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The unique 2D fighting game action of the Arcana Heart series continues with this latest edition English port to PC.
The unique 2D fighting game action of the Arcana Heart series continues with this latest edition English port to PC.
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Shipping Delay Apology & Dark Heart Progress

Posted by EXAMU Inc. (Creator)


Dear Backers, 

Rewards were previously scheduled to go out at the end of June, however a problem with the barcoding of items has arisen which will delay shipping. We are already taking care of the problem and are now looking to begin shipping in mid-August for backers both here in Japan and internationally. Once we have made further progress concerning shipping we will notify everyone through the updates. 

Reward production has been completed so we just need time for final prep and delivery. We deeply apologize for the distress these delays have caused.

Dark Heart Progress Report

We would like to announce that the in-game character art for Dark Heart is now complete.

Hiroyuki Mano, who is also in charge of the pixel art, did the drawing for Dark Heart’s visual.  

We again offer our apologies for the rounds of delays that have pushed back delivery. All of us are doing our best to get your rewards to you as soon as possible, and we ask for your continued support. Thank you very much.










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    1. StarDragonJP on

      I like that art for Dark Heart, I'm really looking forward to her

    2. Vince Vazquez

      Man, these delays suck, haha. Like, I don't even have anything to anticipate, because frankly, I always just want game developers to focus on the game (or animation projects to focus on the animation, or whatever. Just focus on the product), but I feel bad for anyone like you guys trying to get this stuff to people who want them. A barcode error? Man, that is such a stupid thing to get hit with. Like, it's completely out of your hands. That sucks. I hope people understand and don't get that upset here.

      At any rate, what's important to me is the game stuff, and Dark Heart looks terrific, you guys! You're doing such fantastic work here, and I just wanted to say that.

      Good luck on continued development momentum and also getting past these shipping errors and stupid little problems that are getting in your way. That genuinely seems so annoying, but you'll get through 'em!

    3. Gojiki on

      Ok, at first I was going to be upset when I saw the title was another shipping delay, but you guys did good by showing off some merch and letting us know that it does exist and is awaiting our grubby little hands~ (those tapestries look NICE!) and the real cherry on top (for me) is more Dark Heart!

      I seriously love this character and think she's probably the best new addition since the AH2 characters (specifically Zenia~). I low that her design is not quite bancho (honestly looks more militaristic) but does incorporate both masculine and feminine elements of elite school attire (seriously, next merchandise project should be hat~) and her sword (the big one, not the small dagger lol) looks interesting . . . especially the jewel bit on the hilt (turn around so I can see lol). Lastly I just want to comment on how much I love the color of this illustration, especially for her hair and the way in which her sharp eyes pop~!

      Keep up the great work guys, I can't wait to see more of Dark Heart (can you tell, I'm a fan?)