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Confrontation! The skirmish miniature game comes back in a celebration box. 
Join the community of the legendary miniatures game now!
Confrontation! The skirmish miniature game comes back in a celebration box. Join the community of the legendary miniatures game now!
2,363 backers pledged €403,575 to help bring this project to life.

The clan Uraken is waiting a bit longer !

Posted by Joss (Collaborator)

Hello Adventurers !

These first 12 hours have been quite crazy, and we have been moved by your commitment and the efforts you have provided. In order to thank you for these incredible first hours we've been through, we feel it would be fair to unlock the Uraken Clan. Therefore, we have decided to participate in the momentum of these 12 first hours and to give you another 12 hours in order to unlock this Early Bird Legend!

And don't forget, you have already unlocked 11 miniatures! You're the best!
Bonjour Aventuriers,

Ces premières 12 heures ont été assez folles et on a vraiment été touché par votre engagement et les efforts que vous avez fourni. Pour vous remercier de ces premières heures assez énormes que vous nous avez fait vivre, on trouve juste que vous puissiez vous récompensez en débloquant le Clan Uraken. Nous avons donc décidé de participer à l'élan de ces 12 premières heures et avons choisi de vous laisser 12 heures de plus pour débloquer cet Early Bird Legend !

Et n'oubliez pas , vous avez déjà débloqué 11 figurines ! Vous êtes vraiment au top !


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    1. Nicolas Garreau on

      Maintenant il nous faut des visuels des prototypes pour les moules, au moins 95% des visuels que vous utilisez semblent être ceux de l'époque, soit les production métal des visuels promos de feu-rackham. Je comprends bine que l'évocation de la qualité des sculptures métal de l'époque est importante, mais attention au retour à la réalité si le le plastique n'offre pas une meilleure qualité que celui qui a scellé le destin de Rackham justement.
      Une grande majorité de souscripteurs potentiels attend de voir au moins les prototypes pour se décider. La nostalgie ne suffira si le plastique est de mauvaise facture, trop rugueux, pas assez solide, ou n'offre pas assez de relief pour peindre les (nombreux) détails des armures, visages, etc. Je serai tellement heureux de voir Confrontation renaitre de ses cendres, mais pas n'importe comment.

      Jusqu'ici, les visuels ne sont pas contractuels. Quelques photos d'ateliers seraient plus que bienvenues.

    2. Owen Matthew Aurelio

      Very kind of them to give 12 more hours on the

      I agree it’s time to show production samples or at least reveal what type of plastic and quality.

    3. ray bans

      yes what type of plastic is important, and who is casting it

    4. Ghorron

      @Prime All
      they said "plastic", but that doesn't mean a thing. there are lots of different kinds of plastic, ranging from soft rubbery stuff in ultra cheap board games, to high quality PVC used by CMON for Black Plague or Blood Rage (those are multi part too, but come pre-assembled), up to superior multi-part HIPS we can see in Games Workshop models.

      The material and manufacturing used for the miniatures defines the detail and overall quality the miniatures will have.
      Besides, it is almost sure the miniatures used in that PDF are not the plastic minis they will produce, but their resin masters (as can bee seen on Angel Giraldez FB post) or even their old metal miniatures line?

    5. Prime All

      The info on material that will be use is already answered FAQ=
      -The Confrontation Classic miniatures will be in PLASTIC. Metal and resin have been discarded from our thoughts for the following reasons: metal, due to its weight, would have ramatically increased the total of shipping fees. Resin requires longer production delays than plastic, which is incompatible with our determination to deliver this project without an unreasonable delay. In any case, our goal is to offer quality game material, adapted to the requirements of modern miniature gaming.

      Check out the Booklet-

    6. Missing avatar


      @Remy van Vliet is totally right on everything.

    7. Prime All

      Merci beaucoup, j'aime ces Goblins orientaux !!!!!
      Thank you very much, I love those oriental Goblins!!!!!

    8. ray bans

      it would make it more comfortable to promote

      if we knew what the material will be

      and who is doing the casting

      you are aiming this at collectors,

      this is an important detail

    9. Ghorron

      We don't even know, if the models in the PDF are the new plastic models, or resin masters, or older metal models?
      We dont even know if they will be one-piece PVC, multi-part, pre-assembled etc ...
      There are a lot of unknowns currently...

    10. Missing avatar

      Remy van Vliet

      Not all, or we wouldn't have so many questions. It's so obvious you even posted the wrong link ;-) People need to download a pdf to see the product, ask anyone in marketing, that's a barrier to entry. Also some of the models are 50% obscured by models in front of it.

      The problem is that the information is all over the place, people need to jump through hoops. KS is in essence a instant gratification business: 1.) Look at all the cool toys, 2.) Back project! In this case people need to hunt down the information most other successful KS provide all in one place...

    11. Lee Langston

      Have you all not looked at the Discovery booklet?

      It shows all the minis that are currently in the range. It has a posted link on the KS page as well as the website.

    12. BLECUA Frederic on

      I'm agree with "Remy van Vliet"
      Oui je suis un peu du même avis que "Remy".
      Il manque pas mal de précision.
      Pour les règles, je comprends, et si on veut on peut les trouver ailleurs.
      C'est plus sur la qualité du plastique et si les figurine seront ou non pré assemblées.
      Des photos seraient bien, une photo de toutes les figurine serait un plus qui motiverait.
      C'est le marché "Ricain" qui vous donnera le plus, alors soignez la comm avec eux. Pour votre futur.
      Le palier de "2000" était trop élevé aussi.
      Courage et

    13. Missing avatar

      Remy van Vliet

      Although I think it's a great gesture, it doesn't 'fix' anything.

      The problem is that those of us that don't back just on faith alone want more information before forking over €300+. I can also, not in good conscience, 'sell' this KS to anyone else that doesn't have the faith in this KS like I have. I simply don't have enough information and the information I do have I had to scavenge all over the internet, most backers aren't that dedicated or have that much patience.

      There are a LOT of people who weren't into miniatures gaming when Confrontation was around in it's original metal form, but have seen and have fallen in love with this range of minis, but due to availability aren't as intimately familiar with the whole range as some of us. That means pictures of all the models, some are now just obfuscated by their position in the faction image.

      So you might want to get out of your own way and provide us with the following information:
      - Consolidate all the information you have in one place (this is NOT Facebook), preferably here on this KS page.
      - Publish rules right away, a LOT of people aren't familiar with it and what to know what kind of game they are buying before forking over €300+.
      - Make one image with all the miniatures visible the same way. Maybe if people click on an image they get a larger image of that miniature.
      - Show images of preproduction models for the plastic process.
      - Tell us what plastic material it will be made in, tell us what you intend to do with polearms and swords (different material), tell us if it's pre-assembled, etc.

      I don't want to sound hostile, but your marketing people might know how to market through Facebook, but are VERY bad at marketing for KS! Keep your audience in mind, a LOT of us are old 35-45 old grognards that don't want anything to do with Facebook ;-)

    14. Gonzalo on

      Cool! I was afraid of not getting the goblins.

      Please, show post pictures of the miniatures, that would help a lot of people who are on the fence about the quality of the project to decide!

    15. Missing avatar

      vr059332 on

      YEEEEEESSSSSS !!! :) :)

    16. Missing avatar

      Ingvar on

      Bravo !
      Manque plus qu'un peu de com sur le plastique et vous serez parfait !
      Même si vous n'avez pas de prototype, mais au moins quelle qualité vous voulez atteindre, plutôt Zombicie? Plutôt GW?
      Et éventuellement qui les produira, qu'ont ils déjà fait?


    17. Ghorron

      Pictures of resin masters, plastic sculpts etc would boost pledges alot!
      I will definitly pull the plug, if I don't see any new miniatures in a timely manner ... :-/

    18. Ymlhael on

      Thanks so much guys!

    19. Gutris

      Great call, I hope you guys can spur just a little more action via posts relating to resins, casts, production copies... anything that shows the work you guys have clearly put into this.

    20. Jérôme T on

      Vous êtes géniaux!
      C'est un geste fort envers la communauté, un grand merci pour cette prolongation!