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A fantasy world based on the tropes of the Spaghetti Western and Chinese Wuxia. Add steampunk elements. Mix well, & launch with an RPG!
A fantasy world based on the tropes of the Spaghetti Western and Chinese Wuxia. Add steampunk elements. Mix well, & launch with an RPG!
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    1. trublunite
      about 22 hours ago

      2 1/2 weeks since you tease video on twitter Gareth...

    2. Andre Canivet 1 day ago


    3. John Anderson on August 9

      I'm not saying this kickstarter has been a bit dragged out, but I'm now backing second editions of games that I backed when they first came out...

    4. Steve Brown on August 7

      This KS feels about as absurd as a Monty Python sketch. "It's not dead, it's just pining for the fjords"...

    5. trublunite
      on August 3

      Gareth has a non announcement video up on twitter. It's also posted at Tenkar's Tavern. Apparently the word "soon" means something different to Gareth than the general population

    6. Steve Brown on August 1

      I think the image of a tumbleweed blowing forlornly through a ghost town is more appropriate, the sign at the edge of town reads "Far West Kickstarter, Population 0" ;-)

    7. Missing avatar

      William Gull
      on July 29

      Cricket,, cricket*

      *The cricket sounds were previously recorded. The actual cricket dedicated to this campaign died four years ago..

    8. Missing avatar

      Chris Groff on July 18

      We never received a completed manuscript. Of the total content of the game I currently have a fairly complete PDF of chapters 1-8, formatted with art and an unformulated rtf of chapter 11. I think the most frustrating thing is that to get the PDF out it's not that far from finished. But I suspect chapters 1-8 were done pretty early and then he's been dragging his heals since then. The only reason this game isn't done is because he hasn't been doing it. He's doing other stuff and ignoring this, offering up excuses instead.

    9. Missing avatar

      Paul Bendall on July 18

      I've just been looking back over the updates. Here's an extract from 19 July 2012,

      "So here is our plan: By Friday, August 3rd, we will deliver the manuscript of the FAR WEST Adventure Game (not layout, just the text) to any backer who would like a first look. ( Contact me via email at if you would like to be in that group.)"

      I'm curious if anyone took Gareth up on the offer and received a copy of the manuscript, mainly as I have a vague memory of Gareth saying some playtesting had been done?

    10. Eric Franklin on July 14

      I tend to ignore "launch day" in favor of "funding day," which is more relevant to me.

    11. Eric Smailys
      on July 14

      So did the project.

    12. trublunite
      on July 13

      we missed the 6 year anniversary of the launch of the project yesterday

    13. Eric Smailys
      on June 21

      I believe that he's actually kept funds set aside for publishing as much as I believe he intends this project to ever be completed, which is to say, not at all.

    14. Steve Brown on June 21

      Apologies, I must have skim read his message. He said he does have project funds, but needs them for publishing.

    15. Steve Brown on June 21

      Gareth got back to me after I tweeted a message to him directly. I couldn't find an obvious email address from Kickstarter, but Gareth said he can be contacted at for anyone else trying to get hold of him.

      Apparently I am now 11th in queue for refunds which he is funding out of his own pocket, the Kickstarter money long gone presumably. I will update when I received the refund so people can be informed how long the process is taking.

      Personally I'd prefer the book, but the silence on progress is just too much on top of the length of time this whole thing has dragged on with promises of "almost there". The last "almost there" promise was beginning of May when he said he would be back on track in two weeks. So assuming that happened we've been "back on track" for a month and still no update or progress. It was just the last straw for me.

      He offered no excuses or times or dates and was very polite and professional.

    16. Zakharov Sawyer on June 20

      Wonder what our next excuse will be.

    17. Steve Brown on June 20

      I've just requested a refund. Let's see what happens.

    18. Missing avatar

      Paul Bendall on June 19

      If he'd been working on the project we would, at the very least, have seen text dumps of the outstanding chapters (like Chapter 11). It's a real shame. I've been looking through the Chapters 1-8 pdf and it looks good.

    19. Steve Brown on June 13

      I don't see how he can possibly be working on the project at this point assuming no updates means no progress. We have obviously been lied to repeatedly given how many years ago we were told it wasn't long to go. Simply dreadful behaviour on Gareth's part. I've defended him in the past because he always replied to backers and provided regular updates, but this latest drought is out of order. He's obviously been doing Cons for money whilst ignoring his obligations.

    20. Missing avatar

      William Gull
      on June 7

      I watch all those defending Gareth and have to wonder if this is not some new variation of Stockholm Syndrome, Kickholm Syndrome. The longer the kickstarter is delayed, the more ardent the defending backers get despite mounting evidence to the contrary..

    21. Cameron Smith on June 6

      Hi Gareth-

      Remember this?
      "As we get down to the final push, as requested, you're going to be seeing a lot more updates from me. Expect to see at least two per week this month, until the whole shebang is done. Those updates will contain final laid-out chapters, as well as manuscript pages (since those have been requested, too), artwork and more. "

      That was now *three months* ago. You owe us something besides yet another excuse.
      I am still trying to be positive, but after so much time, and so many excuses, it is impossible to think you are doing anything except playing us for fools.

      I am willing to wait a little while longer, providing that there is real evidence of progress or at least a good-faith effort on your part.
      However, my expectation is that the next time I contact you, it will be for a refund... and I backed at the Golden Flower level, so it's a good bit of money.

    22. trublunite
      on June 6

      listen to the interview i linked - gareth doesn't need to make excuses, the interviewer does it for him.

      or read the blog post

    23. Missing avatar

      Chris Groff on June 6

      Convention season is now upon us - let the excuses flow....

    24. trublunite
      on June 5

      From Chupacabracon IV - May 12 to 14 of this year

      Conventions trump all :)

    25. Steve Brown on June 2

      I've just messaged him for an update. The last one was a month ago and he did say he would be back on track in two weeks. Hoping for good news.

    26. Gilbert Isla
      on May 31

      'till the end Tom. Either the train will crash into a wall or it will arrive late to station, but arrive none the less. I've backed hundreds of Kickstarters at this point and Far West was in my first 10 backed. Only a small number of those have delivered nothing and gone dark. others are struggling, but they are still in communications. Unless Gareth stops talking completely, I'm still onboard.

    27. Neal Dalton
      on May 30

      *gnashes teeth*

    28. Tom Ryan on May 30

      3 weeks still on board Gil?

    29. Gilbert Isla
      on May 4

      *bump* for Ben McFarland's comment. I'm still on board the crazy-train and eager to see how the ride ends :) Gareth, hope things are better with your emergency.

    30. Ben McFarland on May 1

      Hell, if you've been in it this long, buckle in and let the man work the project to completion. It'll be like a random surprise gift when it does arrive. I'm willing to hold out hope he'll deliver; it costs me nothing more at this point and only helps his mental health to not have another voice bagging on him.

    31. trublunite
      on April 30

      Tap Tap. Is this thing on?

    32. Steve Brown on April 21

      I sent Gareth a message through Kickstarter last night and he replied promptly saying "I've been handling a private family matter, and my mind has been elsewhere. I'll get something out there soon."

      I hope the issue isn't too serious and hopefully we'll get an update soon.

    33. trublunite
      on April 15

      With the 7 tweets today maybe time could be found for an update here?

    34. Missing avatar

      Stacy Forsythe on April 15

      Last time I emailed GMS, he mentioned a family emergency. I hope it has passed by now. Still no update, though.

    35. trublunite
      on April 13

      how do you leave 717 backers in suspense?

      this is the way! :)

    36. Frank Carr
      on April 6

      I have been wondering the same thing.

    37. Rowdy Scarlett on April 3 are all those frequent updates going???

    38. Missing avatar

      William Gull
      on April 1

      Got my refund. I wish the best of luck to everyone else!

    39. Eric Franklin on March 23

      You can e-mail him. His e-mail address is on the front page of his website:

    40. Missing avatar

      William Gull
      on March 23

      Contact him through Kickstarter. He will respond, but be prepared to wait up to a month for the refund. It is going on two weeks since I requested a refund and so far, nada. I am starting to suspect the offer for a refund was just a ploy to remove the most vocal of his critics from this forum and stop the call for people to contact the attorney general in his state. Now that they are gone and silenced, the refund spring will dry up.

    41. Missing avatar

      canisPRIME on March 23

      How are people contacting him to request refunds? I just sent a message through kickstarter but just occurred to me that it may not be the most ideal as based on how often he comments in here it may not be checked very often.

    42. Frankie
      on March 19

      Ran into this tweet today. Thought it might be appreciated by those here.

      Serf mcserfington‏ @MCSerf
      reverse iron fist: a chinese girl's plane goes down over the texas wilderness. she returns years later with the mystical art of gunslinging

    43. Missing avatar

      William Gull
      on March 18

      Eleven days and counting since the most recent refund request..

    44. Missing avatar

      Chris Groff on March 14

      I sent in a partial refund request to be downgraded from the $50 level to the $10 pdf only level. I still hope the PDF delivers but even if it doesn't the short stories were good and I don't have any issue paying for them.

    45. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Liepis on March 13

      I received a full refund withing days of asking, so there's that. Good lck to everyone else.

    46. Bill C. on March 11


      Should you be reading these comments, I wanted to say I'm encouraged by your recent updates. Chapters 1-8 look good and I'm going through the text of chapter 11. Thanks for sharing some of what you have so far. I can't speak for everyone here who is a backer, but it helps seeing movement.

    47. Missing avatar

      William Gull
      on March 8

      He is honoring requests for refunds, if you are willing to wait up to thirty days for said refund, because they are coming out of his personal pocket. It is actually quite a clever way to silence those with the most dissenting voices on this forum. I opted for the refund, but will only believe it when the money has been transferred to me. I shall wait and see.

    48. Sarah Stewart on March 8

      Awesome, so he's honoring requests or refunds now? Like, actually refunding and not "Well, too bad, so sad that you're impatient, you will have to wait for your refund till after everyone has gotten their book". That was the second time I asked for a refund. The first time I was told to have patience (2 years after the kickstarter completed) and then a list of like 7 reasons why I couldn't be allowed a refund. This isn't even for me! This was a Christmas gift for my brother in law who has a love of supporting indie RPG's and this was right up his alley. I have moved across country twice since the start of this and "Well I delivered a PDF, doesn't matter if you don't know how to access it or haven't looked at it, you got something, you need to wait till everyone gets their stuff then you get a refund"is pretty much his response.

      I still get viciously angry as shit when an "Update" crosses my email.

    49. Rowdy Scarlett on March 6

      I have my refund. I wish you all good luck and a long life. Good bye!

    50. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Liepis on March 6

      I'm going to chime in and give credit to Gareth for honoring a refund. As much as FW might've been the shit, I suggest those who want to, get their money back. I stand by my vitriol and feel Gareth's earned the ire, but when things get that bad, it's no good. For those sticking it out, good luck and may you get what you want.

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