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Research! Explore! Colonize! Survive! Oh yeah, and save the planet if it is profitable.  A Hex tile space exploration game!
Research! Explore! Colonize! Survive! Oh yeah, and save the planet if it is profitable. A Hex tile space exploration game!
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Mat Update!


Hi again everybody, we've got some minor updates for you this week: 


We have been hard at work here at BFR. We are closing in on finalizing our art, regularly conversing with our US printer, and our overseas manufacturer who will be producing our ships. Everything seems to be going well - and our target of September shipping seems to be on course! 


We have great news for the 176 of you that added a mat to your backer reward: Our mats are getting ready to enter production. We will be producing the 27" diameter mat as hoped. We are producing this in California, shipping them to lovely Seattle, where they will be die-cut by a local manufacturer in the Ballard neighborhood, and then packaged for shipment (and retail) by BFR. This has been an interesting process, bringing a new product to market. We plan to make these in a lot of different designs for all of your tile game needs. They work great with Settlers and Carcassonne, not to mention Twilight Imperium and Disaster Looms! These will be ready well in time to ship with your games.  Would you like to add a mat to your order?  Here is the link:


Many of you (140+) live here in our fine little town of Seattle. Many more of you will be in town for a minor affair called PAX Prime. Our current plan/goal/hope is to have Disaster Looms! and all of the backer rewards ready for the week of PAX Prime - and to put on a little "thank you" party - that is really a cleverly designed 'save-us-shipping' event. We are currently looking for a venue and location that would work for this type of event (suggestions are welcome), and have approached several local game stores and other appropriate venues.

Speaking of Penny Arcade...

Penny Arcade launched a Kickstarter Project today to help eliminate ads and the need to advertise on their own site. As fans, volunteers, and recent Kickstarter beneficiaries, we feel that the least we could do would be to draw your attention their Pledge Drive:


Here is a preview of another CEO.  Much more to come...

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    1. Creator Xodiac on July 15, 2012

      Speaking of parties in Seattle, will you have a presence at Dragonflight (, Bellevue's gaming convention , in four weeks?

    2. Creator Break From Reality Games on July 14, 2012

      @Peter: Unfortunately, we are not expecting the mats to be finished in the next two weeks. We are currently expecting to have them in hand by mid-August, in plenty of time to ship with the games.

    3. Creator Peter Holthaus on July 11, 2012

      Is there a completion date for the Mat production?
      I'll be in/around Seattle during the next two weeks and I think it'd be nice to stuff one into my suitcase on the way home.

    4. Creator Ross Conner on July 10, 2012

      If I paid for shipping to Canada and pick up the game at PAX Prime, will I be refunded the charge for shipping?

    5. Creator David Reeves on July 10, 2012

      Excellent news!! The mat will be useful for MANY games I have. Thanks, BFR!

    6. Creator Break From Reality Games on July 10, 2012

      @Miranda - Awesome question, we wish we had mentioned that in the post (it has been edited now). We are producing these in 27" diameter as hoped.

    7. Creator Miranda Folland on July 10, 2012

      So what size did you settle on for the mats?