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Confrontation! The skirmish miniature game comes back in a celebration box. 
Join the community of the legendary miniatures game now!
Confrontation! The skirmish miniature game comes back in a celebration box. Join the community of the legendary miniatures game now!
2,363 backers pledged €403,575 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Prime All

      Thank you guys for bringing this truly wonderful world back to life.!! :)

    2. Joe Gans on

      Are you guys checking out your daily pledge stats? Just in case, look here for a daily update ...


      ... Pledges/backers are dropping daily, it's going the wrong way!!! :o[

      Not liking where this KS is going! Drifting towards quitting, with the hope this KS is cancelled and seriously reviewed, with the intention of an initial smaller pledge for factions of good/evil and/or individual factions. ;o[

    3. euh... ouais on

      Un révision des paliers semble une bonne idée mais cela me semble un peu tardif. -100 000€ en deux semaines... Il va vraiment falloir y mettre un coup là. Pitié, rendez les Molochs abordables car je pense qu'énormément des gens sont intéressés par cette figurine introuvable plutôt que par celles qui inondent ebay encore aujourd'hui.

    4. Missing avatar

      Joubert Franck on

      Mais oui allez y faites nous rêver!! Il me reste quelques deniers (c'est probablement ma plus belle rime). J'ose attendre du lourd de votre part et vous avez un univers génial en main. Que Mérin vous guide !

    5. Missing avatar

      Abel merin on

      That takes the cake !
      Three days to lay that. continue to take extended weekend to be with family...
      Review your priorities.
      Confrontation is no longer mine, stay in your bubble

    6. Missing avatar

      Aoidos - French Conf'Federation on

      Perhaps should you wait until the "very soon" next update before doing a SD bashing ?

      Perhaps the 1.25k stretch-goal will be lowered ?

    7. Tom aka "Original Timmy"

      @SD, What a joke of an update, promises that a big update was on its way and we get this, no one has been asking for more SG not for the last 7 days where you have lost 100K, the only questions about SG that have been asked is will they be locked.

      You guys need to wake up and smell the coffee, this KS has failed, trust has been lost and you have shown yourselves that you cant take criticism, the bleedout you are seeing will not stop it will only intensify

    8. Blangis

      April, the first, is behind us, guys...

    9. Silfidir on

      Merci à vous !!! Et nous tous !!!
      Une révision de palier ? Chic !!!!

    10. Ryko on

      @Melkanador +1
      Vous l'avez vraiment préparé cette campagne les gars? Plus efficace pour les RPG...

    11. Missing avatar

      Melkanador on

      Thanks for this joke of an update.

      It shows clearly that the miniature market might not be the way for SD.

      In Germany we have the proverb: cobbler, keep to your last!

      So maybe SD should stick with RPG and not with TT as they fail to communicate adequatly with customers, fail to adress some matters in time, fail to communicate in English, don´t answer relevant question.

      But a company who considers this KS a success when it lost more than 100k€+ funding in a few days should ask itself if it´s taking the right measures like taking a holiday instead of clearing things up.

    12. RGC on

      What a worthless update, nothing to acknowledge how badly this campaign is doing and totally in denial about their role in that.
      Nothing to address the genuine questions from backers and a stubborn refusal to actually engage with the people they are trying to get money from.
      It is a shame that a game like Confrontation should fall into the hands of such a company as SD.
      This could have been something great, but now, not a chance. I think we are seeing the final death throes of a great and memorable game.

    13. Chris on

      LOL This is a joke right? I keep seeing a ton of posts about soon. Soon we will have something. Dude time has run out. You can't seriously think this is succeeding? You are looking at making 30 models for stretch goals that are no longer met. You are saying that you can have the molds made for an extra 30 models for no increase in costs. If that is true then your stretch goals were very poorly thought out and maybe you wouldn't have lost $100,000 euros in a week. SHOW US THE PLASTIC.

      I actually think I may have this figured out. These factions packs are all going to be available in resurrection aren't they? A few of the posts lead me to believe that with the wording. Maybe it is a poor translation but I think you plan on selling these individual factions at a future date along with the new model line. I mean why would you go through all of this and specify that rules will be made for the models available in this kickstarter and then go and destroy the brand new molds you are making to fulfill this kickstarter. It makes no sense. You can NEVER sell these boxes at $1,200 at retail shops. No stores i know will buy models for a dead game to sit on the shelf at that price. I think we are all getting baited here. I will take my chances and get the factions I want at retail at a later date after I see the PVC. Because I have been around a long time and seen plenty of these kickstarters come and go and this will go one of three ways.
      1. It will fail (not likely as the goal was so low it will succeed but be a financial disaster)
      2. You will be unable to fulfill the orders and it if fail to deliver
      3. It will succeed but you will need to release the factions as individual factions to ensure a healthy profit and that your game succeeds next year.

      Personally my money is on 3 but MAYBE 2 as it seems that the entire staff over there is oblivious to the building being on fire around them.

    14. Missing avatar

      Morineau on

      @ PNK , je pense qu'ils parlent de nouveaux stretch goals
      I think they speak about new stretch goals

    15. Missing avatar

      Sylvain on

      A precision because there is lots of Sylv-something around. When thanking Sylvain, that news talks about Sylvain Couture, not me.

    16. Missing avatar

      Paul Leoncavallo on

      My interpretation of this update:

      *SD place hands over ears* "LA LA LA! I can't hear you! Everything is fine. LA LA LA!"

    17. Missing avatar

      PNK on

      Ça semble être une bonne nouvelle, mais quand vous dîtes paliers, ce sont de nouveaux pledges pour amener plus de petits contributeurs, ou juste de nouvelles figurines a débloquer si un jour les contributeurs reviennent et réinvestissent dans le projet ?

    18. Frederik Wunderlich on

      WTF !?

      All the passionate players who take the time to defend their game and this project in all kindness when people are curious and ask questions,

      Who the hell is in charge of your communication? This cannot be serious.

    19. Missing avatar

      Guldûr on

      Une révision des Paliers ? Faut partagez et innondez les réseaux ;:D

    20. Benjamin Grimonprez on

      Merci à vous! Des amis vont enfin pouvoir jouer à ce jeu légendaire!!