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A Community Art Project That Aims To Make The World A Much Smaller Place.
A Community Art Project That Aims To Make The World A Much Smaller Place.
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Due to the huge success of the project, and with the recent earthquake disaster in Haiti, I'd like to donate all funds raised over $100 to the relief effort. I've chosen the organization AmeriCares due to their high ratings on, although we may split the funds between a few different organizations

Please check them out:

We hope all the backers will support this decision and continue to spread the word about our project. We aim to create a better world and we feel this is a step in the right direction.

To get people all over the world to create a postcard and send it to a complete stranger, and receive another one from another complete stranger!

Because we want to make the world a smaller place. And communication and art is the way to do it. Plus, we really like making postcards (shrug).

When (if?) we reach our goal of 15 participants, we'll ask everyone for their name and address. Then, we'll randomly select another participant for you to create and send a postcard to. Your name and address will be given to a different participant, who will create and send a postcard to you, but you won't know who it is. It's like Secret Santa. But with postcards. And no bad gifts. You can also arrange for someone else to receive the postcard instead of you, just let us know.

Once all the postcards are sent out, we'll set up a blog, and ask everyone to scan the postcards they receive (front and back, so we can admire the artwork and read the cool message). That way everyone gets to appreciate them and we can all comment on each others' work.

The postcards should be about 4"x6" and can contain a photograph, drawing, painting, collage, you name it, as long as you create it. You can use postcards you buy from a store, but only if you alter them creatively like through a collage or by painting over the original. Don't forget to write a nice message on the back to your designated stranger. Perhaps something encouraging or funny, because maybe they're having a bad day and could really use it.

You can sign your name on the postcard or keep it anonymous, And we're the only ones that will have the list of contact information, which we will burn or flush or eat or something once the project is done, so really you don't have to worry about being stalked. Unless you're extra cute.

The $15 will go toward the maintenance of the Postcard blog, so everyone can see the postcards we receive. It'll pay for a stipend for a blogger to design and keep up the site for the entire duration of the project. And stamps! If you're in a bind, we'll send you postcard stamps.

Simply back this project for a $1.00. From there, just read the occasional update we send out and we'll notify everyone once our project is successful. Remember, if we don't reach our funding goal by the deadline, you won't get charged a penny, but we also won't be able to do the project. So spread the word because the more people the better!

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