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KOBOLDS ATE MY BABY! The classic Beer and Pretzels RPG of merry mayhem and hysterical horrible death - bold and brash in magical COLOR!


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Quick and dirty (like a Kobold), 9th Level Games is dying to put out a proper new print version of KOBOLDS ATE MY BABY! and we need your help to do that. 


We could give you a long-winded description about the wonders of role-playing the short, random lives of Kobolds - or we could sing about it.  Let's sing:

Here's a quick look at gameplay (and an awesome rap song about Kobolds)

For more details and propaganda about KOBOLDS ATE MY BABY! you can also visit or  Or get on the King Torg (ALL HAIL KING TORG!) bandwagon @AllHailKingTorg #AllHailKingTorg  

If you require unbiased information you can check out the wikipedia page:!

A Brief History of Kobolds Ate My Baby!
A Brief History of Kobolds Ate My Baby!

How did we get here? For many years, KOBOLDS ATE MY BABY! was a stack of photocopied pages stapled together with a garish orange cardstock cover. Somehow, that supremely low-budget humor game about fuzzy little carnivores being killed by the cruel whims of gods, wizards, and chickens became a fan favorite and cult classic. KOBOLDS ATE MY BABY! struck a chord with gamers of all stripes – being funny, fun to play, and welcoming (and forgiving) to new players.  For veterans, it's a funny parody of role-playing games (in the form of a role-playing game). From 1998-2005, KAMB slowly built up an audience of fun loving fans and spawned a host of supplements, revisions, editions and some truly amazing convention events. 

With the addition of amazing new art by gaming comic folk hero John Kovalic (Munchkin, Apples to Apples, and Dork Tower) – KAMB! would go on to acclaim and notoriety being named “One of the Funniest Game of All Time” by Inquest Magazine and "Top Ten Humor Game of All Time" by Mike Selinker at Games Quarterly. Still, 9th Level Games was just these two guys from the suburbs of Philadelphia making games in the basement (often literally in the basement). When we started 9th Level Games, there really weren't “indie rpgs” and “DIY publishers”. We were just as surprised as everyone else, when our games got into distribution and started to show up on game store shelves. But with changes to the industry, it became increasingly difficult for 9th Level Games to put out indie product - it wasn't just not fun anymore, it became nearly impossible to get little games onto shelves.

Well, it's 2013 and wow the future is different! We have access to affordable and powerful desktop publishing tools. Electronic publishing makes it possible to sell to customers directly. Social media means we have ways to market ourselves, and crowdsourcing means we can raise money to do something that we never thought that we could with Kobolds – DO IT RIGHT! You heard me. WE'RE DOIN' IT UP RIGHT. 


We have the opportunity to make a great book together.  Shiny pages filled with amazing color art. We don't have to worry about page counts breaking our budget. We can have proper editing from real editors - so we don't have a typo on the front cover*.  Indexing, hyperlinks, better charts, easy to read text, and full-color art from John Kovalic and more of it!  This will be the best edition of KOBOLDS ATE MY BABY! ever.

When KOBOLDS wasn’t in print - people kept asking us "Why do you guys suck?"  And then they would explain that they didn't hate us, they just wanted to get a copy of KOBOLDS.  "Hey - how about a PDF?"  So, we did the work and got a PDF out.  Now everyone keeps asking "When can I get a real book?"

Our goal is to make sure that this new edition is always available at least as a PDF and print-on-demand. We’d love to do more than that (conventions, some new supplements, the already written "More Things to Kill and Eat" supplement, some more rad art, etc.) and at the very least our goal is getting the book redesigned, cleaned up, and ready for the digital age.

*This actually happened to us on our very first print run of 300 books.


Even Kobolds don't work for evil wizards for free.  So, what’s in it for all of you, my little Kobolds? The main reward of this campaign is a new, revised edition of the KOBOLDS ATE MY BABY! core book – redone in glorious color from all of the original art in the KAMB Super Deluxx Edition (and some new pieces). BUT THAT'S NOT ALL!!!!

Music about Kobolds?  You can check it out on the videos above
Music about Kobolds? You can check it out on the videos above

 The fans of KOBOLDS ATE MY BABY are awesome. So awesome in fact that a few have recorded actual songs about Kobolds – including comedy rock star Mikey Mason and hip-hop wizard Gentle Jones. The music included in our videos come from this EP. 

The Kobold: A Totally Expected Parody Of A Beloved Book That Has Been Expanded Into A Trilogy Of Movies And Which Inexplicably Is Not Called There And Back Again (Part One: There) - is an adventure for use with the Kobolds Ate My Baby! Beer and Pretzels Role-Playing Game.  Wherein, a wizard comes to the hobbit hole Kobold Caves looking for some assistance on an adventure, and which is basically just an excuse to smoke pipes, eat food, and sing songs.  Kobolds will die, wizards will smoke pipes, and rambling prose describing the everyday life of a Kobold will be etched forever in your memory.  15 page PDF download – featuring more Kovalic art!


A PDF special Death Chart that can be used anytime something would die from getting kicked, in honor of the KOBOLD Kickstarter. This will feature some parodies of the best of Kickstarter games and other projects (we imagine that you’ll be dead at the hand of Ogres, half a million Cooks, Stick Orders, double fine things, Wastelands, etc.) 

A special reward for fans of the irrepressible John Kovalic!
A special reward for fans of the irrepressible John Kovalic!

 Three special pieces of art from the next KOBOLD’s book “Even More Things to Kill and Eat” made into cool art prints (5x7), and included with your softcover. For the Stalker Level, John has graciously agreed to sign and personalize some very special books (get'em while you can, this is a very limited offer). 

The most adorable litter - paper minis to conquer your tabletop!
The most adorable litter - paper minis to conquer your tabletop!

Print and Slay Minis are PDF downloadable paper-foldey minis of the art in KOBOLDS ATE MY BABY!  This is something we have always wanted to do - bringing the art from the game to the tabletop.  These full color print-and-fold minis will let you litter your tabletop with the cutest evildoers ever.  At various stretch goal levels we can make more and more of these! 

A non-stop, growing buffet of super awesome rewards!
A non-stop, growing buffet of super awesome rewards!

Like a Kobold’s stomach, the Endless Buffet of Awesome is an expandable feast of surprises and mini-games. We’ll start with the following items included in this digital add-on pack designed to make your games of KOBOLDS ATE MY BABY! more awesome. As we unlock stretch goals, there will be more and more included in this. We’re in this together now – the more that we raise  the more awesome it gets. LET'S BE MORE AWESOME! 

 EACH STRETCH GOAL will include additions to this growing list of add-ons, including PDF copies of ANY & ALL ADDITIONAL BOOKS. That means every time we pass a stretch goal there will be something added to the BUFFET increasing the return on this pledge through economies of scale!  Take that economics!

The Endless Buffet of Awesomeness!!!  (final updated list 4/3/2013)

  • 1) The Kobold: A Totally Expected Parody PDF
  • 2) Kobolds Ate My Baby SDE PDF
  • 3) Kobolds Ate My Album MP3 Digital Download
  • 4) Random Horrible Death By Kick™ PDF
  • 5) KOBOLDS ATE MY BABY IN COLOR! Softcover Book 
  • 6) KOBOLDS “Print and Slay” Minis
  • #1 (Basic Kobolds) 
  • #2 (Kobold Outfits) 
  • #3 (Chickens) - unlocked
  • #4 (Babies) - unlocked
  • #5 (More Things to Kill and Eat megapack) - UNLOCKED! 
  • 8) KOBOLDS "digitial minis" for Roll20 or other clients
  • 9) KOBOLDS Wallpaper and Image Set– Multi-dimension digital wallpapers featuring the all new KOBOLDS Cover for desktop, Facebook Banner, profile pictures and more. 
  • 10) SECRET BONUS LEVEL!!!!! - KAMB DICE with special mini game “AHKT!”
  • 11) UNLOCKED: Kobold Starter: The Kickstarter Adventure™ 
  • 12) UNLOCKED: Even More Things to Kill and Eat PDF 
  • 13) UNLOCKED: IN VOR’S FIST: The Kobold Afterlife Fun Time Death Activity Book™ 
  • 14) LOCKED : SECRET DOOR #1- Quick & Dirty, A Kobolds Ate My Baby card game (PLAYTEST ACCESS and Print and Play)
  • 15) UNLOCKED : SECRET DOOR #2 – THE WARLOCK’S APPRENTICE – Featuring Comic Book Superstar JIM ZUB!
  • 16) UNLOCKED : SECRET DOOR #3 - SAWGONS (Tshirts and Minis)
  • 17) UNLOCKED : SECRET DOOR #4 - Classic KAMB Adventure Update and KOBOLD PLUSH "Kobold Patch" Dolls
  • 19) DOUBLE SECRET LEET DOOR:  Royale with Cheeze
  • 20) DOUBLE SECRET DOOR: The Chris Pramas Challenge
  • 21) STRETCH GIFTS!!!!!  Moar Art, Moar Prints, Moar Pages, and Kicking It Forward

If we can reach our goal, everyone at Team Kobold will be super excited. But if we can get over that line - 9th Level Games has a huge backlog of projects that we would love to green-light.  If we can get people like you excited about Kobolds, then we are committed to making all of these "extras" happen - including more rewards, new adventures, the first major Kobolds update and addition in over a decade, plus more more more!!!   

STRETCH GOAL #1: $15,000 “The Koboldstarter" - UNLOCKED!!!

Chris, Dan and John (Team Kobold) will make a 15 page KAMB adventure exclusive only to you rad Kickstarter supporters.  You can use this “intro” game to share Kobolds with your friends! Every person that backs the project will be included in the thank you here, and have a chance to be featured in the adventure itself!

 STRETCH GOAL #2: $17,500 KAMB “Print and Slay” Mini 

KAMB “Print and Slay” Mini Set #3 CHICKENS and #4 BABIES! 

STRETCH GOAL #3: $20,000 “EVEN MORE THINGS TO KILL AND EAT” PDF The first new Kobolds supplement since 2004. "Even More Things to Kill and Eat" is already written (it just needs art and layout) and features a giant list of Kobold Outfits allowing for greater customization of Kobolds and more and varied ways to die, a bestiary of things that like to eat Kobolds, and the secrets of the secret religion of the Big Red God. Reaching this level will allow us to create the PDF and print on demand versions of this book that is burning a hole in our hard-drive!

[NEW] For $25.00, you can add a physical softcover copy of EVEN MORE THINGS TO KILL AND EAT onto any reward tier that already has physical books!  We have also included an all-electronic tier for people that want Even More Things, but don't feel the need to kill any more trees.

Proposed Cover for Even More Things to Kill and Eat
Proposed Cover for Even More Things to Kill and Eat

STRETCH GOAL #4: $22,500 KAMB “Print and Slay” Mini Set #5

"Print and Slay Even More" Set #5 will feature the 36 KOBOLD OUTFITS included in EVEN MORE THINGS TO KILL AND EAT and the various critters, monsters, and adventurers.


Custom pressed, official KAMB dice – in kobold orange. Add a six pack onto your order for $5.00. Each set of 6 dice will come with a super simple mini-game lets you enjoy Kobold mayhem – even when you’re not playing KAMB! AHKT!


The Kobold Afterlife Fun Time Death Activity Book™ Featuring all of the awesome art from KAMB and EMT2K&E, this will be a print and play coloring book with Kobold goodies and games to play when your Kobold dies.

Here's an example of a page from the fun book - paper kobolds!

STRETCH GOAL #6: $30,000 - UNLOCKED  - Secret Door #1

PLAYTEST ACCESS and PRINT AND PLAY “Quick & Dirty – A Kobolds Ate My Baby! Card Game” 9th Level’s first card game, Quick & Dirty is a super-fast game of deviousness, luck and stabbing your friend in the face. Watch out for VOR and TABRIZ, and try to wind up with the BABY at the end of the round. For 2-5 players! Backers at the BUFFET LEVEL will get a copy of the Print and Play as soon as it’s ready. You will also be invited to the early playtest for this game (like as soon as the Kickstarter ends), to help us get this fun little game ready for prime-time!


THE WARLOCK’S APPRENTICE – International superspy and COMIC BOOK genius Jim Zub (ALL HAIL JIM ZUB!) creator and writer of SKULLKICKERS (ALL HAIL THE SKULLKICKERS) has gleefully asked if he could slaughter some Kobolds with dark magic! Heck yes he can! The Warlock’s Apprentice, a digital supplement, will include Jim Zub’s “MAGIC WORDS” that pits your unsuspecting Kobolds against the greatest horror of sorcery…literacy! Also included, the CODEX OF TABRIZ THE ARCANE (reprinted from the pages of the DORK TOWER comic) and ready to print and crumple “Spell Pages of the Codex of Tabriz the Arcane” to add to the insanity that is randomly throwing scrolls at players.


Because you're awesome, and our awesome musical friend are awqesome, we're adding 2 MORE SONGS TO THE KOBOLDS ATE MY ALBUM!  if we can reach the $35,000 goal. SEE UPDATE #4 for all the MUSICAL DETAILS!!!

 STRETCH GOAL #8: $40,000 - UNLOCKED - Secret Door #3


SWAG-ONS are not some super wagon tech - its 9th Level Games and John Kovalic SWAG!  Wearable and Tabeltopable!  MINIS AND T-SHIRTS!  WE CANT WAIT ANYMORE...THESE ARE AVAILABLE AS ADDONS NOW!  (NOTE:  These are ADDONS, and not part of the ENDLESS BUFFET LEVEL)


John Kovalic worked up this new Teeth Shirt, and it’s a totally “IT MUST BE MINE” moment of orange Kobold amazingness. THEY CAN BE YOURS! These shirts are being made by the fine, fine folks at Off-World Designs ( on 9LG orange.

You can add a TEETH SHIRT onto ANY ORDER (as the Tshirts are shipped separately - expected delivery early May 2013) from our partner OFF WORLD DESIGNS!  Sizes available from Small to 5XL. If you need something specific (like an Extra Small or a Double Tall, send us a message.)

ADD $25.00 (US)  /  $28.00 (US, 2XL+)

ADD $45.00 (International) / $48.00 (International, 2XL+) 


The rad people at VALIANT ENTERPRISES ( have agreed to let us provide the very cool KAMB Mini 7 Pack (A veteran, a cook, a rules lawyer, a bootlicker, a cutpurse, an evil apprentice, and a nekkid kobold). You get all 7 KOBOLD minis in delicious non-corrosive pewter alloy (DO NOT EAT!)

Apprentice, Bootlicker, Veteran, Rules Lawyer, Cutpurse, Cook and Nekkid
Apprentice, Bootlicker, Veteran, Rules Lawyer, Cutpurse, Cook and Nekkid

ADD $35.00 (US) or $50.00 (INTERNATIONAL)

Mini 7 Pack costs are inclusive of shipping and handling, and will be shipped independently of the other rewards – expected EARLY MAY 2013!


If we reach this lofty goal, 9th Level will unlock the vaults and update a classic 9th Level Adventure for KOBOLDS ATE MY BABY! IN COLOR (with new art from John Kovalic!!!)  ALL BUFFET LEVEL Backers will receive a PDF of the Updated Classic Adventure as part of the ENDLESS BUFFET.

AND YOU GET TO DECIDE WHAT WE DO.  Voting will begin if we can reach this goal to update one of these "gems from the past."

Click here to VOTE!!



MY KOBOLD - Kobold Patch Handmade Plush
MY KOBOLD - Kobold Patch Handmade Plush

THIS IS A VERY SPECIAL, LIMITED, EXCLUSIVE OFFER.  The talented Tally Heilke (of is going to make, artisan, handmade KOBOLD plush dolls.  Each one will come with a KICKSTARTER BACKER exclusive "KOBOLD PATCH" certificate - with a name, adoption oath, special in-game house rule, randomly generated stats, and a JOHN KOVALIC SKETCH!  John will then sign and number the certs to be included with your "new born" KOBOLD HENCHMEN!

In the the future, we'd love to make more of these, but there is no guarantee - and this signed and numbered edition with Kovalic sketches will be a ONE TIME THING!  

More details from the maker -

ADD ON MY KOBOLD PLUSH - $50.00 US ($55.00 international)


If we can make it to 50K, then Steven Jackson Games and 9th Level Games will power-up and SJG will release a 15-card MUNCHKIN Kobolds Ate My Baby! 15 card booster compatible with the MUNCHKIN GAME.  Of course, the art will be by John Kovalic - and the team will work the Munchkin Developers to make awesome and flavorful (yummy) KAMB cards for the Wonderful World of Munchkin!  

EXCITEMENT! This will put us in the elite and hallowed ranks of other boosters like The Guild, Penny Arcade, Conan, and Skullkickers!

ALL BACKERS THAT RECEIVE PHYSICAL BOOKS will get a bonus KAMB Munchkin bookmark if we can make this goal a reality! ALL HAIL KING TORG!

Here's the link to the SJG Announcement:

Here's the link to the 9LG announcement:

STRETCH GOAL #10: $55,000 - UNLOCKED - Double Secret Door #6 - The Chris Pramas FREEPORT Challenge!

If we reach $55,000 dollars, Chris Pramas (the legendary Green Ronin himself) will be creating stats for using 9th Level style Kobolds in Freeport (and other Pathfinder compatible universes). We’re not exactly sure what this will be yet (a pdf, a web download, a collectible chewing gum set, part of In Vor’s Fist?). What we do know - it will be super cool.  John Kovalic will be drawing Freeport Kobolds for it. Kobolds Ate My Wooden Leg! ALL HAIL GREEN RONIN!

Stretch Gift #1 - GIFTED - 1,000 STRONG FOR KING TORG!

One Thousand Strong for Torg! ALL HAIL KING TORG! 

If we reach 1,000 BACKERS Team Torg (Chris, Dan and John) would like to add a special gift to you, our loyal legion of rabid kobolds. We will produce a Kickstarter Backer Exclusive Membership Card to the “Royale With Cheeze*”. *The Royale with Cheeze being the secret society of elite bodyguards to King Torg (All Hail King Torg!) As his inner circle of aides-de-camp, aides-de-chef, and aides-digestion membership has its privileges!  This exclusive membership card will be printed and included in all physical orders that will show that you are an alpha-Kobold. It might feature a rule that will let you lord it over all the other Kobolds! LEET STATUS UNLOCKED!


We reached over 1,100 BACKERS. JOHN KOVALIC will be chained to his easel to produce MORE KOBOLDS FOR KING TORG! MOAR ARTS! MOAR BABIES! MOAR CHICKENS!!! With the Kickstarter far exceeding our puny hopes and dreams – we will have the funds to let John spend more time working on our favorite little monsters. This will directly impact KOBOLDS ATE MY BABY! in Color!!! We will also look for some outside professional assistance in layout and design to make the books look even better (and send Dan and Chris down into the funny mines to make more funnies!) This also means that we are including the KOVALIC ART PRINTS in ALL LEVELS that are getting a copy of KOBOLDS ATE MY BABY! IN COLOR!!! Physical Reward tiers will get the prints, and the art prints will be included in the Digital Wallpaper reward.


Once the dust settles, 9th Level will taking up the challenge of Brian Fargo (from inExile – you know, Tides of Numenera and Wasteland 2) and “Kicking it Forward” (Check out the idea here: ). This means throwing cool hard monies to rad games and toys, and doing our part to get the word out to interested parties like you.

How much we kick forward will be based on the final counts.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

While 9th Level Games has been making games for a number of years, we haven't printed a new book since 2005 (and never a full color masterpiece like this one), so we anticipate that there could be some delays in getting the color and print right before we are able to ship the book.

We treat our artist as a co-creator (and he's an amazing professional), so we don't expect there to be any issues getting the art done. Delays can happen as we all live busy lives and have other commitments besides this little game (though nothing is closer to our hearts than making KOBOLDS ATE MY BABY! a success again). Depending on how this campaign goes, there is the possibility of adding a lot of content to the game and creating more books and adventures to support the KAMB community - which could also increase complexity and will require our team to be extra careful in printing and editing.

What you can be sure of is this, Chris and Dan are committed to 9th Level Games and to KOBOLDS ATE MY BABY! John Kovalic loves the Kobolds, and wants to draw more and more of them. We will not do anything to hurt or rush this product. We want to work with the community to ensure that Kobolds is back in print, stays in print, and can be the very best game it can be. We have years of experience in publishing and game design, and have great allies and friends in the game community. Any setbacks or challenges that we face will be handled professionally, openly and quickly.

Since you are now a part of the KAMB community, we want to thank you for putting up with our crazy schemes and loud shouting. We're going to make this game as great as it can be, and it's all your fault! ALL HAIL KING TORG!


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    FOR TORG (ALL HAIL KING TORG!) We appreciate any help so King Torg will give thanks to everyone in the back of the new book. For every dollar pledged, 9th Level Games will kill one kobold online at

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    I GOT A ROCK! You rock so hard we want to give you a ROCK - a rocking music download that is. KOBOLDS ATE MY ALBUM: THE EP has songs about KOBOLDS ATE MY BABY! by nerd music maestros Mikey Mason, Gentle Jones, and, everything else above this on the list.

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    A TASTE OF KOBOLD! King Torg's thanks, a rocking EP, and a PDF of the 15 page adventure THE KOBOLD: A TOTALLY EXPECTED PARODY!

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    TASTES LIKE OLD! All the rewards already mentioned and an IMMEDIATE download of the current KOBOLDS ATE MY BABY! Super Deluxx Edition through DriveThruRPG. You can start playing Kobolds today!

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    THE KOBOLD ELECTRIC! Everything above, plus the PDF version of KOBOLDS ATE MY BABY! IN COLOR. As part of this Kickstarter, you will also receive the Kickstarter exclusive, never to be repeated RANDOM HORRIBLE DEATH BY KICK(starter) (see the description for the details).

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    JUST GIMMIE THE BOOK MAN! The no frills option for the no frills gamer. No fancy e-anything, no bric-a-brac, just the new KOBOLDS ATE MY BABY! IN COLOR as soon as we can get it into your meatspace paws.

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    KOBOLD-STARTER! Everything above, and the tasty, tasty* softcover of the KOBOLDS ATE MY BABY IN COLOR book. As part of this Kickstarter, you will also receive the Kickstarter exclusive, never to be repeated RANDOM HORRIBLE DEATH BY KICK(starter) (see the description for the details). *Tasty metaphorically. Please don't eat books.

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    KOVALIC SUPERFAN. You get everything in the KOBOLD-STARTER package, as well as a special pack of KOVALIC Kobold art prints! (See description for more).

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    THE PHANTASMAL BUFFET Reward Pack! All of the awesome with a lower-carbon footprint! You get everything in the KOBOLD ELECTRIC Pledge Tier (thanks, PDFs, EPs and the new Kobolds in Color) as well as the amazing ENDLESS BUFFET OF AWESOMENESS! All electronic, all the time. So, it's just like the ENDLESS BUFFET (below), with all of the cool addons - except no physical books.

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    THE ENDLESS BUFFET Reward Pack! Now - we're getting crazy! You get everything in KOBOLD-STARTER (thanks, PDFs, EPs and the softcover) as well as the amazing ENDLESS BUFFET OF AWESOMENESS! Its so awesome we can't describe it in this space - check out the full description of the project for complete details!!! IMPORTANT NOTE: Any stretch goals, bonuses or unlocks achieved by this Kickstarter - will mean more PDFS for you! ALL OF THEM! ALL OF THE PDFS ever!

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    OFFICIAL KOBOLDS ATE MY BABY! FRIENDLY LOCAL GAME STORE PACK. You will receive 5 copies of the KAMB IN COLOR, a demo adventure and sheets to host demos at your store, and a John Kovalic illustrated sign for your store proclaiming ALL HAIL KING TORG! Official Kobolds Ate My Baby Friendly Local Game Store! To get this reward, you must be a verified brick and mortar retail location, before shipment.

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    AWESOME SAUCE! THE EXTRA BONUS ENDLESS BUFFET! The same as the ENDLESS BUFFET, except that you will also receive the 6 KAMB Dice and the AHKT mini game (shipped with KAMB!) and a SOFTCOVER copy of EVEN MORE THINGS TO KILL AND EAT (shipped separately when available).

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    KOVALIC STALKER! You get everything in the ENDLESS BUFFET package plus the KOVALIC ART PACK, and... JOHN KOVALIC will sign and "personalize" your book with a special kobold drawing.

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    YOUR OWN TOWN! You get everything in the ENDLESS BUFFET package, and your name will appear in the Random Town Generator in the book. Chris and Dan will run a special 2-3 hour KOBOLDS ATE MY BABY game for you and your friends on Google Hangout/Skype/Roll20. Beer and pretzels not provided, but an awesome time will be had by most!

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    Ships within the US only
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    ITS ALL YOUR FAULT! Obviously, you'll get the ENDLESS BUFFET Reward. But then Chris and Dan will create a UNIQUE, one of a kind adventure for KOBOLDS ATE MY BABY! based on your idea and featuring your name prominently. And then 9LG will give it away for free to the Universe - and it will be your fault! ALL YOUR FAULT!

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