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$2,791 pledged of $18,000 goal
$2,791 pledged of $18,000 goal

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    1. 22collectiv on September 6, 2016

      Man, why didn't I think of that! Best of luck :)

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      Salvatore Barone on August 31, 2016

      Really practical and fun idea. Best of luck!

    3. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Stivrins on August 31, 2016

      I can't wait to get my crayon boxes! Also, I love the charity partnership that you've made - nice work!

    4. Missing avatar

      Sabrina Simmons on August 30, 2016

      I have ordered for my kids, Christmas presents, and friends! I am ecstatic!

    5. Missing avatar

      Thomas Connelly on August 30, 2016

      Great idea - my niece will love this!

    6. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Straton on August 30, 2016

      Good luck, you two!!

    7. Missing avatar

      Sarah Coughlin on August 30, 2016

      Best of luck! Can't wait to get one of these for my nephews! If they don't destroy it, you know it's indestructible!

    8. Missing avatar

      Lauren Danza on August 30, 2016

      My 4 year old tried the prototype of this crayon box and loved it! Can't wait to get our own box! (Now if only you have an invention to prevent 1 year olds from coloring on walls...)

    9. Missing avatar

      Adam Sterling on August 30, 2016

      Wish I had this crayon box when I was growing up! Won't topple over and spill-proof. Look out Crayola, you've got some serious competition!

    10. Missing avatar

      Mike on August 30, 2016

      This is a great idea!!

    11. Missing avatar

      Rich Kissel on August 30, 2016

      Worthwhile venture! All the best luck with this!

      The Kissel Kids

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      Dr. Emmett L. Brown on August 30, 2016

      The future has not been written yet. Go to it! ELB

    13. Missing avatar

      Rich Kissel on August 30, 2016

      All the best wishes for this inspiring project!!

    14. Missing avatar

      Karen Iannace on August 30, 2016

      This is a game-changer! As a parent of a 2 1/2 year old (and a 7 month old), crayons are EVERYWHERE at all times. To have a crayon box like the Ready XO Crayon Box would be a huge help in my life! (And a huge help to all parents, caregivers, teachers, etc.!) Also, I really love that pledges for this project will result in donations of the Ready XO Crayon Boxes to "No Crayon Left Behind." Awesome!!!!

    15. Missing avatar

      Sandra Bruckenthal on August 30, 2016

      Fabulous idea!
      Looking forward to sharing these crayons boxes with my grandchildren

    16. Missing avatar

      Margo on August 30, 2016

      Love this idea! Good luck!!!

    17. Missing avatar

      Meredith Coleman on August 30, 2016

      I'm so excited to donate these fun and sturdy crayon boxes to No Crayon Left Behind!

    18. Missing avatar

      Merri Celebrationts on August 30, 2016

      Great project! Can't wait to receive mine!

    19. Otaku Kani
      on August 30, 2016

      Hi Shannon, and Welcome Back for Round Two!

      I appreciate your campaign and think you have a really good idea here, as the world needs a sturdy and stable reusable container to store crayons, over the cardboard box that inevitably falls apart dropping and breaking crayons all over. I also appreciate that you have dropped your funding goal from $50k to $18k in an attempt to bring your campaign to frutation. Unfortunately, I cannot any longer pledge for the two boxes as I did in your previous campaign partly because the pledge level for the equivalent reward has increased double from 2@ $15 to 2@ $30. Even though this pledge level in your new campaign also includes the donation of your product to a very good cause.

      My choice not to back at the same level is not only due to the reward level doubling in cost, but since your last campaign, any increased funding of your campaign will not be possible for me at this time as my ex has violated a court order and has moved out of state and 1400 miles away, and at this point I am unsure if I will even ever see or have contact with my daughter again for her to benefit from any reward Crayon Boxes. And I may be forced to liquidate alot of my possessions and move somewhere nearby my daughter(after locating them) for the sake of her having a father in her pre-teen life. Not an easy task when I am also fighting a mobility and chronic pain disability.

      It is also unfortunate that you have also chosen a shorter campaign length this time around, as I believe this shorter campaign time, in addition to the doubling of the pledge amount needed for rewards will make it difficult for success, and personally may have given me additional time to pledge at a higher reward level which would have helped reach your goal. What I feel that I can comfortably do is that I halved my previous pledge and will not take a reward in this campaign and will just wish you good luck and I hope you have success this time around!