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A fantasy world based on the tropes of the Spaghetti Western and Chinese Wuxia. Add steampunk elements. Mix well, & launch with an RPG!
A fantasy world based on the tropes of the Spaghetti Western and Chinese Wuxia. Add steampunk elements. Mix well, & launch with an RPG!
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    1. Lee Langston on

      Le Sigh! I am just going to assume I will never see this project come to life ever. I have TRIED to be patient, but I just cannot expect anything more from this. I will never be likely to purchase another game or project from this company.

    2. trublunite

      New Year!

      So, how late?

      Silence from the Twitter Master...

    3. Austin Stanley on

      Many happy returns?

    4. John Fiala

      Merry Christmas, folks!

    5. David Cummings on

      I just received a hard cover copy of a rpg that I backed in July. So I have a completed Kickstarter project in my hand that was funded, edited, printed, and shipped all in between even getting an update on this project. Unless I missed it, we haven't had an update since May. An entire project completed faster than the process of doing layout for the last two-three chapters of Far West.

    6. Eric Franklin on

      Even backers of Alas, Vegas are just now starting to get their books.

      And some of them are already asking about the free copy of Far West that they've been promised. Because they'd somehow missed the news that Far West is effectively dead.

    7. Missing avatar

      Sam Reader on

      Did anyone ever get the copy of Alas, Vegas that we were told we'd get for backing Far West a while back?

    8. trublunite

      7 months - no updates.

      Gareth, just admit the funds are gone as is your inspiration and motivation.

      Throw in the towel. At least it would be honest.

    9. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Liepis on

      *haven’t and never will. Edit button, KS... :)

    10. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Liepis on

      So, I peeked at some of his Twittering and noticed an old Tweet lamenting how Carrie Fisher and George Michaels died but Trump has outlived them. No matter your political slant that kind of mentality is vile. I greatly disagree with everything about our last President but I have and will never lament him not dying. Perhaps it would be OK for me to think the Grim Reaper should’ve taken you, Gareth, instead of, say, Prince? You’ve certainly earned the ire of many people, so is that OK? No. No, it’s most certainly not. Shame on you.

      Gareth, you’re a horrid, deluded, arrogant piece of filth. You’re a blight who needs to just disappear from this hobby. You deserve absolutely nothing but ridicule and scorn. I sincerely hope that everyone who’s asked for a refund has gotten one.

      Now, go and cry on Twitter. Run along. There’s a good, little boy.

    11. Austin Stanley on

      Heh. You call it really worked up. But for Gareth, that was Tuesday... er Wednesday.

    12. John Fiala

      Wow, Gareth's getting really worked up on twitter. It's probably not good for him.

      As for the reddit thread, I think one of those shows up once a month. :)

    13. Austin Stanley on

      Yeah that would go good with these bitter tears.

    14. John Fiala

      Hey folks, how's it going? Have we run out of the onion dip yet? I can run out and get some more.

    15. Steve Brown on

      I tweeted Gareth and got the following response:
      "Sorry, Stephen. I didn't get notification of your KS PM. I decided to hold off on updates until I have something concrete to deliver."
      "People are tired of hearing "soon" & [incremental progress detail here], so the next time backers hear from me it will be to deliver."

      So there you go. I guess we won't hear anything until it's done. Not sure this is the right move, but that's the explanation for the radio silence.

    16. Eric Franklin on

      I don't think he paid off the vocal critics - I think he blocked them so he doesn't have to see them anymore and they have a harder time responding to him.

    17. Steve Brown on

      Last update May 1st.

      I PM'd him on August 17th and he replied same day with:

      "Far West is going VERY well. A shake-up occurred which I'll get into in an update I'll be sending out soon, and it's resulted in a massive boost in productivity.

      More news soon."

      Never had an update since. I also PM'd in on September 27th and he never replied.

      He's still very active on Twitter.

      Maybe he thinks he's paid off all the really vocal and critical people and the rest of us don't matter. Why does he behave like this and treating us with such disrespect? I am unable to defend him anymore and lost all patience with him. So disappointed.

    18. Tom Ryan on's been so long even "isfarwestoutyet" has gone dead.

      what a joke...last update was May?

    19. Neal Dalton

      Ben, there was just an update about that on the Alas Vegas site. Short answer: no.

    20. Ben McFarland on

      Someone has a print copy of Alas Vegas? I have PDFs, but no softcover yet.

    21. Eric Franklin on

      Someone using the Adamant Entertainment account just commented on Facebook:

      "As to FAR WEST, keep your eyes open. We'll be updating Backers first, but will post an announcement here (and on the website) before the end of the year."

      That's right, folks: We'll get AN ANNOUNCEMENT by the end of the year. Because that's never happened before. There is no history of announced release dates for this project, and so we have complete faith both that there will actually be an announcement and that said announcement will be accurate in its prediction. We are at war with Eastasia. We have always been at war with Eastasia.

    22. David Cummings on

      Westbound kickstarter ended, and we already got the bare bones pdf for proofreading. We'll see if they get me a hardcover by the end of the year, like they say, but they are already way ahead of this one.

    23. Eric Franklin on


      Step 1: E-mail Gareth. If (when) he shoots you down, go to step 2:

      Step 2: You in the US? Contact your local Attorney General.

      Outside of the US? Contact the Kansas Attorney General (as that is where Adamant is headquartered).

      Most A/G offices have online contact forms to fill out. Most of the information you need is on Adamant Entertainment's website or here on Kickstarter.

    24. Aaron Roudabush on

      So, how can I get my refund? I'm really tired of this. Even if we get the game (doubtful) I won't ever be able to play it without getting annoyed at it or mock it for the ridiculous time it might have taken to actually be made.

    25. Steve Bornstein on

      Maybe this time Chapter Eleventy-six fell down a flight of stairs and then his dog ate it. But don't worry folks, he'll release what he's got next week!

    26. Austin Stanley on

      As far as I can tell from a brief glance at his twitter (which is pretty active), he appears to be in good health. Helping a friend out with their Renfair booth or something looks like.

    27. Steve Brown on

      I also sent him a PM through Kickstarter on 27th September which he hasn't replied to. He usually replies within hours. Anyone aware of any health or personal issues he might be having?

    28. Austin Stanley on

      Unfortunately Gareth appears to have gone silent to me on twitter. I've reached out to him twice since May and gotten no response.

    29. David Cummings on

      Just pledged to Westbound, an alternate western with more elves and straight up wizards than Deadlands (kind of like that comic by Richard Moore ironically called Far West...really). I'm excited by it, and it already has a free quick start released.

      Since I joined Kickstarter to pledge to this Far West, I've pledged to and received several alternate western games, notably several by Pinnacle (three Deadlands releases and 6th Gun) but also Westward, a western kind of frontier game set on another planet.

      I guess I'll see if Westbound is another western that will beat Far West to my door, even with the multi year headstart.

    30. Neal Dalton

      In answer to your question of getting the cross promotion PDF, I'd read the latest update on the Paranoia Kickstarter from Mongoose.

    31. Neal Dalton

      @Candice Oh you mean the cross promotion. Sorry. I foolishly backed that one too.

    32. Neal Dalton

      @Candice I did. At the moment I can't remember how. I think it was a DTRPG coupon.

    33. Candice Bailey

      So, out of curiosity, did anyone actually get their PDF copy of Alas Vegas, as mentioned in update #92 (26 Nov, 2014)? I mean, since one of my friends actually has his physical copy and has run it and all, it might be worth asking... I'd like to see at least one game for my ridiculously high pledge.

    34. Steve Brown on

      Very disappointing we've not had an update since 1st May and he's not posted in the comments here since February. He's always quick to reply whenever I've contacted him directly. I suggest folk do that if they are looking for an update.

    35. Rowdy Scarlett on

      Personally, I have vowed never to purchase anything involving Skarka again. Once burned by this guy is enough. Face it, folks. The project is dead. Move on. Skarka should be banned from the industry.

    36. Zakharov Sawyer on

      The day after I Kickstarted this, I went out on a blind date with a friend of a friend. Two years ago, we got married. We're expecting our first child next year.

      Maybe my grandchildren will be able to play this.

    37. Eric Franklin on

      ... and now I'm blocked on Twitter.

      I was initially surprised it took as long as it did, but then someone over on Plus pointed out that I shouldn't be surprised at how long it takes Skarka to do anything - and he blocked me MUCH faster than he's produced Far West.

    38. Eric Franklin on

      Per Twitter, "I'm holding off on updating until I have something major & concrete to deliver, instead of just continued reports of incremental progress." -

    39. R.S.Tilton (EpicRPGBlog) on

      Gareth, remember my comment from like 4 years ago? Dude, give us what you have done, show some progress, show some respect, show something. Unfortunately we all see you doing other crap, writing for Star Trek adventures, tweeting, all that.

      Give us something. Even if it's just a comment on the 6th anniversary of funding.

    40. John Fiala

      Happy Anniversary, all!

    41. Eric Franklin on

      As of today, it has been six years since the project funded.

    42. trublunite

      2 1/2 weeks since you tease video on twitter Gareth...

    43. Andre Canivet on


    44. John Anderson on

      I'm not saying this kickstarter has been a bit dragged out, but I'm now backing second editions of games that I backed when they first came out...

    45. Steve Brown on

      This KS feels about as absurd as a Monty Python sketch. "It's not dead, it's just pining for the fjords"...

    46. trublunite

      Gareth has a non announcement video up on twitter. It's also posted at Tenkar's Tavern. Apparently the word "soon" means something different to Gareth than the general population

    47. Steve Brown on

      I think the image of a tumbleweed blowing forlornly through a ghost town is more appropriate, the sign at the edge of town reads "Far West Kickstarter, Population 0" ;-)

    48. Missing avatar

      Historic Engraver

      Cricket,, cricket*

      *The cricket sounds were previously recorded. The actual cricket dedicated to this campaign died four years ago..

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