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$2,182 pledged of $16,000 goal
$2,182 pledged of $16,000 goal

Update #2 - Not Very Far Along

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I want to devote just a few words to our current funding percentage and then I will only speak of positive things for the remainder of the campaign.  We are not very far along.  At this point, I had hoped to be much closer to our funding goal, but it seems as if not enough people know about the game.  I want you to know that we plan on letting this campaign run straight through to the end and we will be working hard to bring backers in over the next 2 and a half weeks.  You, of course, can help by sharing the game with your friends and on social media.

We were at Dreamation 2015 this weekend and spent 3 days playing Titans of Empyrean and ApocalypZe as well as some of our other projects that are in the works.  I had a blast.  Some new players taught me a thing or two about some hidden strategies in the game.  I was beaten many times.  We're also working on some tweaks in the movement rules so that your Titans can have some maneuverability.

In 2 weeks we'll be at PAX East where we'll be showing the game to just as many people as we can before we lose our voices and collapse from exhaustion.

Before I go, I'd like you to know about another project that's running on Kickstarter right now.  Gil Hova has designed a fun party game called Bad Medicine.

Bad Medicine
Bad Medicine

Bad Medicine is already funded and racking up stretch goals so do yourself a favor and check it out.

Talk to you soon!


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    1. Ivan Turner - 9 Kingdoms Publications 4-time creator on February 26, 2015

      Thanks for saying so, Jeff. I'm a little sad, too, but the competition is fierce and backers can only stretch themselves so thin. We're still pushing and we're going to play the hell out of it at PAX East, but if it doesn't fund, it'll be an even better game when it comes time for the relaunch.

    2. Jeff King
      on February 26, 2015

      I'm sad to see this, and a few other great indie games, struggling right now. This really is a solid game that deserves to be made!

    3. Ivan Turner - 9 Kingdoms Publications 4-time creator on February 23, 2015

      That's cool, John, thanks. Have you ever been to Get There Games?

    4. John Rap
      on February 23, 2015

      I'll mention Titans of Empyrean in my next update. This game deserves way more attention than it has received thus far.