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Confrontation! The skirmish miniature game comes back in a celebration box. 
Join the community of the legendary miniatures game now!
Confrontation! The skirmish miniature game comes back in a celebration box. Join the community of the legendary miniatures game now!
2,363 backers pledged €403,575 to help bring this project to life.

Pictures of resin miniatures -- Photos de résines

Posted by SANS-DETOUR (Creator)

Discover a sample of the resin miniatures in the exact way they will be offered to you. You've got the Heavy Centaur, and  Melmoth which is part of the Skull Warriors Add-on.

Resin really is the best of the best when it comes to the exceptional rendering of details.

And discover the version of the Heavy Centaur painted by the Studio Giraldez !

Découvrez un échantillon du tirage résine tel qu’il vous sera proposé. Vous avez là le Centaure Lourd, et Melmoth qui est disponible dans l'Add-on Collector's Choice Skull Warrior.

La résine, c’est vraiment le trésor des trésors et un exceptionnel rendu des détails. 

Et découvrez la version du Centaure Lourd peint par le Studio Giraldez !

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    1. Peter James

      @Tim Richards
      Thanks Tim! I didn't realise that there were some prep stages where you could see some progress.

    2. Tim Richards on

      @Peter James
      Generally folks would have expected some sort of work had been done before launching this project in order to prove its feasibility. The models will need to be scanned and made castable in PVC rather than metal or resin - the moulding/casting is a very different process for different materials. Digitally scanning models could have been completed before making the outlay for moulding.

      Also, the lasting attraction of confrontation miniatures (for me), despite many sculpts being over 20 years old, were the fine details. PVC plastic is generally not as good at getting those fine details as metal or resin. An initial test model being done in PVC prior to asking backers to pony up 300+ euro would have gone a very long way to encourage backers they won't receive soft, ugly lumps of plastic for their investment.

    3. Peter James

      Can someone clarify something for me? The plastic figures haven't been made yet and neither have the moulds? That's what this kickstarter is for (in part)? So where do people think we're going to get photos in PVC from?

    4. Drew on

      Is Owen right? Are they really showing off a resin version of a mini that they're only doing in PVC?

    5. Owen Matthew Aurelio

      He is unlocked in PVC, but no way to get him in resin?

    6. CaitSidhe on

      Same question as Samuel, the centaur isn't part of the resin pledge which is only the base minis minus unlocked stretch goals but this update says it is?

    7. Owen Matthew Aurelio

      I needed to see PVC, personally.

      I'd take a copy of this dude, in resin, if I could. Can we? How do we get him, anyone know off hand?

    8. Drew on

      Joss mentioned having this resin mini earlier today- I think no one would have spared the pitch forks if he didn't post up pictures.

      But, yeah- a lot of people have been clamoring for PVC pictures, and there's no chance we'll see any of those.

    9. Missing avatar

      Samuel KOHN on

      How can we get the resin centaur ? It's a SG so it's not in the resin pledge.
      Comment peut-on avoir le centaure en résine ? C'est un SG donc il n'est pas inclu dans le pledge résine.

    10. Missing avatar

      Brendan Robertson on

      Ahahahahahahaha. People wanted pictures of the pvc models all campaign and you end with a resin model which only 2 people pledged for. Ahahahah must be a troll.

    11. Missing avatar

      Guitou on

      Good news. Thx for sharing ! :)