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My dogwalker has been missing for weeks. What happened? With the help of Private Investigator Jerry Palace, I hope to track her down & write a book.

I keep asking myself what happened to the cute, likable 24 year-old dogwalker that did not turn up for her daily walk with my dog. She'd been faithful for weeks until one day no call, no text, no show. Her phone would ring endlessly, her email replied with "mailbox full" messages, and there has been no way to contact her since the day she went missing. Dogwalking was her business and she had two employees, so her sudden disappearance has been haunting me. Is she gone? Hurt? Is it possible she is just tired of dogs?

It's time to find the Dogwalker. With your support we can hire Jerry Palace, a private investigator with over 40 years of experience as a detective in New York to locate her. I'm attempting to raise $1800, which will cover Jerry's expenses and allow me to commission several New York based artists to illustrate a book I will write about the experience.

This short story will be for all ages and document my dogwalker's disappearance in detail (complete with original artwork). More money means I can commission more artwork and make the book extra special. All donations will be used for the making of this unique book!

My hope is that through this Kickstarter project we will find the Dogwalker, and provide some closure to this unresolved story. Please note that no one has officially reported her as a "missing person". As to my knowledge, I am the only one looking for her.

Meet the artists and check out images of possible backer rewards:
Special thanks to jet200nyc, on Flickr for the original photo, "Walking the Dogs"


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    Receive exclusive email updates about Jerry's progress, the book, the artwork, and maybe a hello from my dog.

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    Along with the updates, you'll receive a PDF of the book to share with your friends & family!

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    It's a mystery story, funny thing, but your reward is a mystery too. It will be fun little adventure for you. This is awesome. Cue the Twilight Zone soundtrack.

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    Signed softcover book overflowing with illustrations and one clever little story.

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    Signed hardcover book with a special thank you in the acknowledgments.

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    1 needle felted animal of your choice in it's own wonderland created by the talented New York based Artist Mariko Suzuki. These handmade works of art are delicate & charming! A miniature world for your favorite animal. Just name your creature. (+ pdf of the book)

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    New York Artist Steve Yensel will let you choose an oil painting from his portrait series! View the selection: (+ pdf of the book)

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    Steve will let you choose a larger oil painting! Only Two! See for images. (+ pdf of the book)

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    Now this is your chance to have Steve paint you a 7x7" oil painting of your furry, feathery or scaly friend. Send him a photo of your pet or have him paint your favorite animal. (+ pdf of the book)

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