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A fantasy world based on the tropes of the Spaghetti Western and Chinese Wuxia. Add steampunk elements. Mix well, & launch with an RPG!
A fantasy world based on the tropes of the Spaghetti Western and Chinese Wuxia. Add steampunk elements. Mix well, & launch with an RPG!
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    1. Steve Brown on April 21

      I sent Gareth a message through Kickstarter last night and he replied promptly saying "I've been handling a private family matter, and my mind has been elsewhere. I'll get something out there soon."

      I hope the issue isn't too serious and hopefully we'll get an update soon.

    2. trublunite
      on April 15

      With the 7 tweets today maybe time could be found for an update here?

    3. Missing avatar

      Stacy Forsythe on April 15

      Last time I emailed GMS, he mentioned a family emergency. I hope it has passed by now. Still no update, though.

    4. trublunite
      on April 13

      how do you leave 717 backers in suspense?

      this is the way! :)

    5. Frank Carr on April 6

      I have been wondering the same thing.

    6. Rowdy Scarlett on April 3 are all those frequent updates going???

    7. Missing avatar

      William Gull
      on April 1

      Got my refund. I wish the best of luck to everyone else!

    8. Eric Franklin on March 23

      You can e-mail him. His e-mail address is on the front page of his website:

    9. Missing avatar

      William Gull
      on March 23

      Contact him through Kickstarter. He will respond, but be prepared to wait up to a month for the refund. It is going on two weeks since I requested a refund and so far, nada. I am starting to suspect the offer for a refund was just a ploy to remove the most vocal of his critics from this forum and stop the call for people to contact the attorney general in his state. Now that they are gone and silenced, the refund spring will dry up.

    10. Missing avatar

      canisPRIME on March 23

      How are people contacting him to request refunds? I just sent a message through kickstarter but just occurred to me that it may not be the most ideal as based on how often he comments in here it may not be checked very often.

    11. Frankie
      on March 19

      Ran into this tweet today. Thought it might be appreciated by those here.

      Serf mcserfington‏ @MCSerf
      reverse iron fist: a chinese girl's plane goes down over the texas wilderness. she returns years later with the mystical art of gunslinging

    12. Missing avatar

      William Gull
      on March 18

      Eleven days and counting since the most recent refund request..

    13. Missing avatar

      Chris Groff on March 14

      I sent in a partial refund request to be downgraded from the $50 level to the $10 pdf only level. I still hope the PDF delivers but even if it doesn't the short stories were good and I don't have any issue paying for them.

    14. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Liepis on March 13

      I received a full refund withing days of asking, so there's that. Good lck to everyone else.

    15. Bill C. on March 11


      Should you be reading these comments, I wanted to say I'm encouraged by your recent updates. Chapters 1-8 look good and I'm going through the text of chapter 11. Thanks for sharing some of what you have so far. I can't speak for everyone here who is a backer, but it helps seeing movement.

    16. Missing avatar

      William Gull
      on March 8

      He is honoring requests for refunds, if you are willing to wait up to thirty days for said refund, because they are coming out of his personal pocket. It is actually quite a clever way to silence those with the most dissenting voices on this forum. I opted for the refund, but will only believe it when the money has been transferred to me. I shall wait and see.

    17. Sarah Stewart on March 8

      Awesome, so he's honoring requests or refunds now? Like, actually refunding and not "Well, too bad, so sad that you're impatient, you will have to wait for your refund till after everyone has gotten their book". That was the second time I asked for a refund. The first time I was told to have patience (2 years after the kickstarter completed) and then a list of like 7 reasons why I couldn't be allowed a refund. This isn't even for me! This was a Christmas gift for my brother in law who has a love of supporting indie RPG's and this was right up his alley. I have moved across country twice since the start of this and "Well I delivered a PDF, doesn't matter if you don't know how to access it or haven't looked at it, you got something, you need to wait till everyone gets their stuff then you get a refund"is pretty much his response.

      I still get viciously angry as shit when an "Update" crosses my email.

    18. Rowdy Scarlett on March 6

      I have my refund. I wish you all good luck and a long life. Good bye!

    19. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Liepis on March 6

      I'm going to chime in and give credit to Gareth for honoring a refund. As much as FW might've been the shit, I suggest those who want to, get their money back. I stand by my vitriol and feel Gareth's earned the ire, but when things get that bad, it's no good. For those sticking it out, good luck and may you get what you want.

    20. Missing avatar

      Paul Bendall on March 6

      I'd question the progress comment as this appears to be more-or-less the same file we were given at the end of September in 2012. The file name has changed from Chapter XI to Chapter 11. Gareth, have we really waited 18 months for a rewrite of this chapter when you could have given us chapter 9 and with that a playable game? Weak doesn't even begin to describe this. If all you can share with us is a raw text file what where you going to send out at the end of last year?At this stage you should have been able to share a fully laid out chapter 11. Once again you slap us backers in the face and show yourself to be charlatan.

    21. Missing avatar

      Chris Groff on March 6

      Bitterness aside glad to see some actual progress.

    22. Rowdy Scarlett on March 6

      I messaged him via Kickstarter. We'll see.... I'm WAY past done with this and him.

    23. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Liepis on March 5

      Message Gareth and you'll get a refund. I told him he needed to do an update saying such, but he said I don't get to make demands. In a nutshell I replied with a "Yes, I most certainly do!".

      Part of me wants to keep it as the entertainment value of poking the ass-clown is worth it. :)

    24. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Liepis on March 5

      So Stacey, calling him an asshole and liar...two things he is...isn't appropriate? It makes you feel sorry life is punching his nuts by way of people speaking the truth? I'm not attacking you, I'm just shocked that anybody can feel a sliver of anything good for him. The guy's a Grade A Turd and needs to be treated as such. It went way past a business interaction the moment he began shitting on the backers. A thing he's done over and over. He's a petulant beta-bitch in the extreme and can't handle his medicine. This hugbox bullshit he's getting on FB is beyond understanding and screw those who are defending him. They're either delusional or complicit. The cognitive dissonance of Skarka & Friends is baffling.

      Anyway, I messaged him and he'll give me a refund. WTF?! Now he'll do it? I suggest that everyone do it and punch his wallet as hard as possible.

    25. Missing avatar

      William Gull
      on March 5

      The man took close to $50,000 of other peoples hard earned money, who invested in this project in good faith, and has yet to deliver a finished product after FIVE YEARS. If this was anything other than a Kickstarter, he would more than likely be facing criminal and civil proceedings . Simply put, I want my money back. He has not operated in good faith and has lied ad nauseum to his backers. After five years, there are simply no excuses left. What pisses me off the most is the man has walked away with $50,000 of other peoples money and will face few, if any repercussions.

    26. Missing avatar

      Stacy Forsythe on March 5

      Rowdy Scarlett, are your anonymized commenters definitely in the industry, or could they be personal friends of Skarka's, who would naturally sympathize with his problems even if they are self-inflicted? Heck, I'm one of us, knowing GMS only by reputation, and sometimes I feel sorry for him after some of the brutal things said here.

    27. Rowdy Scarlett on March 5

      Gareth M. Skarka‏ @gmskarka Mar 1
      Behind the scenes: when you run a small game company, there's a bunch of work that needs doing, even on projects you're not designing.

      Apparently, that work has nothing to do with Far West....

    28. Rowdy Scarlett on March 5

      Gareth M. Skarka‏ @gmskarka Mar 1
      Behind the scenes: when you run a small game company, there's a bunch of work that needs doing, even on projects you're not designing.

      Apparently, that work has nothing to do with Far West....

    29. Rowdy Scarlett on March 5

      This is BS... WE ARE THE PROBLEM????
      Facebook Lackey#1 People can be awful. I'm so sorry you're going through this.
      Like · February 26 at 6:44pm
      Gareth Skarka
      Gareth Skarka Thanks.
      Like · February 26 at 6:48pm
      Lackey#2 Hugs, Gareth. I renew my offer to assist with the assholes commenting if you decide not to deal with them.
      Like · 1 · February 26 at 6:45pm
      Gareth Skarka
      Gareth Skarka Sadly, there really isn't anything you CAN do -- comments are only open to backers.
      Like · 1 · February 26 at 6:48pm
      Lackey #2 Understood.
      Like · February 26 at 6:48pm
      James Knevitt
      James Knevitt If there's anything I can do pro Bono that's within my wheelhouse (editing, proofing, layout - which is my day job, FWIW), let me know.
      Like · February 26 at 7:49pm
      Gareth Skarka
      Gareth Skarka I appreciate the offer, but it's down to me at this point. Thanks.
      Like · 1 · February 26 at 7:49pm
      Too Nice To Skarka #1 Dude just do the work and get it over with. If what you were saying back before Christmas was correct you must be almost done now.
      Unlike · 2 · February 26 at 8:20pm · Edited
      Gareth Skarka
      Gareth Skarka Damn near.
      Like · February 26 at 8:30pm
      Too nice to Skarka #1 Knock that shit out and be done with it. time to finish her....... I mean it.
      Unlike · 1 · February 26 at 8:35pm
      Skarka Lackey #3 I second that notion. Get the thing done and you won't have to deal with these assholes anymore.
      Like · February 27 at 10:37am
      Gareth Skarka
      Gareth Skarka Gosh, thanks guys! I never considered that before!

      Like · February 27 at 11:03am
      Skarka Lackey #4 I'm sorry you're caught up in this.
      Like · 1 · February 26 at 8:29pm

      So, how is it that ANYONE in the industry has ANYTHING to do with Skarka at this point?

    30. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Liepis on March 5

      Gareth, I asked you multiple times for a refund and was told no and that the book would be out soon. This was MONTHS ago.

      To everyone else, I suggest a mass run at the AG, if possible. I hope that the steaming, toxic wreck of Gareth's legacy will be a cautionary tale for others.

    31. Missing avatar

      Eric Watt on March 4

      I just emailed him a very simple question, "Where is the book?". I suggest that we all fill his inbox with these messages,.

    32. Ulrik on March 4

      Just dipped in to lookat the comments on that FB post.
      I like how we are the assholes, because we've finally gotten tired of being lied to for t freaking years. After begging, pleading and defending this campaign and it's creator for the last 4 at least. Literally, this time last year is when people here began outright begging Mr. Skarka to just release what he had completed. To let us help with the proofing, anything to get it done.

      Even after the "no more refunds" statement, which is why no one has asked. We've been here, asking to help, asking for something beyond empty words. Yet we are the assholes because we are done begging? Whatever.

      I also find it amusing that we are not the only people offering to help finish it, but also apparently professionals in the industry and other people Mr. Skarka knows are offering their help as well. Take them up on their offer GMS.

    33. Missing avatar

      William Gull
      on March 4

      That is a bald faced lie. I did personally contact him a year or two ago about getting a refund. I was given a tale of woe about how the refunds were coming out of his personal pocket, which he could not afford , and if I just wait a few weeks the game would be done. I gave him the benefit of the doubt and did not push the issue . Of course he lied and it has been several years and no rpg book. There is no miscomunication, no misunderstanding and no game. This project went south YEARS ago, and he lacks the intestinal fortitude to admit it and come clean. He is hoping if he waits long enough, this bungled project will quietly fade away and he can walk away with the money and his professional reputation mostly intact. Typical of a liar and abuser, he now has painted those who voice any outrage at his perpetual BS as unfair bullies and the real reason no work is getting done. I have not filed a complaint with his state's attorney general yet, but I am contemplating it. If enough do, it might be catalyst enough to bring this Kickstarter nightmare to an end, one way or another.

    34. Rowdy Scarlett on March 4

      "Great. So the comments section on the FAR WEST Kickstarter has turned into a few guys stirring up other frustrated backers, telling them to file complaints with State Attorney Generals, etc.
      These guys, in each case, have either a) already received a refund, or b) Have never asked for one. But they still spend all their time handing out torches and pitchforks and aiming the crowd at me.
      My choice is either wade into the comments continually, having to counter this never-ending campaign of personal destruction, or just put my head down and do the fucking work.
      And when I choose the latter, it means they get to continue, and it gets worse. So I'm fucked, either way."
      From facebook and the replays are hoo, we feel for you....

      Hey, how about
      A) Delivering on the damn game that's years past due or
      B) Saying F it. I ripped you all off and I'm closing this down

      Oh, and stop BSing your backers and crying for sympathy. YOU...Y O U started this. Finish it.

    35. Rowdy Scarlett on March 4

      "For those of you NOT actively calling for my head (yet, oddly, not contacting me) -- there will be an update with material this coming week."

      Need I say more?

    36. Neal Dalton
      on March 3

      According to Twitter, postponed until Monday.

    37. Missing avatar

      William Gull
      on March 2

      Nope. My bagaf*cks for this kickstarter was emptied long ago..

    38. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Liepis on March 2

      Is anyone else curious as to where whatever he was going to release two months ago went?

    39. Missing avatar

      Chris Groff on March 2

      Normally I wouldn't promote another game in a Kickstarter thread but since Gareth has pretty much left us high and dry anyway. If you want to play an actual weird-fu-western game that will actually finish, check out High Plains Samurai. They currently have a playtest version and are going to be launching a KS shortly.

    40. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Liepis on February 28

      But Rowdy, he needs the contact or else his feewies get huwt.

    41. Rowdy Scarlett on February 28

      He chats with Mr Detweiller (of Delta Green fame and working for Monte Cook Games) over on Facebook quite often, for those wondering how he's spending his free time.

    42. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Liepis on February 28

      He wants us to message him privately for what? To ask for a refund he won't give or a book he hasn't finished? It's a stupid reason for him to hide from his backers. I don't care if we...I...are/am mean, he needs to do what he fucking give us our money back.

    43. trublunite
      on February 27

      Didnt you tell us back in September that we couldn't ask for refunds?

      Why, yes you did.

    44. Ulrik on February 27

      With all due respect Gareth, at this point in time are we really supposed to believe you when you tell us you will get us material some time in the near future? Would YOU believe that in our position?

    45. Missing avatar

      William Gull
      on February 27

      No one is asking for your head, just for you to live up to the contract we mutually entered into by backing your project on Kickstarter. I did contact you privately about a refund several years ago, but got a tale of woe and more false promises. I want my $150 back. I do not want your half finished, half assed game and empty promises anymore.

    46. Tom Ryan on February 27

      "For those of you NOT actively calling for my head (yet, oddly, not contacting me) -- there will be an update with material this coming week."
      dude you are FOUR YEARS overdue. Contacting you via email will somehow make you speed up?

    47. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Liepis on February 27

      I just took a quick peek at your Twitter and Gareth, you're scum. Pure, lying, delusional scum. It's disgusting that after all the crap you've dumped on your backers, you STILL blames us for calling you out. You. Are. A. LIAR!

      Oh, I DID contact you privately asking for a refund and you said "No" citing the book was almost done, blah, blah, more of Skarka's bullshit.

      You know, taking a crap is now taking a Skarka among my fellow gamers, so congrats on that moment of flushed fame.

    48. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Liepis on February 27

      Or, you know, ypu could deliver what you've promised, in these comments and in updates, many, many times...

      "For those of you NOT actively calling for my head (yet, oddly, not contacting me) -- there will be an update with material this coming week."

      So, those who ARE calling for your head (by name, who's doing that? Come on, sport, details!) -- aren't getting an update with material this coming week?

    49. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Liepis on February 27

      What is contacting you privately going to accomplish? Will you give us what you've failed to, be it product or refund? And nobody's calling for your head, so stop with the melodrama.

    50. Eric Franklin on February 26


      You can complain about us on Facebook and Twitter all you want but I didn't get my refund. I got a partial refund. Which means I'm still waiting for product. I have as much right to complain as anyone.

      I'm not going to egg folks on here anymore or snark at you here. I WILL help with links for backers to find their attorney generals (or yours) when they need guidance in doing so. Because - seriously, dude - it's been more than five years and you've made it VERY clear that the only way backers will get their money back is to take legal action.

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