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An indie tabletop wargame of tiny giant LEGO® robots battling across your  tabletop! by Vincent Baker & Joshua A.C. Newman.
An indie tabletop wargame of tiny giant LEGO® robots battling across your tabletop! by Vincent Baker & Joshua A.C. Newman.
2,639 backers pledged $82,499 to help bring this project to life.

On Objectives, Capturing Them, and Holding Them

Posted by Joshua A.C. Newman (Creator)

Above you can see "Emile", the recon Hi-Leg owned by Alef Torrad, on patrol through the bamboo thickets of Gurst.

Some last-minute items!

Before the Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack Kickstarter closes tonight, I wanted to make sure all the new backers knew all of the stuff that's been happening here. Thank you, backers! Thank you if you've tweeted, demoed, backed, asked questions, answered questions, figured stuff out, or shown off your photos. Thank you for giving  creators the ability to live on their creations and thank you for sharing your knoweldge and enthusiasm with each other.

Who wants a T shirt?

If you want a T-shirt, please remember to increase your pledge by however much you want to pay for one! Please keep in mind that they cost me between $10 and $20 apiece. On your final survey, I'll ask you if you paid what you want and what size you are.

Below is the T shirt design. The saying was written on airplanes from the International Brigades during the Spanish Civil War. It was later adopted by Woody Guthrie who stuck it on his guitar.

Mobile Frame Pilots and Mechanics

Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack is designed and marketed to be a community project. I'll be keeping track of sites of community support at but I need time to work on that site first with the help of Hannah Shaffer of the Owl & Raven Community Space of Northampton, MA where MFØ got a lot of testing.

Until that site is complete, this list will have to do!

  • No B.S., Just ABS is the premiere Mobile Frame Zero blog. It's full of great designs going back into the Mechaton years.
  • DivNull has been around for who-knows-how-many years, too. Lester loves creating LEGO® instructions and has produced the ones for Mobile Frame Zero with extraordinary skill. Lester also gives an amazing amount to Kickstarter projects in general and runs an award called the DivNull Lark where every year he gives $1000 to a game that he thinks has interesting potential.
  • The Mobile Frame Garage on the other hand is the shiny-eyed new kid. The list of MFØ-friendly LEGO® kits could be really useful.
  • The Mobile Frame Hangar is where MFØ players can go to hang out, swap hacks, and discuss interpretations and implications of the rules.
  • The Mobile Frame Zero Wiki is also fast becoming a major resource for players and anyone with any questions about the genre, the structure, or the rules. Please contribute!
  • Orion 6 is Greg Strom's setting that he's building around the conflict on the eponymous planet. His mobile frame designs are stunnning.
  • The Mobile Frame Zero Facebook page is of course synthesizing much of this stuff every day. There are 200 members over there now and the community is keeping on top of new sites and designs as they arise.
  • The Mobile Frame Zero diceroller is gonna be fantastically useful. If you've got an internet connection handy, it'll make you able to roll all the dice you need. You'll still need a pile of yellows and blues to mark the board, but that's all!
  • The Mobile Frame Zero Flickr group, of course, is already mind-bogglingly, incredibly awesome. I can't wait until I have time to sit down and build some robots. You guys are making some incredible things.

Keeping in touch

Want to get in touch with me? Want to see what I'm up to? I'm @JoshuaACNewman on Twitter. You can also email me: I'm You can probably infer from that that my website is as well. I talk about a lot of science fiction and fact there.

Vincent, the designer of Mobile Frame Zero, can always be found at and is @lumpleygames on Twitter. He talks a lot about game design theory — that is, what makes games interesting endeavors and how to encourage the behaviors that make them most interesting.

Soren, Mobile Frame Zero's Lego designer, is @HarmfulMechanic Do you think he should post more? I do. His Flickr stream is a parade of amazing things made of LEGO.

I hope we get to play together sometime soon!

Thank you.


Below, you can see two of Vincent's ST-07 Chubs. The one in front is carrying a double-Blue system to cover for the frame behind him. They work as a two-man shield wall on offense and as a mobile fortress on defense.

  • Image 106487 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1


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    1. Missing avatar

      Noah Doyle on

      Ah-ha! My reading comprehension is sometimes...poor.

    2. Joshua A.C. Newman 3-time creator on

      Adan, that's awesome!

      Noah, that's what I'm referring to, too: the Stalinist executions of clerics during the Civil War.

    3. Missing avatar

      Noah Doyle on

      Actually, I was thinking of names like Saint Innocencio of Mary Immaculate, Eugenio Sanz-Orozco Mortera, Blessed Bartolomé Blanco Márquez...they'll be hard to put into readable type on the frames, though. :)

    4. Adán Tejada on

      LOVE the International Brigades! My Grandfather, Albert Stanley (Born Abraham Blumenfeld) was a member of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade. His water-cooled Browning didn't like Fasicts very much either...

    5. Joshua A.C. Newman 3-time creator on

      Heh. Yeah, no good guys, no bad guys, just guys. Stalin's hand in the Spanish Civil War wasn't any more civil than Franco's.

    6. Missing avatar

      Noah Doyle on

      International Brigades, hm? Looks like I've got 6,832 possible names for my Frames. ;)

    7. Ben Kim on

      @Lee and @Mantisking - Thanks for the info! Just joined the MF Hanger and found out the MittenNinja is looking to start a regular gaming night at Enchanted Grounds! That's less then 10min. from my house, awesome! Yea it looks like Soren is local too but not for long, sounds like he's going international :'(

    8. Mantisking on

      I think Soren is in your area too. I'd be jealous, but I'm here in MA with Joshua and Vincent. :-)

    9. Lee Langston

      We are Denver We are many! Greg Storm, Me, John Lacy, Daryl Kholerscmidt, John Fiala, and about 5 others I know are all in the Denver area...

    10. Mantisking on

      @Ben Kim -- Visit the Mobile Frame Hangar, find the General Discussion sub-forum, and read the topic "Gaming Groups". There seem to be a number of people who posted from the Denver, CO area.

    11. Ben Kim on

      Completed my 1st Chub tonight:…
      Had so much fun finding the parts and building it. On top of that I've been enjoying the whole project so much that I stepped up to the $175 pledge and added an extra $10 for the t-shirt. Can't wait to see the final product! Now I just need to find some rad people in Denver, CO to play with!

    12. Mantisking on

      So I'm the new kid on the block, Joshua? Have I got the right stuff? :-) I saw a massive spike of visitors today from your mention of my blog. Thank you.

    13. Missing avatar

      Wolfgang_TrueCorrupt on

      just added $20 to my pledge, keep up the grate work and the great ideas. It all looks so cool and i cant wait to see what else comes out form MFZ

    14. Joshua A.C. Newman 3-time creator on

      Pay what you want, man! I wouldn't say it if I didn't mean it!

    15. Caitlynn Belle on

      Will you be super angry at someone if they're broke / poor and can't pay more than a dollar or two extra, but they want that shirt?

    16. Missing avatar

      James on

      cant wait to read the rules now

    17. Rob Farley on

      OK, I give in. Just upped my pledge for a shirt. I guess it was now or never. :-)

    18. kc2dpt on

      Keep up the good/fun/exciting work! :)

    19. Joshua A.C. Newman 3-time creator on

      Can't make everyone happy!

    20. Missing avatar

      Rob Buijs on

      love the mech logo. Very much dislike the text.

    21. Joshua A.C. Newman 3-time creator on

      Geez. Forgot the diceroller, too.

      Sean, the objectives in this case are about the Kickstarter itself! Ha!

      Nipper, sure! Email me: and let's hear what you've got.

    22. Nipper Phinizy on

      If you're open to it I might know someone that could print t-shirts for you cheaper then 10-20 bucks a piece. Is it just a one color print?

    23. Sean Schoonmaker on

      Great post, but were you going to say anything about taking and holding objectives? (Fishing for more rules tidbits...)

    24. Joshua A.C. Newman 3-time creator on

      Oh, fer Pete's sake. Sorry, guys!

    25. Greg Strom on

      you forgot mine too :)

    26. Joshua A.C. Newman 3-time creator on

      Crap! I'm sorry, Shawn! I knew I forgot one! Editing now.

    27. Joshua A.C. Newman 3-time creator on

      Hi, Brian!

      We were at PAX East last weekend and were demoing there. Nothing's available yet but backers will get stuff as soon as it's available!

    28. Missing avatar

      Brian Danford on

      Sorry for the ignorance, but this whole Kickstarter thing is new to me, and I was drawn here by the allure of Mobile Frame Zero. This last update indicates that supporters have been demo'ing the game, and folks are playing, which makes it seem that some version of the rules are out there somewhere?

    29. Shawn Graham on

      Don't forget the Mobile Frame Zero wiki page at:

      It's growing every day thanks to fans!

    30. Micah Bauer on

      Thanks for the update. I'm really liking that shield idea.

    31. Greg Strom on

      Super pumped to be a part of all this and I can't wait to see what the future holds!

    32. Lee Langston

      Don't forget the MF0 facebook page! Great group there and over 200to mwmbers already!

    33. Joshua A.C. Newman 3-time creator on

      This is the future, man! You are living in it!

    34. Augustine Von Freiburg


    35. Augustine Von Freiburg

      Thank you for bringing this project to Kickstarter and having the faith in us that we would help make it a success. This was my first kickstarter project and if nothing else, it has gotten me started on this whole, fan funded method of doing things.

      Thanks again.