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A diverse fantasy setting where the eternal planes and infinite primes meet. This tome expands the Spark Roleplaying Game.
A diverse fantasy setting where the eternal planes and infinite primes meet. This tome expands the Spark Roleplaying Game.
308 backers pledged CA$ 9,888 to help bring this project to life.

Sig Budget Post-Mortem

Posted by Jason Pitre (Creator)

All of these numbers are in Canadian dollars, based on a 1.4 conversion rate. There are a number of items listed for the sake of completeness that state “Jason Unpaid”. For these items, I have done the work without claiming compensation. Any compensation will be derived from net profits at the end of the process.

Total Kickstarter Budget

  • Campaign Result: $9,888 
  • Net after Kickstarter Fees: $8,989 

Development Costs ($2,380)

  • $1050 to editing (Developmental and Copy Editors)
  • $1050 to art (Cover art, Icons)
  • $280 for indexing work
  • $0 writing/design work (Jason unpaid)
  • $0 layout work (Jason unpaid) 

Most of these development costs were paid up front, largely out of the profits from the sale of other products or via freelance work. I was able to save significantly on the budget by doing all of the writing, game design, and layout work myself. 


Printing Costs ($3,085) 

  • $3,085 to print 300 copies
  • 150 copies for backers 
  • 50 copies damaged in the mail 
  • 100 copies remaining after the kickstarter (for sale and later revenue) 

Printing the game was the most significant expense of the campaign, and for good reason. Colour printing, particularly in the case of digital short-run print jobs, is quite expensive compared to the black and white option. Sig needed to be presented in glorious colour though, and I’m extremely proud of how the physical book looks. I am, however, near the end of this print run and the current version of the book will not be reprinted. 


Shipping Costs ($1,684)

  • $334 for Shipment to Magpie (Fulfiller)
  • $1080 for Magpie Fulfillment Costs (Reshipment)
  • $270 for all other direct shipment costs 

Shipping is almost always a nightmare, but working with Magpie Games as a fulfiller was a fantastic approach. The fine folks at Magpie sent out the books to most of my backers, and they managed to save a ton on shipping through their hard work. If I see a profit off this project, it will be thanks to them! 


Stretch Goal Costs ($1,468)

For reference, the RPG industry is slowly settling on a standard pay rate for writers of approximately 5 cents per word. For this project, I paid each freelance writer for the prime worlds 20 CAD cent/word, which equates to approximately 15 US cents/word. Each contract had an upfront amount, and a final payment. 

Yes, I did pay my stretch goal writers triple the normal rate. Each of the writers are fantastic professionals deserved better than the industry normally provides, and I wanted to make a point. The final outcome was utterly fantastic, and worth every penny. 

  • $700 Advances on Prime Worlds
  • $700 Final Payments for Prime Worlds 
  • $110 for editing Night Markets Adventure Chapter
  • $0 for Map of Sig (Jason unpaid)
  • $280 for Icons for the Prime Worlds. 


I am proud to say that that we have successfully completed the kickstarter campaign in the black! It isn’t much, but I appreciate the trajectory. Worry not, though, as I have plans for those profits. 

The Future – Manual of the Primes 

As I described in the last post, the Sig stretch goals have created a ton of additional content. The work is so good that I really want to integrate it with the rest of the book. As part of the process, I decided to add two new chapters of content. 

The first new chapter will present the core game mechanics of Spark. This will mean that the new book will stand alone, and provide someone with everything they need to run the game. 

The second new chapter will explore the neighborhoods of Sig, describing places like the Rat Farms, the Ideological Tether, or the Golden Spires. It also presents a variety of different characters who represent those communities, offering you plenty of opportunities to explore the city. I have budgeted another $450 in order for professional editing of the new content so that it can be included in the final text. This will bring us $300 into the red, but I should have enough total book sales and PDF sales for Sig to pay for that. 

Do you have any questions or comments? Please let me know in the comments, and I will be happy to share more information! 

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    1. Jason Pitre 5-time creator

      This specific project was designed specifically to account for colour, and I will be looking for a reliable path forward for another print run. I am currently investigating print on demand approaches which might allow for another small print run of a couple hundred colour copies.

      Don't worry; I'm looking for options and the book will be available in print in the end.

    2. Shervyn von Hoerl

      Would you do a larger run of B&W books? Is there a way to make that hurdle smaller? Or do you want to stick to the full color version?

    3. Jason Pitre 5-time creator

      That's a great question Shervyn! My current hope is to print more copies, in part so that I can sell it into distribution. The challenge on my end is, however, that I don't have a ton of cash for any significant print run. Still navigating that particular issue, and I need to wait for the final page count before I can budget accurately.

    4. Shervyn von Hoerl

      So will you print new hard copies or just make the new version available as a print on demand?