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Me and my camera are going on a road trip around the country to meet 50 random facebook friends.
Me and my camera are going on a road trip around the country to meet 50 random facebook friends.
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A personal hello

Hey Everyone,

I hope this finds you all happy and filled with passion and joy!

I'm totally filled with joy because screenings of Face 2 Face are spreading around  the country. We have a Los Angeles premiere at Mann's Chinese on June 3rd and a screening on the 19th and the historic Castro theater in San Francisco. I do hope you got my previous email with ticket information because I would love to see you all there (Face 2 Face - lol)

Look, here's the low down....I really want to keep Face 2 Face TRULY Independent. I've had offers to sell it -- and most of them want to make it into a reality series. NO WAY. After directing and producing reality I can say it's what got me in the pickle I was in during Face 2 Face. But, that's an entirely different movie in itself.

So, back to the point.... I really am doing things old school and traveling the country with my film. In my car. Yes, total 60s child on the road with her Indie film. YEE HAW! Well, it's actually OUR film because if it wasn't for you there would BE NO Face 2 Face. 

Thank you for that. Thank you for helping me be able to live the life I always dreamed of. 

With all that love going around, we forget this shit is costing me a ton of money. It's $3,250 a month JUST for the publicist. (you can't get screenings without press) Anyway, it's a lot of airfare and travel expenses, print masters of the movie etc etc....I want to share this film with as many people as possible and that means getting it into smaller town theaters and having the press behind us all the way. With your continued help, we should be able to hit every major city this year. But, I need you.

Okay, that's all. I want to see you at a screening. I want to hug you and tell you thank you to your face!


San Francisco Screening on June 19th

To all of my angels, there will be a screening of Face 2 Face at the historic Castro theater on June 19th in San Fran. I would love to see you there!! 


World Premiere Tickets

Purchase your tickets here for the world premiere of Face 2 Face. $10. Sunday June 3rd @ 2:45PM at Mann's Chinese Theater in Los Angeles. I hope to see you all there since you made this movie happen!

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I feel so grateful. Thank you to everyone who has made a pledge and to those of you who increased your pledge. That was super cool and I'm humbled by the gratitude and the warm and thoughtful wishes everyone has given this project. 

I can't believe the movie will make its premiere almost to the day I started the journey last year. And that it's screening at Mann's Chinese Theater makes it all the more synchronistic. 

When I moved to Los Angeles at 16, I remember there being a premiere and red carpet event at Mann's. Being only 16 and never out of Louisiana, I got a throw away camera and took a picture of my shoe touching the red carpet. All the dreams I had as a child growing up in that small little town seemed captured in that one photograph. 

Sadly, my reality back then was not the red carpet. I was living in my car in the parking lot of a Hollywood motel. But, it would be that throw away camera and my idea for a story that would bring me back to Mann's 20 years later and screening my own movie. 

The journey you have all seen me take this past year for Face 2 Face is about to be shared with the world and it's because of YOU that I get to share the experience. I hope to see you all on JUNE 3rd.

Much love,


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Get your world premiere Face 2 Face tickets HERE

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