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Confrontation! The skirmish miniature game comes back in a celebration box. 
Join the community of the legendary miniatures game now!
Confrontation! The skirmish miniature game comes back in a celebration box. Join the community of the legendary miniatures game now!
2,363 backers pledged €403,575 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Kevin Chenevert on

      For those who have switched to the 1 euro pledge, be sure to increase your total pledge to the an amount that will cover the factions or add-ons you intend to select. It appears the Add-ons will be around 30euros or less. So change your 1 euro pledge to 30, 60, 90 euros etc if you have not already. If everyone does this, the total funds will more accurately reflect the projects progress toward its goal and stop some of the bleeding that has occurred over the last few days.

    2. Chris on

      I read that you were directing people to English Cry Havoc Scans. This is another great source for people to read and look at the line. It also had special scenarios. Any chances on a link to HQ digital copies of these magazines and mission booklets. I have only ever seen the separate booklets in French.

    3. Sébastien on

      C’est la première fois que je vis un KS de la sorte, avec autant de passion et en même temps de mécontentements.
      Pour moi ça devait être un projet au minimum à 1 500 000€ voir plus au vu du Fluff, de la qualité des figurines et du système de jeu. Sachant que je n’ai pas connu la période Confrontation, je me faisais une joie de rattraper mon retard, de m’intégrer à cette communauté qui n’a eu de cesse de faire vivre ce jeu après ça petite mort. Pourtant les bras m’en tombe quand je vois la communication.
      Bien sur il y a les trolls (fait chier j’ai l’impression dans être un) qui ne sont jamais content de la ligne que prend un tel ou untel sur la direction du projet, mais là le mal est plus profond. Vous vendez de la figurine (178 !) sans montrer quoi que ce soit sur le produit après une semaine(les coulisses, l’avancement du travail sur les moules, les rendu 3D etc…).
      Ce projet me tient à cœur, je vais rester positif et garder le sourire, en espérant que vous compreniez que ce qui est important lorsque l’on vend de la figurine, c’est LA FIGURINE.

    4. Missing avatar


      Which, considering the amount of backers lost between yesterday and the day before that, can be considered a success.

      The bleeding is slowly ending. Now SD can make this project go upwards.

    5. Missing avatar

      Cybris on

      @Guldûr, there are actually 2 less backers than this time yesterday.

    6. Gonzalo on

      Not the update I was hoping for, there are more pressing concerns. Again I'll ask for preview of the PVC miniatures, it would be great to be able to compare them to the old miniatures, wich for me is a deal breaker.

      Still it's a great booklet to know more about the interesting lore of Confrontation, where I can find more? Will you make available more material like this in the next days?

    7. Missing avatar

      Guldûr on

      @cybris, they dont loose backers ;D they have more backers ... but they loose money ... (to much backer switch pledge to 1euro, cuze they dont have the offer they wanted)

      Some fluff/story/background was a good point /

    8. Missing avatar


      I'm always happy to see another update, even if I had already read that document.

      Aarklash truly is a fascinating place.

    9. Missing avatar

      Cybris on

      I’m sorry, but this is the sort of update you post on day 1 or 2 or as filler when the project is going well. But in the last 2 and a bit days this project has lost over 22,000 euro. Please address the problems that are causing people to bail, or you will continue to lose backers. I know I am worried.

    10. Gutris

      This document definitely made me hungry for more!

      I read it Day 1, good doc, just want... more:)