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A film with live music directed and composed by Gene Coleman, with cinematography and editing by Nick Lerman.
A film with live music directed and composed by Gene Coleman, with cinematography and editing by Nick Lerman.
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9 Chains download available until Feb. 1st!

Dear Supporters!

Greetings and Happy New Year to you all from Berlin, where I'm composer in residence at The American Academy in Berlin for the next 5 months. For those of you interested, you can read about all the 2013 Fellows here, as well as learn more about the AABerlin: . Right now I'm getting ready for my concert in the Maerz Musik Festival, which takes place on March 18 and will feature a new work called "Spiral Network", which is the second piece in the cycle of works about Buckminster Fuller.

But now the main reason for this message, which is to let you know that you can download an Mp4 video version of "9 Chains (Buckminster Fuller in Philadelphia)" using this link:

NOTE: The link is only active until February 1, so please get the film downloaded as soon as possible. The file is over 1 GB, so the download will take a while on most home ISP systems. If you experience difficulties please let me know. 

Nick Lerman and I hope you enjoy seeing this film and hearing the music! Stay tuned for further news about presentations of "9 Chains..." and "Spiral Network". You can also follow me on Twitter at and at my new website: (still a bit in progress). Please also see Nick's website, where you can see his amazing photography and more: 

That's all for now from a very chilly Berlin! Many thanks to all of you for your support!

---Gene Coleman---

Update #7 from Gene Coleman

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Sorry for the long silence, but we have been quite busy with the 9 Chains project and now we have some news to report. In October we had the premiere of the revised version of the work at The U of IL Urbana (UIUC) and in Chicago at The Renaissance Society at The University of Chicago. Now that we have obtained the recordings from these performances we will dub it onto the new version of  the film and make that available for download in December. All of you who have other types of rewards coming can also expect to get those starting in December. Meanwhile, please have a look here at the performance by my group N_JP at UIUC: . If you want to see/hear the performance of "9 Chains..." please jump ahead -- its the last piece of the 4 works on the program. In other news, I will be heading to Berlin around January 3 to begin my residency at The American Academy. In conjunction with winning the Berlin Music Prize, I will have a concert in the Maerz Musik Festival on March 18. The program will feature a new Fuller inspired work born out of "9 Chains...", so stay tuned for more about that! And on June 7 there will be another performance of "9 Chains..." at International House Philadelphia, as part of the Month of Moderns festival. More news coming soon and once again Nick Lerman and I thank you for your generous support. 

---Gene Coleman---

Update from Gene Coleman + Soundcloud audio link

Dear Supporters,

Nick and I would like to thank you again for your support of our project "9 Chains (Buckminster Fuller in Philadelphia)". The premiere at International House was a success -- the music sounded great and the film looked fantastic on the new projector that I-House recently installed. After the concert, it was exciting to meet some of the folks who actually knew and worked with Fuller during his time in Philly! Plans are now in motion for presenting the project in Austin TX, Chicago and Urbana IL this fall, and we'll be sending you more news about that soon. It's good to know this piece has a life already beyond the premiere and your initial support of it will continue to be at the base of its future success!

For those of you who have gifts coming, we will be distributing them in August, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, you can all have a listen to a 4 minute excerpt of the music on my Soundcloud page -- just click here:

Note: Since this is only the music from the project I've called it "9 Chains..." as a way of distinguishing it from the complete film+music work.

So until soon, stay cool in this very hot summer!

Gene + Nick 

The Premiere of 9 Chains is this Saturday at IHP!

Dear Friends,

Just a reminder that the premiere of our project "9 Chains" is today (Saturday) at International House Philadelphia. We would love to see you there! You can find more info about the show on the IHP website:

We have had some great rehearsals this week, the film is done and we can't wait to see and hear how it all turns out. 

Once again, thanks to all of you for your support from Nick and me!


from Gene: We made it!

Dear Friends,

Thanks to all of you, we made it! Nick and I are extremely grateful to all of you for your support. I'll be posting more news here about the project and of course later this summer those of you who asked for rewards will be receiving them. If you are in the Philadelphia / New York area I hope you can attend the premiere performance on April 28 at I-House Philly. More performances are in the works for this Fall and I'll keep you posted about that. 

Again, thanks to all of you for making this project a success.

Best regards,