Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack

by Joshua A.C. Newman

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    1. Stuart Nicholson on

      Fantastic! I'm really looking forward to reading just the bare naked rules text, let alone the finished, formatted, illustrated and printed rulebook!

    2. Karl Nyborg on

      Yaaaay! I can't wait. :D I definitely think having a back and forth with the backers with the rules would be for the best to make sure the best version goes to the print. You'll have about 2,000 of us spell checking and making sure the rules are correct. xD

    3. T0mu

      Way to go!
      Eager to beta test the whole thing with my sons!

    4. Missing avatar

      Pantherx69 on

      Awesome! I literally stumbled across this today (with just 8 hours left to go), showed it to my 11 year old son and he was stoked. He spent the rest of the evening sifting through his Lego crate and building frames.

      Needless to say I pledged and we're both looking forward to some fierce battles!

    5. Julio Ángel Escajedo on

      Congratulations! Can't wait to see the rulebook!

    6. Missing avatar

      Devon on

      The Fat Snake looks great. I really like the pile bunker on the left arm!

    7. Joshua A.C. Newman 3-time creator on

      Devon, yeah. Not only is it a nasty weapon, but it's great for busting through walls.

    8. Augustine Von Freiburg

      It's not often that I am excited to see a large chunk of money come out of my checking account but in this case I am thrilled. Congrats guys. Sincerely looking forward to helping with the final spot checking of the rules once you have them done.

    9. CaGeRit

      Congratulations on the successful project. Also I'm glad to hear that you will be doing a community edit before the release. A lot of higher budget miniature games would be better off if they did something similar.

    10. Joshua A.C. Newman 3-time creator on

      Well, they don't have this intense, passionate community!

      Actually, as I understand it, Heavy Gear *was* sorta done like this. Check out that credits page sometime. Yikes. That's like a billion people.

    11. Augustine Von Freiburg

      Well I assume we're all going to be mentioned in the hundred or so extra pages you will need to add to the back of the book for the credits right?

    12. Missing avatar

      Noah Doyle on

      I am ridiculously excited about this, and will spend the time between now and publication rooting through the bottom of my kid's lego bins for 'the good parts'.

    13. Missing avatar

      Ryan Sigler on

      I've gotta say you guys are doinig this whole thing right. Getting feedback from your backers, putting out the unfinished rules for a communty lookover is a bolder move than most people might think. I'm really looking forward to the finished product andf any help I can be to make this great I am more than willing. Thanks again to the whole team!