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A sci-fi adventure comedy where you choose your own pathway, collect items, gain points, and strive to save the universe.
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Epilogue: Time to Vote!

Posted by Zachary Weiner (Creator)

Wow. Once again, thank you all so much. You geeks have guaranteed a sequel, and given me the hope that this could even turn into a long-running series if you all like the first book.

To that end, you must all now vote to determine what the next book will be. This book ends with a turn toward evil and a turn toward good. Therefore, the next book will have to either follow the evil path or the good one.

I await your decision.



PS: A lot of people are asking if they can still get in on the rewards even though it's after the kickstarter has ended. We're working on a way for this to happen. Watch SMBC and here for updates.


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    1. Drew Summersett on

      I'd say evil. As I'm sure has been pointed out before, going good then good is a dorky and very overdone theme. Although, going good then evil is a potentially awesome twist that is very under-looked... But anyway, more people tend to go good, and evil-then-good is a more interesting two-book premise than good-then-good, but not as good as a good-then-evil, and about even with evil-then-evil.

      ... Yeah.

    2. Natalie Charlesworth on

      Actually, if there's a possibility of change later in the book, it would be intriguing to find out why you've turned evil- do you dice roll for a reason? Are you actually undercover with some villains and not letting the reader know until later? Evil but open-ended.

    3. Missing avatar

      Kickstarters on


      As people said before me, it's hard to decide without knowing the ends, but: With a good end, another good end is lame, while the hero turning evil is interesting (again, as it was pointed out). So you don't have much choice.

      With the evil end, it is intriguing to see a turn towards good (though maybe somewhat cheesy), but the possibility to turn even worse is also great to see!

      Thus, the evil end is the more interesting one for future decisions.

    4. Dane Turner on

      I have liked the ideas of having both available as starting points. I know it'd probably be more work, but it would also be something new and amazing!

    5. Missing avatar

      Freuni on

      It's hard to choose without having experienced the adventure before. But I would say... good, so that we can have another sequel when the hero will finally become evil.

    6. Andrew DeLong on

      Evil - but for good reasons. I find that villains are almost always more interesting than heroes if they have good reasons for doing bad stuff, particularly when driven by largely selfless and morally justified goals - they're bad guys and they know it, but they have a cause that many might be sympathetic with (if not the manner that it's carried out). This also presents two paths where one could focus on a morally justified evil and the other on a more selfish evil. Looking forward to it either way you go.

    7. MC-3PO on

      Evil, with the understanding that the success of an Evil book will ensure the creation of a Good book.

    8. Missing avatar

      John Brewer on

      You should have two sequels, one for each path. You can box them as a trilogy, just like LOTR.

    9. Missing avatar

      Joseph Bonaldi on

      well evil but bad at it!

    10. Missing avatar

      Kelly Brown


    11. Missing avatar

      barna83 on

      EVIL path, we should turn. :-)

    12. Missing avatar

      Deno on

      Voting for good!

    13. Missing avatar

      Seb on

      Eeeevil >:D

    14. Bryan Roach on

      Good! Like log.

      It's log, log, it's big, it's heavy, it's wood!
      It's log, log, it's better than bad, it's good!

      (Yep, I was just checking out John K's kickstarter.)

    15. Missing avatar

      Ryan Belden on

      Evil. EEEVVVIIILLL...

    16. Missing avatar

      Prakash Raman


    17. Rob Keleher on

      Evil. I think you could do something new with a villian who struggles with his inner goodness. As opposed to a falling from grace, a rising from the depths?

    18. Missing avatar

      Steve(121234) Campbell on

      Good, simply because good is often more involving where evil tends to be quirky but detaching.

    19. Bevin Cheng on

      Good. Simply because I always try to be good on my first playthrough.

    20. Colin O'Neill on

      I personally would love to see a book in which the first page directs you to either an evil starting place or a good starting place. However, having to choose between the two, I would vote for good, with the hope that you would get around to making the evil version of the second book sometime in the future.

    21. Missing avatar

      Kwaarp on

      Wherever it starts, good or evil, I'd definitely like the option to change somewhere along the moral axis during the course of the book. Starting with good might be a better idea, since people tend to gravitate towards good anyway, but personally I'd really like to see what happens when villainy becomes a default.

      Short answer is evil, I guess.

    22. Steven Carrie on

      Is there a KickStarter survey for how to vote or is it just a comment here?

      My vote is Good, although I agree Evil can be fun and I assume it would be written humourosly. I'd like to see both followon books made in the end. It will be easier to decide after playing the first book. :)

    23. Daniel Kerr on

      If I have to choose one, it is good.

      I like TheNevin suggestion of a dual starting point and choices along the way would turn further in to evil or good.

    24. Lee Bougourd on

      At the risk of seeming boring and obvious I must vote for good. However entertaining being evil can be, ultimately one should aspire to goodness in all things. (Ooh, sounds a bit preachy, though I don't mean it to be.)

    25. Missing avatar

      TheNevin on

      I vote for good.
      (If you want to mix the choices, though, it should be doable: With the Paranoia-style vibe I'm expecting, you can just put 2 starting points in the second book, and have the reader end up doing mostly the same things no matter what path they intended to take.)

    26. Hugo Pipping on

      How to decide without knowing much... It depends all on how the sequel tackles it.
      Being pure good or evil is always boring in and of itself, it's when you can't untangle the two that things get tense and interesting.
      Knowing myself I'll probably still pick the Good ending when I get there, so in the end I'll vote for:


    27. Jonathon Philip Chambers on

      Hey! If you have both starts, tangle them, and allow good the opportunity to turn evil and evil the opportunity to turn good, that would be awesome!

    28. Rob Morris on

      Reluctantly Evil!

    29. Jonathon Philip Chambers on

      Split the difference. I tire easily of both good and evil and like to alternate. Write two half-length sections of a full length sequal. You can even tangle the two paths!

    30. Nathan on

      How could I decide without completing the first book?