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The unique 2D fighting game action of the Arcana Heart series continues with this latest edition English port to PC.
The unique 2D fighting game action of the Arcana Heart series continues with this latest edition English port to PC.
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4 Days Left for Surveys and Pre-Orders! Closing in on Dark Heart!! Final Push Events!!!

Posted by EXAMU Inc. (Creator)


Hello Everyone! 

A reminder here that Sunday, November 19th at 8:00PM EST will be the closing for pre-orders and surveys. In order to get rewards out as soon as possible, we please ask that you complete your surveys with all of the necessary information before this time.

If you have lost your survey link, you can request a new one by clicking on the link below. Enter your email address that you have registered with Kickstarter and hit "Get My Survey".


Campaign for Dark Heart

Through BackerKit we are still hoping to reach the stretch goal for the addition of new characters. Currently, we are standing at $55,492 having reached the first stretch goal and are $9,868 away from Dark Heart becoming a playable character.  

There are only four days left, so reach out to friend and tell them to home-in, because we are 85% there!


There is only a short time left, and we hope you will show your MAX LOVE to take us home!

Sticker Present Twitter Campaign  

With the December release of Arcana Heart 3 SIX STARS!!!!!! on Steam, we are throwing a sticker campaign on Twitter in celebration of the event.  

How to enter:  

1. Follow the Examu PR Twitter account @examu_PR
2. Retweet the following tweet. That’s it!  

Arcana Heart 3LMSSS on Steam Release Campaign
Arcana Heart Super Stickers for 30 Lucky Winners!
Follow and Retweet to Enter Campaign
Ends Nov. 19



30 lucky winners will be chosen to receive one random Arcana Heart Super Sticker from 24 designs.  

*Winners will be notified via Twitter Direct Message.
*Character sticker may not be specified.  

Arcana Heart 3LMSSS Release Commemoration 60 minute Deadly Serious Dark of Night Fan Art Showdown!

BackerKit pre-orders which started in September are coming to a close this Sunday. For a final hurrah to end the campaign, we will be holding the “Arcana Heart 3LMSSS Release Commemoration 60 minute Deadly Serious Dark of Night Fan Art Showdown”!

Dates: Friday, November 17th & Saturday, November 18th  

Time: From 10:00PM JST (8:00AM EST)

What is the “Arcana Heart 3LMSSS Release Commemoration 60 minute Deadly Serious Dark of Night Fan Art Showdown”, you ask?  

We will announce a theme and you must complete a drawing on that theme within 60 minutes, then post it on Twitter. Except for a panel comic style, the art style can be any of your choosing.  

The rules:

1. Use the following hashtag (It’s still shorter than the English!):

2. Post on Twitter your Arcana Heart illustration, drawn in 60 minutes.

30 participants will be chosen lottery fashion to receive one of 24 random Arcana Heart Super Stickers.  

*Winners will be notified via Twitter Direct Message.  

*The fun will commence at 10:00PM JST, but we will not be holding a strict time limit. Be on your honor, and as long as you use the hastag mentioned above, even if you get it to us the next morning (or night… depending where you are!), you still will be entered into the sticker drawing. 

*Pornographic images, or images depicting strong violence are against Twitter’s posting rules ( and will not be accepted.

*Submissions may be used by Examu Inc. for promotional purposes. 

Thank you very much! Hope to see you there! 





サーベイのリンクを失くされましたら、下記リンクをクリックし、「Kickstarter E-mail」と記載されている記入欄にキックスターターで登録したメールアドレスを記入し、「Get My Survey」ボタンをクリックしてください。サーベイが再発行されます。  



バッカーキットでは新キャラクター追加を目的としたプレオーダーを行っております 現在、支援金は$55,492(約629万円)集まり、最初のストレッジゴールに到達し、次のゴールであるダークハートのプレイアブル化まで、残り$9,868(約110万円)となりました。
次のゴールまで85%を達成しております。 こちらのキャンペーンも11月19日までとなり、残りはあと4日間です。



12月に配信が決定したSteam版「アルカナハート3 LOVEMAX SIXSTARS!!!!!!」の発売を記念して、Twitterキャンペーンを行います。  

①エクサム広報Twitterアカウント( @examu_PR )をフォローしてください。  




抽選で30様に『アルカナハート マルチパーパスステッカー』全24種類の中からランダムで一枚プレゼントさせていただきます。 


キャンペーンも、残すところあとわずかとなりましたが、 引き続きどうぞご支援、ご協力をよろしくお願いいたします。



9月から開始したバッカーキットでの事前予約販売も、11月19日に終了となります。 そこでキャンペーンの最後を盛り上げるため、『アルカナハート深夜の真剣お絵描き60分一本勝負』を行います。  



お題に沿って60分間で描いたイラストをTwitterに投稿するお絵描き企画です。 イラストの完成度、技量はまったく問いません。また、4コマ漫画などイラスト以外の形式でもかまいません。 


①ハッシュタグ『 #アルカナハート3LMSSS発売記念深夜の真剣お絵描き60分一本勝負』をつけて、  


抽選で30名様に『アルカナハート マルチパーパスステッカー』全24種類の中からランダムで1枚プレゼントさせていただきます。  


※お絵描きの開始時刻は22時からですが、時間厳守ではありません。 究極的にいえば、19日の朝までに、ハッシュタグをつけて、60分で描いたイラストを投稿していただければエントリーとして受付ます。  




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    1. cyxceven on

      Hey. I didn't get to fill out my survey!!!

    2. Vince Vazquez

      Ah cool, there's a tip jar on BackerKit :) I don't need extras, and I don't want you to use money on extra goodies - as cool as they are. I just wanted to kick in a little more to help push for Dark Heart (^-^)

      Good luck on the art contest, anyone who enters. My stupid tablet, or pen, is acting screwy so I'm not able to do anything artistic at the moment (or maybe it's just the pen tip... crud, I should look for the replacements...). Hope to see some cool stuff this weekend!