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An interactive LED based display for retro pixel art. Use your Android device to change the image or animation.
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Al Linke

303 backers pledged $51,536 to help bring this project to life.

PIXEL V2 is available now on Kickstarter

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PIXEL V2 ==>

Any help to spread the word would be greatly appreciated.



New Animations and PIXEL V2 Kickstarter Preview

Hey Everyone, PIXEL V2 is about to launch. As part of the launch, five new pixel artists were brought on who did some amazing animations for PIXEL. Best of all, this new art is available and free to you now. Just upgrade your PIXEL animations Android app or the PC app. For the Android app, you'll need to delete the pixel/pixelanimations folder on your local SD card / internal storage and the new animations will show up after re-starting the app.

Other than the new form factor, the big feature for PIXEL V2 (based on your feedback) is the ability to run animations in stand alone mode. You set the art from your Android or PC and the animations will continue to run after your device has been disconnected. 

The plan is to launch PIXEL V2 on Kickstarter at the beginning of January. There's a preview of the Kickstarter below (you'll see some of the new animations in the video). I'd really love your feedback and am open to make changes prior to the launch, please do add a comment with your thoughts.

Happy Holidays!


PIXEL Desktop Prototype Version 2 - Would Love your Feedback

Hey everyone, here are some pics and a video of version 2 of the PIXEL Desktop prototype. Unlike the wall hanging PIXEL, PIXEL Desktop would go on your desk. If people like it and the concept, most likely we'll do another Kickstarter for it. 

I'm thinking to do it in all black. However by unscrewing four screws, you can swap in an alternative acrylic panel to change the lighting effect as seen in the pics with the white front panel.

Note the back of the prototype sticks out pretty far. We'll most likely design a new board which will make this back part stick out about half as it does now.

I'd love your feedback on the prototype and any suggestions/features you'd like to see. Thank you very much. 



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PIXEL Shipping Status and PIXEL Desktop Idea

Hey Everyone, 

Minus a few pending shipments, everyone should have received PIXEL by now. If you did not receive yours, please do let me know. And if you get a chance, shoot me a note on how PIXEL is working for you or better yet post some pics in the PIXEL Google+ community, I'd love the feedback. I'd like to thank you all once again, doing this KickStarter was a great experience.

As far as selling PIXEL post KickStarter, it's a work in progress. PIXEL Guts (the DIY kit version) is available from Adafruit and Seeedstudio now. PIXEL is available for pre-order from Seeedstudio and will also be making an appearance on Grand St in a few weeks.

In addition to the wall hanging PIXEL, I'm pondering doing a version of PIXEL that sits on your desk. An initial design is below. I'd be interested in any thoughts or feedback on this idea/design. What do you think about it, is it worth doing, color preferences, etc.



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All PIXELs have shipped and PIXEL forums

Hey Everyone, 

All of the PIXEL shipments have gone out:  the kit version, the black frame, and the gold frame.  Phew!  I am beat from sending out tracking numbers.  I'll definitely need to automate that part if I ever do this again.  I may have missed a few of you.  So if you haven't received your shipment yet and don't have a tracking number, shoot me a note.

As you receive PIXEL, please keep in mind the mirror scratches very easily.  It's acrylic, so be sure and use the included microfiber cloth when cleaning it. 

Here's a few PIXEL forums:

You can find links to the forums above also on PIXEL's main site, 

In case anyone is interested, a second manufacturing run of PIXEL is available for pre-order now from and will be shipping towards the end of June 2013. 

I hope you all enjoy PIXEL and please do drop me a note with your experience.  And if you have time, I'd love to get a picture of your PIXEL in action to post on the Gallery on  You can send the picture to:

All the Best,