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A blank notebook becomes a work of art as it is mailed from person to person, each one contributing a page to the book.

THE GOAL: To fill a blank notebook with art (drawings, paintings, poems, stories, photos, collages, etc.), each page made by a different person.

BUT WHY?! Because I believe everyone is an artist. We just don't get enough opportunities to create. I'm also a strong believer in the power of connecting people. I love the idea of one book passing through the hands of a hundred strangers, each adding their own individual style and allowing the book to evolve.

HOW DOES IT WORK? A notebook approximately 6"x8" will be mailed from one participant to the next. Each person will fill the page with ANYTHING. Drawings, Paintings, Poems, Stories, Photos, Collages, Cloth, Flowers, Song Lyrics, etc. The notebook page is your blank canvas. When you're finished, you'll scan your page and email it to us. Then you'll mail the book to the next person. At the end, we'll create a blog and post all the scanned images of the pages, so everyone can see the evolution of the book and comment on each other's artwork. I really think we'll all be proud of the end result.

HOW DO I SIGN UP? Simply back this project for a $1.00. From there, just read the occasional update we send out and we'll notify everyone once our project is successful. Remember, if we don't reach our funding goal by the deadline, you won't get charged a penny, but we also won't be able to do the project. So spread the word because the more people the better!

WHERE DO THE FUNDS GO? I'm raising money to volunteer in the Philippines next January 2011 with a program that works with street children and orphans. Instead of asking for people to sponsor me, I'm trying to raise the money through community art projects like this one. My last project, "Send a Postcard, Get a Postcard" raised over $300 for the relief effort in Haiti. I'm hoping this project will allow me to help in a more hands-on way.

I hope you guys like the idea, thanks so much!


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    A page of the book to fill with anything your heart desires.

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    A PDF file of the scanned book with each page filled with artwork.

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    The entire book to keep after everyone transforms it into a beautiful work of art.

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    The second scrapbook to keep after everyone finishes filling in the pages.

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