift of our low-attention span society, there is also a serious problem with the findability of quality long-form content. Google is, without question a strong tool for searching through information, but unfortunately it does not facilitate searches for a variety of long-form content without also piling on a great deal of, arguably, unneeded results. For every culture scrutinizing post by Clay Shirky, New York Times weekend piece, or scientific journal article, there are hundreds of blog posts and headlines to wade through before a comprehensive written work can be found.


A directory of well-written abstracts (or Gists) that summarize the key points of information within long-form articles that offer readers a glimpse into what a further investment of their reading time will yield without skewing the original source article with a great deal of editorial opinion. A secondary and valuable solution is a venue that allows for a marketplace to allow those with more money than time, to pay others to monetize the act of information truncation. Rather than 10 different people reading the same article themselves to yield a collective gain in knowledge of X, 10 people can read 10 different articles, summarize them, share the pivotal points of the writing, and the collective intelligence of that group then ideally approaches 10X. 

What the money is for

The key to spurring the community into reading, creating and sharing is a base of users. A base of users is going to be attracted by a valuable initial set of content. The funds we raise on Kickstarter will be used to pay for the initial writing of this content and improving

Some nice press we've received 


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