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$2,044 pledged of $10,000 goal
$2,044 pledged of $10,000 goal

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Guinea Pig Parkour Begins

The spiritual successor to "Super Bunny Insurrection," called, "Guinea Pig Parkour," has just released its first of a monthly series of challenge courses, available to patrons on Patreon.

For only $3, you can follow along and the play the game as it develops!  A new challenge course every month.

Guinea Pig Parkour

Backers!  Another year has passed, and the spiritual successor to Super Bunny Insurrection has come a long way since the last update!  First of all, it is now officially named... 

A LOT of animations have been made of not only various parkour moves Joe will do in the game, but all the ways he'll fail trying!  Here's a couple examples:

Wall Run:

Wall Run Fail:

 I've also finally established a method of painting background elements that I'm really happy with!  Here's a preview of the first few buildings made for the game:

It's great to see things really starting to come together.  The more I make, the more awesome I know the final product is going to be.

If you'd like to help make the game come to life, consider becoming a supporter on Patreon.  Every dollar pledged will buy me more time to work on the game, meaning the release date will be that much sooner!  I split my time right now between development and my day job - a job where I am able to choose my own hours - so I can literally replace an hour of menial work for an hour of development, just like that!  All it takes is the financial ability to do so.

If you become a patron, you'll get access to monthly challenge courses, created as the game develops, made exclusively for Patreon backers.  Watch the game take shape before your eyes!

OK, that's all for now.  Thanks everyone, hope you have a great holiday!

New Guinea Something Good Platformer

Hey everyone!  It's been almost a year, but I've been very busy.  I finished my first completely hand-drawn animation, which you can watch here:

More pertinent to the continuation of the project you pledged to so many months ago, I have finally regrouped and gotten started on the next iteration.  This new game has a significantly different vision than Super Bunny Insurrection, but I think it will be much more focused and clear, and as a result I think it will be simpler to execute and more exciting to play.

The first big step is done - that is, creating the basic engine I can build from.  I actually took the Super Bunny Insurrection engine I already had and really streamlined it so I could build it into anything I wanted to.  A few of the main character animations are done, and you can see the very first playable engine here (with temporary backgrounds to test parallax scrolling):

 For now, if you'd like to support this project, consider becoming a Patreon subscriber.  You will get access to much more behind-the-scenes info, as well as pre-alpha gameplay access.


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The Bundle Got Better!

The Guinea Something Good Pay-What-You-Want Bundle just got better! Now included is an HD download of the animated short, "Telekinesthetics," and a new 22-minute audio commentary track! Best of all - no minimum purchase price! At all! Really, Pay What You Want! Even if that's nothing! Though, something would be better :)

Also, the game engine is still being developed.  Here are the latest Flash games I've created to keep the development process going:

TacoMazing 1-1 | TacoMazing 1-2 | TacoMazing 1-3 | TacoMazing 1-4

Hearts Attack