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Can one guinea pig survive when an army of bunny rabbits equipped with futuristic technology rain down upon him? Read more

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Can one guinea pig survive when an army of bunny rabbits equipped with futuristic technology rain down upon him?

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New Guinea Something Good Platformer

Hey everyone!  It's been almost a year, but I've been very busy.  I finished my first completely hand-drawn animation, which you can watch here:

More pertinent to the continuation of the project you pledged to so many months ago, I have finally regrouped and gotten started on the next iteration.  This new game has a significantly different vision than Super Bunny Insurrection, but I think it will be much more focused and clear, and as a result I think it will be simpler to execute and more exciting to play.

The first big step is done - that is, creating the basic engine I can build from.  I actually took the Super Bunny Insurrection engine I already had and really streamlined it so I could build it into anything I wanted to.  A few of the main character animations are done, and you can see the very first playable engine here (with temporary backgrounds to test parallax scrolling):

 For now, if you'd like to support this project, consider becoming a Patreon subscriber.  You will get access to much more behind-the-scenes info, as well as pre-alpha gameplay access.


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The Bundle Got Better!

The Guinea Something Good Pay-What-You-Want Bundle just got better! Now included is an HD download of the animated short, "Telekinesthetics," and a new 22-minute audio commentary track! Best of all - no minimum purchase price! At all! Really, Pay What You Want! Even if that's nothing! Though, something would be better :)

Also, the game engine is still being developed.  Here are the latest Flash games I've created to keep the development process going:

TacoMazing 1-1 | TacoMazing 1-2 | TacoMazing 1-3 | TacoMazing 1-4

Hearts Attack


Hey, would-be-backers!  Some good news.  I've started a new Flash game series called "TacoMazing" where I'm taking the assets and basic engine that I had made for Super Bunny Insurrection and building something new.  The idea with this project is to release new levels one at a time on a regular basis, gradually increasing the complexity of the engine along the way.  The end goal is that, in time, I will have a complex enough engine to make a full game.

You can play the first level here:

Also, I've updated the Guinea Something Good Bundle Pay-What-You-Want payment system.  There was some confusion regarding the old system, so I went with a much simpler PayPal method.  You just choose the amount you'd like to pay, and you're good to go!

Get the bundle here:

Thanks, guys!  I look forward to sharing future updates with you.


Guinea Something Good Bundle

Hey, everyone!  The Pay-What-You-Want bundle is now available!  If you were interested in lending your support outside of the Kickstarter, this is your opportunity.


- A PC download of Bounce or Die featuring fullscreen support, native gamepad support, and a two-player deathmatch mode.
- A Guinea Something Good eBook - a High Resolution PDF of the first 24 GSG comic strips, and one exclusive bonus comic, in the style of GSG classics.
- A brand new “Telekinesthetics” desktop and mobile wallpaper.
- 5 animated GIF images suitable for use as online avatars. 

 Click here to get it now:

Thanks, everyone.  I look forward to keeping you updated to the future development of Super Bunny Insurrection!