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Research! Explore! Colonize! Survive! Oh yeah, and save the planet if it is profitable.  A Hex tile space exploration game!
Research! Explore! Colonize! Survive! Oh yeah, and save the planet if it is profitable.  A Hex tile space exploration game!
Research! Explore! Colonize! Survive! Oh yeah, and save the planet if it is profitable. A Hex tile space exploration game!
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International Tabletop Day!

Backers -

International Tabletop Day 

In case you missed it - most of your friendly local game stores are running events today in celebration of International Tabletop Day. This is the 2nd year for the Geek&Sundry / Will Wheaton inspired game day. Check out this link to visit the tabletop site and see who is holding events in your area: 

Break From Reality Games will be at the Uptown Espresso & Gameporium (3845 Delridge Way in Seattle, WA) all day today with Disaster Looms!, and our very soon to be released game: Damage Report. Event starts at 10AM - midnight! Come in, play games, and earn a free drink, a fresh baked pretzel, or a 20% discount on any game. We also have some cool promos to give away.

Uptown Espresso & Gameporium 

We are also demoing our current Kickstarter Project: Uptown Espresso! It is a real time card game for 2-4 players that plays in under 20 minutes. Players are baristas making drinks and ringing out customers, competing to see who can make $50 first. Check out our Kickstarter page here: UPTOWN ESPRESSO The art is done for this game, and we just need to raise funds to print it. We are also looking to raise a bit of extra funds to create and place some additional art in the Gameporium. 

Check out our Facebook page to learn more about the event at the Gameporium today - if you are in Seattle, we would love to see you! 

Cheers, Eric Salyers
~Break From Reality Games

GripMat Shipping Update!

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Backers -

GripMat Shipping Update

Today I received word that 130 of our 172 Pre-ordered Disaster Looms! GripMats have shipped, with instruction manuals and connectors!

The other 42 will go out Tuesday if all goes as they have planned. 

Please - for our sanity and joy - send me pictures of your GripMats - preferably with Disaster Looms! set up on your table in play. I would love to do see happy backers with GripMats, and Disaster Looms! :)  It has been a long time coming... but we are on the last mile now for these.


As a reminder - the connectors are slightly larger than the holes cut into the Dashboards.  Please use a knife, or scissors to slightly widen the hole to allow it to snugly fit.  Once done - these work amazingly well!  One would say... as intended!

Not received your manual?  email

If you have not received your manual - email me.  We had several people contact Eric last time we asked.  When you email, include your address.  He will confirm receipt, and send you another copy.


I am providing an update on this to just say... this is in the works. This expansion will add political intrigue, and external diplomatic opportunity.  We are working at a bit quicker pace these days than in 2013, so our plan is to be launching this on Kickstarter late summer.  Every Disaster Looms! backer will get a copy.

The Earth is dead.  Humanity has spread across known space. There is a bold new attitude to continue to explore, and push outward to find more galactic territory for humanity to call home. What can possibly stop this seemingly new Manifest Destiny? (Spoiler Alert: Aliens?)

Live in Seattle area?

We have a cool announcement to make! Break From Reality Games is working with Uptown Espresso to create Seattle's newest game store: Uptown Espresso & Gameporium!

We are converting the Uptown Espresso on Delridge Ave in West Seattle into a game store.  The process has begun, with our soft opening starting next week.  We have events every night starting Tuesday night.  See the schedule on our Facebook page.  Right now we do not have shelving, and we only a few titles on hand, but you are welcome to stop in and see us. We will do another post on this as we continue this adventure.  Our primary focus at this location will be to continue to serve Seattle's finest espresso beverages, and to introduce gaming to many people who are unaware of the hobby. We have a welcoming environment, and one that is conducive to gathering or meeting friends and enjoying a game. Service, knowledge, and quality will be our mantra.    

Our first game delivery - only 6 titles till Monday, then another 3.  We will have 400+ in 2 weeks!
Our first game delivery - only 6 titles till Monday, then another 3. We will have 400+ in 2 weeks!

What does this mean for BFR?  Great things!  Our development schedule just got cut in half as most of our staff is exclusively focused on the game industry, and game development.   

Follow and see events on Facebook:

To learn more about Uptown Espresso, visit our website:

More to come soon!

~Break From Reality Games~

Mailings and GripMats

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Backers -

First let me wish you all a Happy New Year.  I hope 2014 is starting out right.


Many of you should have received your mailing.  If you have not, contact me at  I hope the new instruction manual is appreciated - I know it had improved our feeling toward Disaster Looms! as this game now has what it should have all along.


Well I over estimated when these would be shipping.  The holidays caused both back ups, slow downs, and closings at our manufacturer... and they just completed the run of these last week.  Everything is in transit to my fulfillment warehouse and should be there Monday.  I have sent the address spreadsheet over - so now they just need to start shipping these.  I expect them to be done in a week.  I will let you know when I receive confirmation that they have all been shipped. 

GripMats on Kickstarter - Final Days

If you have not checked this out, then I would like to invite you to do so.  Now that we have production up and running - we will be offering a TON of options.  We have 30+ art images unlocked - and more to come in the next couple days.  Here are a few images.  We alos have exclusive mats for several games like Burning Suns, Secrets of the Lost Tomb, and more:

Galaxy - up to 48" x 48"
Galaxy - up to 48" x 48"
Green Field - up to 48" x 48"
Green Field - up to 48" x 48"
Dungeon Floor - up to 48" x 48"
Dungeon Floor - up to 48" x 48"
Planetside - Red (5 colors available)
Planetside - Red (5 colors available)

As you can see - lots of choices.  We expect to have fulfillment complete by the end of March 2014 on this project.  Please contact me with questions.


We are beginning to work on this project finally.  We are expecting to do a small Kickstarter campaign for it in late summer.  We will also be doing a re-print of the entire tech deck. Better cards, and we are going to be adding some new content to the deck as well. 

~ Break From Reality Games ~

GripMat Update

Backers -


For the 165 of you who backed to receive a GripMat, you will be happy to know that I have  a confirmed ship date for when these will be shipping form factory to BFR for packaging. December 18th.  Thus we should have the mats around 12/23.  During the week of Christmas the team will be out of town, until the 27th... thus we will begin shipping the GripMats upon our return on the 27th.

Connectors / Manuals

Many of you have received your revised manuals.  Many more of you will next week.  The balance should have them by the end of the month.  If you have not received a manual by the 4th of January - we missed you, or have a wrong address. Contact us at

GripMats on Kickstarter & Contest on BGG

We are funded!  And we have unlocked a lot of art! GripMat Kickstarter  

We have also launched a contest on boardgamegeek.  Good luck for all those you participate: BGG Contest

Thank you all - and hopefully you are finding Disaster Looms! a much better game with a much better written manual.  We spent months working on getting the revised manual just right - we hope you think it was worth it.

Cheers ~Eric Salyers~ 

GripMat Update - Kickstarter Launched Today

Backers -

We launched our Kickstarter today to fund new sizes, and art options. For those of you who backed the $20 GripMat (or as we called them back then play mats) you will be happy to know you got an excellent deal!  Though after waiting as long as you all have - you deserved a good deal.  Production has begun on the Starfield mats - and we should have them in hand, we hope, next week.  Fingers crossed (or whatever your tradition is for luck)... as we still need a good deal of luck when dealing with production it seems.

GripMat Kickstarter Launched! 

 We launched our next Kickstarter today - and it is your fault. The creation of the  Disaster Looms! GripMat led us to creating something truly innovative that both enhances the game play, and engagement of many games. This project is all about art, and getting more art options. You may want to keep an eye on it as we will be doing some cool things in releasing licensed art form external artists, as well as at least one other gaming accessory innovation. Whether you have a mat coming to you or not - you may want to check these out! GRIPMAT KICKSTARTER Get a Grip on Your Game! 

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you in the US - and to everyone not... same to you as well. The holiday to me is all about introspection and being aware of all that you have in your life to be thankful for: friends, work, home, coffee... whatever it might be. I have an item on my Thankful For List that most people on Earth do not: backers. It is a great thing you do in placing your faith with another human being - and an act of kindness that undoubtedly has changed, and will continue to change our world. Not just our hobby, but the society in which we live. Kickstarter is truly a community. We need more Kickstarters. 

 Cheers,  Eric Salyers ~Break From Reality Games~

One of the art options that backers get to vote for - unlocked at 50 backers.
One of the art options that backers get to vote for - unlocked at 50 backers.