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Confrontation! The skirmish miniature game comes back in a celebration box. 
Join the community of the legendary miniatures game now!
Confrontation! The skirmish miniature game comes back in a celebration box. Join the community of the legendary miniatures game now!
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Confrontation Classic Update #4 - Pledge Manager & New profiles

Posted by SANS-DETOUR (Creator)

Greetings dear adventurers,

It’s time to bring you an update about the Pledge Manager.
It will open its doors on Wenesday, July 18th

If you participated in the Kickstarter campaign, you can, through the Pledge Manager, choose the exact contents of your participation (Pledge and Add-ons) If you didn’t get to take part in the campaign, the pre-order store will be available at the same time and will give you access to the offers available during the campaign. You’ll find a complete list of the available offers in the next Aarklash Post, which will come out soon.

In addition to this news, a little bonus: Those of you who are longtime fans of Confrontation probably know that some of the models offered for Confrontation Classic didn’t have game profiles. We’ve fixed this with profiles for the 3 Skull Warriors, the Griffin, and the Cadwë Bodyguard. We’re also revealing the final versions of Ashan Delerith and of the Unstable Gargoyles.

Bonjour chers aventuriers,

Il est temps de vous donner des nouvelles du Pledge Manager.
Celui-ci ouvrira ses portes Mercredi 18 Juillet

Si vous avez participé à la campagne Kickstarter, vous pourrez grâce à celui-ci choisir le contenu exact de votre participation (Pledge et Add-ons). Pour ceux qui n'auraient pas eu la chance de participer à la campagne, la boutique de pré-commandes sera disponible en même temps et vous donnera accès aux offres proposées durant la campagne. Vous retrouverez l'ensemble des offres disponibles dans le prochain Aarklash Post, à paraître prochainement.

En complément de cette actualité, un petit bonus : vous qui êtes fans de Confrontation depuis longtemps, vous n'êtes pas sans savoir que certaines des figurines qui sont proposées dans Confrontation Classic n'avaient pas de profils de jeu. Voici la chose réparée avec les profils pour les 3 Guerriers Crânes, le Griffon et le Garde du Corps Cadwë. Nous vous proposons aussi les versions finales d'Ashan Delerith et des Gargouilles Instables.


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    1. HaleysRedComet on

      I'm still confused about the Leadership ability on the Primus Skull Warrior. Is he part of a War Staff - how would that be formed? How does he utilize the ability? It doesn't seem to work with the system at all.

    2. Missing avatar

      Sylvain on

      And the flavour texts for these ?
      Show us your fanboism, Joss !

    3. Prime All

      Looking forward to the new Ashan Delerith and of the Unstable Gargoyles Stats

      Dans l'attente de la nouvelle Ashan Delerith et des statistiques Gargoyles instables

    4. HaleysRedComet on

      @Joss - Cool! So another thing I noticed was that the Primus Skull Warrior has "Leadership/10". How will that work on him?

    5. Joss Collaborator on

      You assume correctly ^^
      And yes, we will edit the rulebook with those changes. There won't be much though. But we though those few specifics changes could improve the understanding.

    6. HaleysRedComet on

      @Joss - Interesting. I assume that Undead is the new Living-Dead. Does this mean that you will be making edits to the rulebook to reflect these changes?

    7. Joss Collaborator on

      @ Robbin
      Il restera ouvert plusieurs semaines et au moins jusque fin Septembre.

      Tough is the new translation for Hard-boiled which was a bit odd.

    8. Robbin Desmecht

      Et pendant combien de temps sera ouvert ce pledge manager? Merci!

    9. HaleysRedComet on

      Looks interesting! Also - what does the ability "tough" do? I don't see it in the book.