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Won’t you open your wallet for sex worker rights? Money raised will be used to hold the performance of "If it happens in Vegas... it's still illegal."

We are the sex worker artists of Desiree Alliance and we are preparing to take Las Vegas by storm in July 2010 during the national sex worker rights conference "Working Sex: Power, Practice, and Politics" to use our art to highlight our struggle for rights. From beautiful burlesque, to majestic music, to powerful poetry, various art forms have been important parts of sex worker justice advocacy, and art is also a great way to highlight the diversity of talents so many sex workers have. Sex worker artists are the vibrant face on this movement and have been a unifying element in resistance campaigns across the country.

We are seeking support for our most visible action during the conference: the street theater performance “IF IT HAPPENS IN VEGAS… IT'S STILL ILLEGAL.” Sex workers will gather in whoretastic costume and play in the streets of Vegas accompanied by our van and sound system
to raise the consciousness of tourists and locals. Performances will reveal that not only is sex work unjustifiably subject to law enforcement across the United States that the same applies in the “wild” “party” town of Las Vegas.

We will produce a video and an online photo documentary of this event that will only be available to supporters found via Kickstarter. We understand that many people from across the country can’t be with us for the event so this is your chance to get a front row seat. Anyone donating more than $5 will receive access to these materials and be able to watch us prepare for the event, get into our costumes, and take ourselves to public view.

We have also selected a variety of other "backer rewards" from sex worker artists at the event for those who can donate a tad more. Some of our "backer rewards" will appeal to writers, human rights supporters and academics who want to understand more about the role of art in the sex worker rights movement. Others are for fellow sex worker advocates out there who can't make it to the event but want to support us online. Others are for art lovers and supporters who want to see charismatic and sexy activists out doing their thing for rights.

Won’t you open your wallet wide for sex worker rights? We know you will. The money we raise will be used for travel for artists to come to the event and participate in strategy sessions leading up to the day of performance art, for PA system, glitter and feathers, fishnets, banners, panties and more. Your donation is also tax deductible!


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    Front Row Supporters: you will have online access to photos and video posted by our official/sexy documentation team including Scarlot Harlot, PJ Starr, and Serpent Libertine immediately after the event and you will receive exclusive access to a final edited compendium video and photo stream about 30 days after the event.

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    Backstage Pass: in addition to having access to all video/photos available to Front Row Supporters you will be able to access our blog as we make our preparations, including photos of strategic glitter application, scantily clad banner makers (its hot in Vegas for goodness sake) and corset tightening. Its not only glitter though! Read about how sex worker advocates strategize for rights and get the inside scoop… good for academics, human rights folk, students and fellow sex worker supporters.

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    The Soixante-Neuf: in addition to receiving everything offered to Front Row Supporters and Backstage groupies, we will mail a set of stockings (possibly fishnets) worn during the event or a pair of handcrafted and embossed sex worker art panties that may have been worn during the street performance. Availability of the “art panties” is limited so sign up now to ensure your set if this is your preferred selection! Email if you would like to indicate more about your preference.

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    The Art Lovers Special: it’s your choice. In addition to receiving everything offered to Front Row Supporters and Backstage groupies, we will mail you a CD by award winning sex worker artist Mariko Passion or a DVD of In Our Own Image (a documentary about the making of $pread magazine) or 10 handcrafted sex worker activist buttons.

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    Call Me On Your Line: In addition to receiving everything offered to Front Row Supporters and Backstage groupies, you are eligible for a private telephone conversation with one of our team of performance artists for whatever discussion of rights strikes your fancy.

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    Wide Wallet Club: In addition to receiving everything offered to Front Row Supporters and Backstage groupies, in participating cities (New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Tucson, locations in Michigan and Arkansas and more) you are eligible to meet a sex worker performance artist or advocate in a public space (coffee shop, bar or restaurant) to hear a personal recounting of the events in Las Vegas. Inquire about availability if you are outside of one our participating locations by emailing … we may be able to work something out!

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