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Confrontation! The skirmish miniature game comes back in a celebration box. 
Join the community of the legendary miniatures game now!
Confrontation! The skirmish miniature game comes back in a celebration box. Join the community of the legendary miniatures game now!
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Confrontation Classic Update #2

Posted by SANS-DETOUR (Creator)

Greetings, adventurers !

As promised, we keep you updated about the progress of the campaign with a couple news.

The Pledge Manager is our number one priority. It isn’t totally ready yet, because we want to present you with a very complete and detailed solution.

About profile cards. We took your latest feedback into consideration, since the previous news. We therefore decided to keep the Confrontation original design for the Classic version, in order to avoid confusion. The only modification on this design will be the faction logos, so that you can identify the miniatures’ affiliation easily.

Tell us what you think about it on the Facebook page !

Bonjour chers aventuriers !

Quelques nouvelles pour vous tenir informés de nos progrès.

Le Pledge Manager est notre priorité numéro 1. Il est toujours en cours de finalisation car nous souhaitons vous proposer un outil des plus complets.

Concernant les cartes de profil. Nous avons bien pris en compte les retours que vous nous avez adressés depuis la dernière actu. Nous avons donc choisi de conserver le modèle original des cartes de Confrontation pour Classic afin de ne pas générer de confusion. Nous allons toutefois déroger un tout petit peu à ce graphisme original afin d'ajouter les logos de factions, histoire que vous puissiez identifier l'affiliation des figurines plus facilement.

Dites-nous ce que vous en pensez sur la page Facebook !


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    1. Fallen on

      Dam I like the new card design

    2. Missing avatar on

      Mmm i think that about the new logo of the factions the perceprion or the newone is more easily and fast to undestand about what kind of faction is that card/char ok.... but i m a “old player” of confrontation and i still prefer xD the “design” of the old logo xD ahahahah xD but i mist admite that the oldone is surly more harder to understand the exactly faction of the card/char, especially respect of the new logo:-)

    3. Missing avatar

      Stéphane LAURENT on

      Excellente nouvelle ! Je vous remercie d'avoir tenu compte des retours des joueurs. Le problème de l'icône de magie doit encore être réglé, mais c'est une bonne idée de vouloir ajouter une indication de faction sur la carte pour les nouveaux joueurs qui vont directement se retrouver avec un gros paquet de figurines à différencier.

    4. Missing avatar

      Olivier Khassime

      Bonne idée le retour en arrière pour mettre les noms des compétences, car les symbole allait rentre la lecture des cartes assez compliquée.

    5. Missing avatar


      So you go back with the original cards and stat and especially all the skills finally and not just those you had previously left by removing others... It's already that, and then it'll require less work than redoing all the cards or telling the players (like me) who still have the figurines that you didn't expect to reissue that they couldn't use them... And then it also delays the fact that you would have had to quickly foresee the "classic" rules for these cards when there you're leaning on an already made and solid basis. That'll give you more time for Resurrection.

    6. Missing avatar

      Tomasz Chuk on

      I like new stat icons more. Havent play ever this game, but descriptions are sort of confusing. Generally If you make it easier to learn im into this. Otherwise, meh.

    7. Missing avatar

      Sylvain on

      Cool ! I think this is a great step toward what the game was and how it was played.
      Thank you for this !

    8. SANS-DETOUR Creator on

      We will show them in a futue news :)

    9. Meisel on

      And what about the casting stats? Those are shown in that position how would a caster card look like?

    10. SANS-DETOUR Creator on

      The rank is still indicated on the card (Rank : Stateless Special Champion)

      @ Keith
      No rule changes are planned for Classic.

    11. HaleysRedComet on

      @Andreas Krexa - I want to start by saying that keeping the original design is a good idea.

      You are correct - this change would mean placing magic and faith stats another place. I also think they could have chosen a non-stateless model card to make this point with, too.

    12. Missing avatar

      Andreas Krexa on

      This is a pretty bad Idea as this Icon shows you what rank the unit has and also the magical stats of the unit.
      It feels like you have not thought this through completely.

    13. Missing avatar

      Keith McCoy on

      It is the smart move to leave cards for Confrontation Classic be the standard C3 cards, as that was what "Classic" was advertised as before and during funding. The rules represented should be reflective of official C3-3.5. Not fan alterations, not CORD changes, not EVO, not anything but the official C3-3.5, as that is the common denominator for everyone.

      Save changes to card design for when you release Resurrection....and in the meantime, keep C3-3.5 (Classic) cards the way they were since you aren't changing anything else about the rules. It will keep these cards in sync with all the old gaming materials that came before.

    14. Benjamin Grimonprez on

      Excellente nouvelle. Rajouter des icônes sans descriptif était une mauvaise idée (surtour pour des nouveaux joueurs...deja bien pénible pour les stats de base).