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$2,811 pledged of $7,500 goal
By Carpe Chaos
$2,811 pledged of $7,500 goal

More Eric interview footage

Hi backers! Jason again. First off I want to link to the review of our comic and say thanks to io9 for the glowing review. We received so many visitors yesterday that our web server crashed and had to be restarted... but everything is working fine again and we're looking into ways we can make our website more efficient when under heavy load.

We have reached *13%* and surpassed $1,000! While this is a big accomplishment for us and we're thrilled to have the support, we're still a long way from our goal. For this update I want to better explain the book and why it's going to be the coolest thing you've ever seen. To do this I've got a short statement from our Creative Director Eric Carter and a bunch more footage from his interview!

Eric Carter, why do you want Carpe Chaos to succeed?

"Carpe Chaos spews uncontrollably from my imagination. I try to make it into all the kinds of scifi I'd ever enjoy reading; and I'm constantly working to iterate the ideas in these stories into something more awe-inspiring, more shocking, more exciting, and more lip-smacking that before. I want it to succeed because it's probably the first epic project I've worked on, and it's the most epically epic project that I've ever worked on. It's sort of the culmination of my entire childhood, education, and career, and I want to see it go somewhere; I want to share it with people. The kickstarter campaign is just one piece of that. I want people to be able to see behind the scenes, but also to enjoy Carpe Chaos in whatever way they want. And for some people, that's art books! Seeing people enjoy the product of my imagination is one of my favorite life experiences, and kickstarter is showing me the awesome fact that sometimes people are willing to pay money for that enjoyment. ;)"

What concept are you most looking forward to seeing in the finished book?

"I'm most excited to see the hulking Kaean spacecrafts lumbering through print in all their armored glory."

The Extended Interview:




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