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The unique 2D fighting game action of the Arcana Heart series continues with this latest edition English port to PC.
The unique 2D fighting game action of the Arcana Heart series continues with this latest edition English port to PC.
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Update on Shark Girl & Apology for the Shipping Delay

Posted by EXAMU Inc. (Creator)


Hello everyone, we have a couple of announcements.

Shark Girl in the Works

Shark Girl is steadily taking form; her ABC attack motions are finally complete!

The B attack is inspired by the crown-of-thorns starfish and the C attack is inspired by the goblin shark. Especially for her C attack, we made it special by having it bite and then pull the opponent towards her.

※The sprites are not colored yet because it is still under development. The attack motions and effects are a rough draft and is under development.

Shark Girl’s Official Name has Been Decided! 

Shark Girl finally has an official name!

Her name is “Pistrix".

Her nickname is “Peace”.

We will continue to update you on Peace-chan’s progress, but stay tuned for Dark Heart’s progress updates as well!

β ver. Download & BBS Development

We are also working on the β ver. download and BBS development.

Changing the aspect ratio to 16:9

The aspect ratio for Arcana Heart has always been 6:3, however we have decided to change our aspect ratio to 16:9, the common ratio for current 2D arcade fighting games.

We are thinking of rolling out the 16:9 aspect ratio in the β ver. first, and then implement it into the BBS after listening to everyone’s feedback.

Apology for the Shipping Delay

We were planning to ship out the rewards by the end of March. However we had a problem arise with the install program on the physical version of the game, resulting in the delay of disk manufacturing and thus the delay in shipping.

As of now, we are still in the process of manufacturing the disks. We will post an update once we have further details of when we will be able to ship out the rewards.

We deeply apologize for the delay in rewards shipments.

We will do our best to provide everyone with the best possible quality of rewards and, of course, Arcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX !!!!!! Thank you all for your support and patience.




B攻撃はオニヒトデ、C攻撃はゴブリンシャークがモデルになっているとのこと。 とくにC攻撃は、噛み付いて相手を引き寄せる効果を持った攻撃となっています。

※開発中の映像で色がついてないものとなってます。  また攻撃モーションやエフェクトなども仮置きのものとなってます。



名前は「ピストリクス」 愛称は「ピース」となります。








3月末からの発送を予定しておりました本プロジェクトのリワード発送ですが、 パッケージ版のインストールプログラムに問題発生し、DVDの製造のほうが大幅に遅れており、発送日については、変更をさせていただきます。




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    1. Not One Of Us on

      All good on the delay for the physical rewards. Best to take your time and do it right.

    2. Estevão Levy Lima on

      To all EXAMU staff: thank for your hard work, it's greatly appreciated. That said can I request a liitle Quality of Life improvement for the new version? Please, please, add a rematch option in offline versus like you did in Nitroplus Blasterz. Going back to the character select screen after every match can get annoying after some matches. Thank you all again, best regards.

    3. onan

      Oh my God, I'm dying over here. You seriously named an aquatic character "Piss tricks" ??

      This is amazing. Ahahahaha!! XD

    4. Benjamin Aben on

      Heck yeah, I missed 16:9 mode from the PS3 port of the original Arcana Heart 3.

      Glad to see it returning as the default aspect ratio.