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The unique 2D fighting game action of the Arcana Heart series continues with this latest edition English port to PC.
The unique 2D fighting game action of the Arcana Heart series continues with this latest edition English port to PC.
2,987 backers pledged $324,639 to help bring this project to life.

Stretch Goals & New Characters

Posted by EXAMU Inc. (Creator)


Hello Everyone!

Thank you all again for your enthusiasm and support! In just 4 days you got us to our initial goal for the Steam port of SixStarS!!!!!! Now it is on to the stretch goals!

Stretch Goals


Paracelsia the Arcana of Life

Meeting this stretch goal will add the ultimate hidden boss of the Arcana Heart series, Paracelsia, as a selectable Arcana. As part of this stretch goal, the game will also undergo a full re-balancing.

The new Arcana and characters will be included in the $25 reward on up once the stretch goals have been met. After the Kickstarter finishes the additional characters and Arcana are planned to be made available as paid DLC.

Arcana Heart: New Character Introduction


Code Name: Shark Girl

Shark Girl was created from an amalgamation of marine creatures using a shark as a base body. Able to transform her body at will, her movements are very deceptive. She will no doubt be fun to play. Just look at her!

It was Paracelsia the Arcana of Life, who brought Shark Girl into existence, and is planned to appear as Shark Girl's Arcana.

Code Name: Dark Heart

Dressed in all black, she wears a school cap tipped down low that bears a heart insignia. Wielding a short and long sword, she fights double bladed. Deep inside her, she harbors a strong hatred for Heart Aino.

Her Arcana is the Love Prison Geist.

Code Name: Omega

An Angel whose power was too great to be released, Omega remained sealed away from time long ago. In her heart resides the 24th and ultimate Arcana--Omega.

Omega is planned as a boss character in the World Extinction story line.


Concerning the many stretch goal requests you have sent us, we first want to thank you very much for your lovely ideas. We will be looking into them all with the different members of our team so we can make the best game possible. It is our fullest intention to produce the game with you the backers in mind, so we please ask for your continued support throughout.  

In our next update will be announcing new rewards and reward upgrades, so please be on the lookout!













サメをベースに様々な水棲生物を組み合わせて生み出したホムンクルス 体を自在に変化させ、トリッキーな戦い方をする 契約聖霊は命のアルカナ『パラセルシア』  


主人公の『愛乃はぁと』に強い敵意を抱いている黒衣の聖女 長剣と短剣、二つの武器を持ち、二刀流で戦う 契約聖霊は『愛獄のガイスト』  


強大すぎる聖霊力ゆえに長い間、封印されていた聖女 心臓には24番目にして究極のアルカナ「オメガ」が宿っている 『オメガ』は新シナリオ「世界滅亡編」のボスキャラクターとして登場予定  




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    1. Missing avatar

      Christopher Waling on

      @StarDragon - I understand your first point, free for backers, paid for DLC to non-backers.
      On the second point, I never said $1200 was for AH1+2 to get ported over, what I mean is that I think one of the stretch goals or tiers should be a complete digital line up of the series and/or a complete physical line up of the series in deluxe boxset form with plenty of goodies, now I dont know costs of porting or remastering a game but one can guess it would be one of if not the last stretch goal added purely speculating on costs, I'm not sure what would be more expensive - HD sprites that some have asked for, the new characters/arcana's or porting the series over to Steam and also producing all the physical gear involved. personally if I was a massive AH fan a holy grail set you could actually hold would be the ultimate dream, far more valuable than a new character could ever give, at least to me. Imagine having a total character poster collection+ group based poster, some postcards of locations and CG's, the OST, hardcover artbook, the commemorative item, signed letter of thanks from the team, statue (choice of characters), the total sticker set, every AH game on DVD (steam and maybe even non-steam based who knows), full colour manual for each game, the artbook would cover ideas, designs and concepts behind the series including historical information, unused proposals etc, sounds good right? Not an exhaustive list by any means, but it's my dream for the AH series.

    2. Missing avatar

      pip25 on

      @Christopher Waling
      I don't understand what you mean by "incomplete". The primary goal of this Kickstarter was to get the full game ported to PC. The full game, with all the characters from the arcade version. Any other character presented as a stretch goal here would be brand new, never before playable in any version of the game.
      Even if we don't reach any of the stretch goals, nothing will be missing from the game. What's at stake now is simply extra content. (And a balance patch, I suppose.)

    3. StarDragonJP on

      @Christopher Waling
      1. It says right there that the characters will be included with 25$ & up pledges but DLC for everyone else
      2. They said on twitter yesterday that they were going to make a pledge between $300 & $1200. They doing a kickstarter because they need the money to do the port, what makes you think a $1200 pledge is enough to port the first 2 games? I don't know if you've been on Kickstater before, but any time I've ever seen pledges over a few hundred dollars they're never worth it. They're basically just you throwing money at them because you want them to make the game.I agree with you about the stretch goals though, I'd be surprised if we even get the shark girl.

    4. Missing avatar

      Christopher Waling on

      1. I have zero intention of doing a pledge AND then having to pay for DLC >>>on top<<< of that pledge to gain access to any SG contents, if we (as backers) get them free...great, but your wording makes it sound like we pay.

      2. I have zero interest in new arcana and characters, what I want is a fully lined up physical set with REAL value attached and not some half-baked excuse of a measure as seen in other projects I have backed in the past, for example...the complete sticker set line-up MUST be dropped to the $300 area and up, not locked off at the $1200 and up range where it's clearly seen as a rip-off to a lot of people looking in that area, heck not even the shikishi is worth that much in value, ESPECIALLY when it's only a random "reproduction" and not even an original piece, and random...really? Seems extremely pointless, should have been "original AND request" based from $1200 upwards.

      As my other post says, port/remaster all the AH games into a deluxe boxset with extras and it gets my vote, I dont care if it took a year or so to bring them over, as long as it was done

      To me all those SG's are not attainable which means we get an incomplete game which I utterly wont stand for in any game and thus would not get played for a VERY long time, whereas you do the physical stuff, it's far more attainable (and affordable, paper seems cheaper than making sprites), and you only have to produce so many based on how many would back at that tier, a $500 total physical boxset lineup can cover this, or however much it would be.

      I'm still backing, just extremely disappointed in the current state of things, I expected 2 physical based SG and all characters and arcana in the very last SG due to high costs involved

    5. WiredRM on

      All the new characters look very fun to play, I hope we hit the stretch goals for at least a couple of 'em!

    6. Gojiki on

      @Tiso Spencer
      Yes, but she will follow the series tradition of not showing a single panty shot (which is still amazing by the way) and honestly, I can't even get mad at her basically being nude (and apparently beating up Ragna from BlazBlue for his coat) when they are so creative about covering her naughty bits

    7. Gojiki on

      I'm glad to see EXAMU auto-corrected so fast to include a goal for making Omega playable (seriously, what's with this series and awesome unplayable designs . . . Mildred-sama! ; -;7 ) but yeah, we'll have to really work hard to get the ball back rolling . . . I hope they have a backup plan to look at alternate avenues to possibly fill these goals should we come up short. The Rise of Dark Heart must be imminent!

    8. Tiso Spencer

      So Omega is naked?

    9. Iris on

      Awesome new designs! (especially Shark Girl tbh)
      Hoping you guys figure out something for an updated sprites stretch goal :)
      Also looking forward to the new rewards!

    10. Paireon, lumberjack of Brimstone

      @FinalCataclsym - Well for the name I'm assuming that it's to bring it more in line with its inspiration: the famous Renaissance alchemist Paracelsus, true name Theophrastus von Hohenheim (yes, he also inspired the name of that guy from that famous manga). Also, if I read this correctly, she's an Arcana now, wouldn't be surprised if it came with a slight name change.

    11. FinalCataclsym on

      I'm surprised they're going with that name translation since it was Parace L'sia (or something similar to that effect) during Score Attack Mode. I'm curious what happenes to her Arcana of Life and I agree it'd be better to get existing characters like Mildred and Parace playable over adding new ones IMO.

    12. Gojiki on


      I want her in SOOOOO bad (way more than Shark Girl .v.) but the momentum seems kind of lost . . . I'll do what I can, but I'm not betting getting much further than Parace . . . Hopefully our support will convinced Investor-kun Q.Q

      Also, as much as I'd love some new story content, having unplayable bosses makes me sad . . . Mildred not being fully playable (though she is an amazing Arcana) has always been the series' greatest sin ; -;7 And I'm surprised it took this long to consider Parace for the same treatment, given her . . .*cough* "popularity" ' x'

    13. Missing avatar

      pip25 on

      Interesting. The first two stretch goals definitely seem attainable. The rest... we shall see.