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An indie tabletop wargame of tiny giant LEGO® robots battling across your  tabletop! by Vincent Baker & Joshua A.C. Newman.
An indie tabletop wargame of tiny giant LEGO® robots battling across your tabletop! by Vincent Baker & Joshua A.C. Newman.
2,639 backers pledged $82,499 to help bring this project to life.

MFØ is shipping!

Posted by Joshua A.C. Newman (Creator)

There's a very good chance you've just gotten an email from Make That Thing telling you that stuff's coming your way! That stuff is none other than your copy of Mobile Frame Zero!

As Hannah and I sort out the various logistical logjams, more and more stuff will ship. I still have a bunch of work to do for my Custom backers, but I'll even be able to ship Soren's Customs and Special Editions as soon as I've got a little breathing room. We'll be shipping these with their associated books just as fast as we can.

Decals and T shirts are still unfinished, but both are near-trigger, which means the rest of the stuff is about to move.

Humans and Ijad, pilots, hot rodders, and engineers, I can't possibly express to you how relieved I'll be when I get to do things again like "make stuff out of LEGO for fun" and "work on the space battle rules." This project has consumed much of my last year, and I'm positively ecstatic that I'm finally able to share this book with you.

A note: many people who picked up their games at PAX East and Conpulsion didn't contact me, or didn't contact me in time. You'll be getting an extra copy in the mail, since I don't know who you are. Please share it with someone who will appreciate it. Pay it forward. GIve it as a birthday present or give it to your friend who you want to play with you. Please don't sell it. Just give it away to someone who will appreciate it.

Thank you all for supporting Mobile Frame Zero. You've given me the room to make the game I've always wanted, and given me more people to play with than I could have imagined.



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    1. Missing avatar

      Jeremiah Cunkle on

      Still no word?
      Please send an update to let us know what's going on?
      I don't mind waiting, but not knowing is not cool.

      Thanks for all your hard work! We respect that things are more complicated on your end than on ours. Our side of the deal is flying blind though!

    2. Alan Bell on

      I understand that those of us who ordered t-shirts are waiting on them to get our books. It makes sense to combine the shipping. So far you've been very good about communicating and interacting with your supporters. That's what makes this month of silence all that more nerve wracking. Do you have any information on when we might see the shirts and books ship?

    3. Andrew Welch on

      Same, no email no copy. CA

    4. Lordlupus on

      No news yet from New Zealand. No email either.

    5. Missing avatar

      Alain Marti on

      No news here in Switzerland as well

    6. Ryan Czternastek on

      A bit saddened that i haven't received my copy yet in FL.

    7. NaasterChief on

      Still nothing here in CA, no email either.

    8. Missing avatar

      Veros on

      I got mine last week, I have to say it's awesome and well worth the time waiting.

    9. Missing avatar

      David Rapp

      Nothing here in IL - no e-mail confirmation. Updates?

    10. Joshua Hernandez on

      Still nothing here in CO, no email confirmation or anything. Any updates on how shipping is going?

    11. Marc de Jager on

      Got mine in The Hague (Netherlands) last week THANKS !

    12. Missing avatar

      jon hill on

      got mine in London last week. Looks great. thanks.

    13. Tim Meakins

      My books arrived yesterday, here in the UK!
      They look better than I had imagined they would.
      Thank you so much. Sorry you had to go through such a trial, but I look forward to seeing you apply what you learned from this campaign with possible future projects.
      I for one would happily back you again.
      Best wishes with your future endeavours.
      May your paintwork remain unblemished!

    14. Missing avatar

      Mike DiBella on

      Still nothing here in NJ. No email conformation either.

    15. Missing avatar

      4649matt on

      I got mine in the post yesterday! Makes checking the mailbox more exciting when there is awesome stuff awaiting you.

    16. Missing avatar

      Leslie Furlong on

      Arrived in my postbox here in Japan yesterday. Thank you for such a quality product.

    17. Peter Tierney on

      The book was awaiting for me when I got home yesterday after being away for the whole week. I like that layout and can't wait to try it out with my boy!

    18. Joshua A.C. Newman 3-time creator on

      Thanks, Kevin! That means a lot!

    19. Kevin Richey on

      My book arrived two days ago. I'm really getting into the back story.
      Can't wait to build me some frames.

    20. Joshua A.C. Newman 3-time creator on

      Hi, Darren! Thanks!

    21. Darren Miguez on

      Just got the book! Played this at Dexcon in NJ. Money well pledged - it's a slick package with great production values!

    22. Joshua A.C. Newman 3-time creator on

      OK, I'll put your order in the next batch. Dealing with exceptions is error-prone.

      Your friend didn't actually pay anything for a T shirt. He had to pay what he wanted for one, and he didn't do that.

      I'm ignoring $0 T shirt backers because I've gotten so many messages from people saying that they accidentally clicked "yes" when they hadn't given any money. There aren't many, so I figured they were all mistakes. Some people clicked "no" and then gave a T shirtly amount of money, so I'm assuming that those were mistakes, too.

      If your friend really wants a T shirt for $0 (remember, that's about -$15 to the project), I'll ship him one, but he should come here to explain, knowing that a lot of people put in to cover backers who weren't able to pay. Like, people chipped in $100 to cover other players who couldn't afford to cover their own shipping. Some people in foreign countries are setting up little distribution centers in their country to help the project get everyone their books.

    23. Missing avatar

      William Brown on

      AND I just called him. My friend who has his copy also surveyed Yes he wanted the shirt and he has his copy of the book already. So you might want to message him (Christopher Binkley on KS) because if what you say is true then You must be missing his shirt order.

    24. Missing avatar

      William Brown on

      Um Joshua I messaged you about cancelling my T-Shirt order so I could get my copy of the book earlier since I've gotten kind of tired of waiting for it and you told me that you could/would do that.

    25. Joshua A.C. Newman 3-time creator on

      William, your book is pending your T shirt printing. T shirts and books have to go out together or we almost double the shipping cost.

    26. Joshua A.C. Newman 3-time creator on

      Thank you guys!

    27. Missing avatar

      Zachary Dillon on

      Got mine today and I have to say, you guys did an amazing job!

    28. Daniel Von Fange on

      You probably already know this, but: You did fantastic work in every area of a huge job.

      The book is beautiful.

    29. Daniel Von Fange on

      You probably already know this, but: You did a fantastic job. the book in the mail today.

    30. pat andrews on

      What's funny is, I didn't receive the email, but I got my book today in the mail :)

    31. Missing avatar

      William Brown on

      Well my friend who lives nearby got an e-mail last night and got his book today. Hopefully I get my e-mail soon.

    32. Make Big Things on

      Achem. I meant "systematically."

    33. Make Big Things on

      *** If you didn't get an email from Make That Thing, don't worry. We're systemically sorting through backer info and rolling out the rewards. ;) ***

    34. Cédric Jeanneret on

      Same question as bellow ....

    35. Dustin Clark on

      If we did not get an email from Make That Thing, does that mean our book is NOT being shipped? I would really, really love to get my book...